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"It's a RevRaptor! They don't give up the chase so easily!" - Rev Raptor, Aggressive Wild/Sleeper Zoid, Crossovers Welcome (Friendly Mun)

42 years old

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September 15 2021

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Characters: RevRaptor, Sleeper Zoid
Verses: Zoids, Pokemon, Azure Lane, Konami, Capcom, Comics, Crossovers
Playbys: Revraptor
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crossover, Spar/Fighting, Thriller/Suspense, Video Game,
Member Since:July 22, 2021

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About me:

A Single crewed Zoid, the Rev Raptor was a common sight among soldiers of the Empire. And in some cases, Rev Raptors were also deployed as Sleeper units - Zoids with a special computer programmed to hide and ambush trespassers in Military only installations as a way to deter invaders and outlaws alike. In some instances Rev Raptors were also used by bandits, as they were readily available and moderately easy to steal.

Standing at 7.56 meters and with a weight of 23.5 tons, the Rev Raptor was a workhorse. Front Line soldiers deployed these units alongside their Molgas during initial bombardment and invasions. With minimal defense, these Zoids were vastly more maneuverable than the Molga~ which made them perfect for hit and run missions and tactics where swarming the enemy proved to be a viable tactic.

While front line soldiers used these in their ranks during battle, Revraptors were also bred as a special unit. Several of these units were designed as a special honor guard for the Empire. During Emperor Rudolf II's funeral, two flanks lined the Imperial Palace at Guygalos, each bearing the Imperial Dragon Crest and respective flag to signify its honor guard status. The pilots whom used these Zoids were highly trained, and capable of combat at any notice should the Emperor or the Royal Family's life be threatened.

Typical armament for the Rev Raptor included a small set of beam cannons, and twin blades mounted on the back for quick melee strikes. However, other weapons were also suited for this mobile Zoid. In some instances, pile bankers were installed to drive a punishing blunt force blow to armored Zoids, while others were equipped with a pair of short range missile pods for bombardment at further ranges, these weapons, while effective greatly decreased the agility of this otherwise nimble raptor.

Revraptors communicated through an intricate series of growls and hisses, which helped coordinate packs into effective hunting machines. They were highly intelligent, and rarely gave up their chase~ which was why the Empire deployed them in packs for both Sleeper missions and combat. Their exceptional hunting skills and pack coordination helped capture and if need be kill any interlopers.

This particular Raptor designamed RR-005 was once tasked with protecting important Imperial structures, and is considered highly dangerous. Proceed with caution.

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