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"This war will continue as long as the Republic exists. That is why it must be destroyed!" - Raven | Zoids Verse - Crossovers - Literate

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This war will go on as long as the Republic continues to exist. That's why it must be destroyed!

Generally quiet, Raven (Originally known as Joyce Chen) once grew up as a kind spirited boy whom lived on the furthest stretches of the Milky Way Galaxy, on Planet Zi. As a child, Joyce Chen often spoke against liking Zoids as he felt his parents' time had always been sapped into their research and development.

One one night, his father agreed to take him and his mother out for a road trip and a picnic, saying their research could use a break. Excited, Joyce looked forward to their trip, however his bright smile turned to horror as he soon heard a loud crash followed by screams. To his shock, the organoid, a small Zoid in which they were studying turned and killed his family. In anger he attacked but the young boy was knocked aside.

Several days later he was found wandering the desert in a trance like amnesiac state, in total shock from his ordeal. He was later picked up by Helic Republic soldiers, however he refused to talk to anyone. Every attempt was met with the same cold, emotionless stare, until one man by the name of Dan Flyheight managed to get him to utter one word. The only thing he mentioned however is that he "did not like Zoids" and clammed up again. But he was starting to warm up to him and the others stationed at their forward base, and was on the verge of speaking. But disaster would strike the boy for a second time that afternoon.

In a weird twist of fate, Dan was faced with a major Imperial force whom was after of all things, another Organoid except its metallic frame was black in color. Imperial forces gave an ultimatum. Surrender the organoid or be destroyed. Dan however refused to surrender and went to challenge the imperial zoids head on. While his defense was successful, Dan was killed in the end, and once more Joyce was alone.

He escaped the Republic's encampment, stole a pistol and intended to kill the Imperial's Commanding Officer, Gunther Prozen. However, he was able to subdue the child, and soon took him under his wing. But as Prozen asked his name, Joyce said nothing. He was given the name Raven soon after, as Prozen noticed his long, black hair reminded him of the corvid species.

For the next few years Raven trained in everything from academics, combat, firearms, and zoid piloting as he showed great potential, but his taste in Zoids was more than just picky. He only wanted the most powerful Zoid the Empire could muster, as any old Zoid would never meet his expectations. He was eventually allowed access to an experimental Zaber Fang, to of which became a very potent fighting machine, and on top of that he was allowed to own a captured black organoid, whom he named Shadow.

While he did study under the Imperial armed forces, Raven answered to no one except to Prozen, whom was now the Minister, and second in line to the throne besides Young Prince Rudolf- to which he served as his regent. Because of this, Raven was able to fight whom he wanted, and where he wanted and when he did, no pilot, no Zoid was safe. At least until he met his top rival, Van Flyheight.

During a resparked war between the Helic Republic and the Guylos Empire, in what was meant to be a final battle, Raven met with Van on a one-on-one fight. His hope was to finally settle the score between them. The fight ended when Raven's Zaber Fang was pushed too hard, and in his own blind rage, Raven ended up destroying his Zoid in the process. But he did return weeks later in a powerful new Zoid, the Geno Saurer. A Zoid derived from the tech data of the legendary Deathsaurer. And like its predecessor, the Geno Saurer proved to be nothing short of a powerful killing machine. Entire bases would fall, and entire ranks would be wiped out in seconds. But again, his Zoid was destroyed by Van and his newly evolved Blade Liger.

It was believed that Raven was killed in the explosion, but Raven survived thanks to Shadow, his Organoid. For a couple years, Raven wandered aimlessly as he regressed into his trance/dormant state until he once again bumped into Van, whom now served the Republic's military as a Lieutenant.

With Prozen killed, Raven would somehow come across a charismatic and deadly man by the name of Hiltz, whom offered him and his Organoid a new chance at seeking revenge for his prior defeat. Eventually he was granted a new Geno Saurer But, at the dawn of their final battle, Shadow took control of the deadly Zoid and engulfed it into an energy cocoon in order to evolve it. Several days later, the cocoon dissipated and the Geno Saurer evolved to be much more powerful and deadly than before. And thus was born, the Geno Breaker. The Zoid that would forever change Raven's life.

Even with Hiltz' guidance, Raven would soon rebel against this insane killer, and would live more as a maverick until he eventually saw the return of the Death Saurer. In his mind, he knew that if the Death Saurer lived, then his ultimate rival- a man whom he both despised and yet respected would be killed, and with that he would loose his chance to finally settle the score between him and Van Flyheight.

