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PLEEASE READ PROFILE BEFORE MESSAGING~ Let's have a drink! Let's take a smoke break! Let's meet in the office! I'm open to many many things. However, the big turn off to most: Well just click on the F-List link provided~

30 years old

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September 21 2022

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Kaeko's unethical journey to the top.
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About me:
F-List: https://www./c/kaeko%20sanban/
Discord: Pitch and Drink🗣#5639

NAME: Kaeko Sanban
AGE: 30
GENDER: Futanari
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single but open for love
LIKES: Pitching ideas, alcohol, certain drugs, dancing, long walks, sight seeing
Dislikes: Accidentally sleeping late, dirty mattresses


Junko Sanban and Hiroki Maeda were young lovers; college sweethearts that melded their lives betwixt one another. Junko hailed from a slum in Kyoto whilst Hiroki was from an affluent household in Okinawa. The pair couldn’t have been more different. Junko prided herself on her hard work and dedication, having acquired scholarships to college through both academics and sports. Hiroki was a savvier man, using his popularity and wealth to make his way into the college of his dreams. The two met and the spark couldn’t have been more instant and spontaneous. The years passed and the young couple sealed their fates with one another with rings and wedding bells. Happy and settling into their new life and home together, Junko and Hiroki Maeda seemed to be the perfect couple. Enter Itsuko Mori; a specialist at the Gene Splicing conglomerate where Junko worked as a receptionist; Henka Tamashi. With hair that flowed like water at her back and a deep azure color shining in the light, Itsuko was more than fetching. A perfect woman that male and female alike couldn’t resist—and Junko’s resistance failed her. With the sweet and slippery words of the Gene specialist worming their way into her heart, Junko found herself straying from her husband, Hiroki, until one fateful night when both women worked late together. Junko found herself laid across Itsuko’s desk while the specialist revealed that her Gene Splicing didn’t stop at just her blue locks, but transformed her womanly flower into a strong masculine phallus. These ‘late nights’ continued and Hiroki grew more and more suspicious, the man well aware of Itsuko’s hold on people. However, things took a turn when Junko fell pregnant.


As Junko’s pregnancy progress, Hiroki grew to resent the woman. In his heart, there was a poisonous gnawing that the son growing in his wife’s belly wasn’t his. Sadly, his suspicions would be confirmed when their ‘son’ was born. Hiroki felt a flash of rage erupt in his gut, vomit swelling up his throat, and tears stinging at his eyes—this was not HIS daughter. What little hair the child was born with held the black color of her mother…but it tapered off into deep azure ends. Even worse, their son was clearly a daughter in every way—from the eyes to the hair to the shape of her head to even the blood work—and yet she was endowed with a manhood. Their child’s genes were all wrong, and Hiroki knew why; this wasn’t his child. He stormed out, leaving Junko alone with her newborn. She eventually named her daughter Kaeko, and even more, Itsuko was there to help. Junko was surprised at Itsuko’s dedication to raising Kaeko when she found out that she was the one who sired her. Perhaps their family could be whole after all.


A month went by and things seemed to be going better than they could have hoped. Despite the altered genes of their daughter, Kaeko was growing healthily. Junko and Itsuko were happy with one another, oftentimes finding themselves enjoying simple nights playing with their child with lots of laughter and love. This all changed with a knock at the door. When Itsuko opened it, a gunshot rang out. Screams clutched the household, Kaeko’s crying piercing the air. Itsuko stumbled back and fell clutching her gut. Hiroki stepped in, aiming a gun at Junko. The man looked crazed—tears streamed down his face and his hand shook violently. He shouted that Itsuko took everything from him. That their child was supposed to be his. That this life was supposed to be his. He aimed the gun at Kaeko, but Junko placed herself in front of her. Hiroki couldn’t bring himself to shoot Junko, so he aimed the gun down at Itsuko’s head and pulled the trigger. The gunshot cracked before the man turned the weapon on himself.


