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Why does the brightest stars always fall to black

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GeneralGhaleons apperance and skills Skilled swordsmen prefers an Ax Portal manipulation ( I.E. create a portal to anywhere and of any size as long as the user is ok with the straign to his arm ) Necromantic possesion (I.E. a soul weaving tec. That causes the bodys and limbs of the dead to move unto his command )

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Orientation: Straight
Education:No Answer
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Open, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Thriller/Suspense,
Member Since:July 21, 2021

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About me:
Ghaleon was born in the early stages of the village. Tho he was little he showed grate promise while he grew he was noticed by many in the village as a grate person helpful smart and always willing to do what was best for his village he was not noble or of any specific birth but was treated higher than even the nobles were . the day a king came to annex the village he was one of the first to meet with this king quickly the king accepted him as like one of his own. The king offered the village protection for solders to help him protect both the kingdom and the village which was the best choice for every one. One day Ghaleon was asked by the king to go and see what was going on with the new upstart kingdom to the east gladly and curiously Ghaleon accepted this task and set out alone not wanting to endanger his beloved place of his birth. As he road away he waved saying he would only be a few days and he would be back home . days past ....months ....years ....finally he comes home the king was surprised at seeing Ghaleon as it has been so long but seeing him he wasn't the same he was different his eyes were cold his demeanor was all wrong and his right arm was held up by a sling the man before him was broken now and the king dared not ask what happen . scouts came and told the king that there was a massive army station at the castle Ghaleon was sent to . the king asked what happened as the scout eyes were in a state of disbelief they all were dead the king in fright placed his hands clasped together to hide his expression as Ghaleon entered the room Ghaleon was shown the truth when he was away no person , king, God could have stopped what has happened to this man after he entered the room the flashbacks came floodding into his mind the woman with a half decayed body and the other half beautiful a simple perfection , with another step he sees behind his vision a giant wolf blood dripping from his mouth eyes red as he swallowed the sun and moon. another step heard clapping in the deafened room behind Ghaleon's eyes again flashes a monstrous serpent longer than any he has ever seen and bigger than ever imaginable as it slithered between mountains rolling over the city's of man . he stops and looks at the king eyes full of a piercing weight the king is frozen in his place " im back king of this land and i will say a lot has happened and from now on things .......will....change ......"
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