You better know your limitations. Otherwise...
Legal Full Name: Joyce Chen (Formerly), Raven
Nicknames: Raven
Aliases: Assassin, Operative
Date Of Birth: Unknown/Chaotic Century
Place Of Birth:N/A
Current Residence: Guygalos City, Guylos Empire Physical
Species: Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Lavander
Height: 5'9
Weight: 180
Markings: Red "Seven" clan marking with single dot near the front Family Mother: N/A (Deceased)
Father: N/A (Deceased)
Sister(S): None
Brother(S): None
Other Family: Gunther Prozen (Mentor) Relationships Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Current Relationship(S): Single
Past Relationship(S): Single Education High School N/A
College Guylos Imperial Academy
Major Zoid Piloting
Degree N/A
Languages Spoken: Basic Employment Occupation: Zoid Pilot/Assassin
Job Description: Pilots any array of Zoids, takes orders from only Prozen, and later becomes rogue.
Employer: Guylos Empire/Self Employed
Zoids Piloted: Zaber Fang, Geno Saurer, Geno Breaker Strengths

Despite his often cocky attitude and general hubris, Raven is in fact a force to be feared. His skill while in a Zoid is nearly unmatched by even the top ace Zoid pilots, and Raven has often gone out of his way to outright obliterate anyone whom would be bold enough to challenge him. Even without an Organoid or ZOS system, Raven's combat prowress is a sight to behold. Weaknesses

While strong, his overconfidence can lead to sticky situations. While most pilots never live to tell the tail of encountering him, Raven has in fact been bested by some, namely his rival, Van Flyheight. A man he both despises and yet grows to respect in some fashion.

Traits: Cold, Cruel, Evil, Relentless
Quirks: Cocky, Loves to show off his strengths in combat
Habits: Tends to not only attack, but outright kill those whom get on his nerves, rarely ever shows mercy towards aggressive foes.

Though Raven is cold and cruel, and remains enigmatic towards nearly everyone he meets. His attitudes and quirks are not without reason. As a child, Raven, then called Joyce Chen by his parents, often didn't like Zoids and had wished he had lived on Earth. Mainly due to the fact that Zoids did not exist on that world. While he was in a loving family, his parents often buried themselves in their studies, leaving no time to spend with their child. When his parents were killed by an Organoid, Joyce fully shut down, and learend to absolutely hate Zoids entirely. For years he only existed to destroy them and their pilots.

These Zoids...These Zoids these Zoids. How I hate the sight of these Zoids!
Copyright & Disclaimer

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Raven - Ace Zoid Pilot - Assassination
Intrigue - Power
Action/Adventure - Crime - Crossovers - Sci Fi - Mechs
Welcome to the gateway, Raven to Hell.
Name: Single
Where we met: N/A
When we met: N/A
First Date: N/A
First Kiss: N/A
Our Song:

Raven has always been a Maverick pilot, and as such through childhood and into his young adult life, he never thought on any romantic encounter with anyone. With proving just how powerful he was as a Zoid Pilot as his top priority, many were viewed as weak or incapable of matching his skills. Though his hubris would eventually be shattered.


Perhaps one of the only closest things Raven ever had to a friend. Shadow stayed by Raven's side since he was around fifteen. A gift from Gunther Prozen, Shadow soon took to the kid as he easily overpowered the Organoid in seconds. During the War and after Shadow would continue to stay at Raven's side and was never too far away from him. As an organoid, he provided esseciantal power boosts to Raven's Zaber Fang, both Geno Saurers, and Geno Breaker respectively.

Connection Name

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Characters: Raven
Verses: Zoids, Genshin Impact, Gundam, GATE, Isekai themes, Final Fantasy, Crossovers
Playbys: Scott Hendrickson
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Crossover, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller/Suspense, Video Game,
Member Since:July 13, 2021

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ᴋᴇssʜᴏ ★ ʟᴀᴛɪᴀs

Jul 22nd 2021 - 5:08 PM

As welcoming that she could be towards visitors, her hospitality was reserved only for those very few humans she knew. Strangers where always quick to judge. Certainly if they'd be aware of the other side of her that lacked forgiveness, the dragon who currently couldn't be focused on - and the small furry creature seemed to be bickering. A distant series of sound--

"Just what the hell where you thinking!?" She scolded the younger Pokemon who rolled eye's at her.