Things spiraled down from that moment onward. The traumatized Junko could barely function at her job and was forced to quit. The hardships continued with them losing their home and assets. Junko was forced to prostitute herself to afford a tiny apartment and meager necessities for her and Kaeko. As Kaeko grew older, she found she had an amazing talent; an extraordinary way with words. From lollipops as a little girl to excuses for not doing her projects in high school, there wasn't a damned thing in the world she wasn't skilled at twisting to sound like a positive. However, upon witnessing her mother’s spiral into drugs and prostitution, she became saddled with an immense weight; one that told her that this was all her fault. She could see it in the way her mom scowled at her whenever she walked in from school and the way she spoke to her in a harsh and demeaning tone. There was no love to be felt. Kaeko found solace at school and took up martial arts alongside her best friend, Valentina Jhazala. She felt shame for her afflictions; her hair and endowments ruined her parents’ lives. It came as no surprise to her that eventually, after a fierce argument between Kaeko and her mother, that she would find herself kicked out for good. She was barely rescued from being a teenager lost on the streets by Valentina and her family, who took her in. Even with this, Kaeko felt alone. Alone with nobody to depend on but herself. Eventually making her way to college, she buried herself in work; double majoring in Business and Psychology.


Upon graduating, Kaeko would immediately begin putting herself out there, showcasing the one marketable skill she had to its fullest potential; her near superhuman ability to persuade and charm. Despite a lack of a real resume, she managed to secure herself many avenues of potential work. But it was when she was interviewed by one Mahu Shimizu, the founder and CEO of The Light Bulb Association, that Kaeko found her true self. Mahu was the only one to match her in her ability to spin. When Mrs. Shimizu explained how she raised the company from the paltry streets to a multinational organization using her feminine wiles and sexual proficiency, Kaeko found herself enthralled. She wanted to be just like her. And Mahu gave her the chance. This establishment was perfect for Kaeko, whose ability to pitch anything to anyone, would give her an advantage over any client Mrs. Shimizu sent her way. With her own heavily shaken morality coupled with her pure hunger for success, as well as Mahu’s teachings, Kaeko found herself excelling in this field—using wit, experience, and weaponized carnality.
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Lilith Aensland (Busy)

Feb 14th 2022 - 11:08 PM

I hope you are doing well Kaeko! yes yes, having a good day!
Claire Moonfall

Dec 31st 2021 - 10:00 PM

I mean that could work. Tho what would the sisters need if they do all there own wel? Also can discuss on discord if it easier as well. Here or there is fine with me
Claire Moonfall

Dec 18th 2021 - 5:33 PM

Did we not have a roleplay started or being discussed?
Claire Moonfall

Jul 24th 2021 - 3:29 PM

No I mean you ask if I only did bondage pics for the art or if I was actually into it
It's actually for both.
Dresses are just what Claire's job is. 
All tho the dress shops name is a play on words
Claire Moonfall

Jul 24th 2021 - 3:16 PM

Well yes I'm very much into it. 
Tho I also like the artist side as well
Yes all my girls love bondage but won't outwardly say it
Claire Moonfall

Jul 24th 2021 - 10:47 AM

Well glad your interested in our shop
As far as genre I'm open to all genre of roleplays
well except fighting ones. 
Therr typically done with overpower people and not fun to me.
If there's something specific. Feel free to ask.
Claire Moonfall

Jul 24th 2021 - 4:45 AM

Pleasure to meet you madam.
We are The Moonfall Sisters. Claire , Victoria & Eclipse
Its a honor to make your acquaintance.
We are all Employees and Owners of Dress Me UP. 
It is our very own dress shop!
Claire is our Resident Seamstress, Victoira is our stores Maid and Eclipse Delivers Orders if need.
If you wish to Chit chat or discuss a Roleplay. We always up for it.
We look forward to seeing you as a customer in our shop
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