"Oh? Soooo you where clearly lying when you said if anyone wasn't needing help, to bring them here!?"

.... That's not--" Sharply inhaling a breath of air into her lungs, paws raising up and ruffling at ear ruffs. Mossy orb's that breifly flicker's to gold and green again, studies the man. Humming out thoughtfully on the idea of leaving him out here for the heck of it. However soon as her attention returned to this stranger, somthing somewhat clocked. Perhaps it be the predicament they where in, reaching out and drawing her to a time she had been in a similar situation. "Aaaah-- FINE!" She eventually snaps, no longer angry with Ziggy but at herself.

Drifting forth with a sigh, coming to hover besides the wouded fellow and offer support to stand, yet lowering enough that if he stumbled. Then she'd instantly catch them on her back. "Just what on earth got this human in such a state?" She'd mummur and press a paw to his forehead for a possible temperature.
ᴋᴇssʜᴏ ★ ʟᴀᴛɪᴀs

Jul 17th 2021 - 11:52 AM

The particular black and white coon had been raised to be less aggressive than some of it's species, yet just as energetic. So as soon as the male stirred to life from it's contact. Zigzagoon knew what hostility looked like, and once backing away - had scampered off but not empty pawed. Or well, jawed. What was stolen would be dragged along behind the energetic mammal, who's movements occurred in zigzags. Scurrying along through the fern's and overhanging plant life, backtracking on it's own scent. Of course despite it's earlier panic. Another lesson taught to the critter, had been when to bring the injured to it's caretaker. This only implied to other Pokemon and yet Silver-- Latias, found that Zigzagoon rarely ever took any notice.

He wasn't yet aware that he just may have been thrown through a rip in reality, and landed far from his home planet. In an entirely different world which inhabited Humans as his did. But unlike Planet Zi, Earth was home to wounderous beast's of all shapes and sizes, of all types even.

Now just where had that troublesome coon gotten to? "Ziggy, will you get back here?" Latias called out softly, rubbing her ear tuff with an exasperated tone. She wasn't annoyed.. it was more along the lines of concern and irratation; knowing that Zigzagoon was always getting it's head stuck in places when trying to forage for berries and insect's even. 

Holding her breath. Latias paused for but a few seconds, listening for that distinct sound. Huried paw steps could be heard just down the narrow footpath that was used often when passing the through this part of the woodland. Finally and just what-- Before thoughts so much as gibishi. Instinct took hold and she hissed, dropping the basket and watching the Zigzagoon rush across happily to her. It's bristled tail wagging yet she didn't praise but sniffed at what Zigzagoon had brung her, "Scent unrecognisable... Ziggy why must you..." Heavier foot fall's drew her attention, someone was coming!?
ᴋᴇssʜᴏ ★ ʟᴀᴛɪᴀs

Jul 16th 2021 - 10:34 PM

Routine would have this particular Latias busy herself collecting fresh berries, and plucking herb's that would come in use for medical remedies or as exta flavour for dishes. Then again it was a good afternoon. The sun shining, basking a soft warmth down, soothing her feathered hide. Latias... Formerly known as Silver, would idle around till she was finished. Once done she darts away from the scene, basketful clutched between her paws. A galarian Zigzagoon darted around after her.
ᴋᴇssʜᴏ ★ ʟᴀᴛɪᴀs

Jul 16th 2021 - 5:53 PM

-- I'm good with comments so that's alright! ^^
ᴋᴇssʜᴏ ★ ʟᴀᴛɪᴀs

Jul 16th 2021 - 5:40 PM

-- Will be happy to write up something for you, just let me know where you prefer to write. Of course, will be after resting my eye's a little, then will put something together! So expect something a shortly/a little later! :3
ᴋᴇssʜᴏ ★ ʟᴀᴛɪᴀs

Jul 16th 2021 - 4:08 PM

-- Raven has a good eye then, since I love anything Dragon-like and Shadow look's cool. Alrighty I'am curious to how Ravens would approach Silver (Latias), or he gains her curiosity or even draws her attention/draw her out.
ᴋᴇssʜᴏ ★ ʟᴀᴛɪᴀs

Jul 16th 2021 - 9:49 AM

-- Sounds fun, that's pretty much fine. My mun towards strangers can come off as a ass, well depending on what they say or do. Other than that she's a hyperactive, friendly mon! :3
Also rare to see villians aound so that's a bonus. ^^
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