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Sorry that I crashed my ship into your house! But can I lay low here for a bit? Busy during weekends, so please be patient with me. Also I do multi para, 2 paragraphs or more please.

27 years old
Wherever I crash landed,
United States

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December 05 2021

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Here for:Friends,
Orientation: Bi
Hometown:Cosmic Ray village
Body type:Slim / Slender
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Looking for a job
Characters: Xara, the Cosmic Beauty
Verses: Space, modern, mature, MHA, one punch man, BNHA, PPG, Teen Titans, Adventure time, Kingdom Hearts
Length: Multi Para
Genre: Adventure, Crossover, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Slice of Life,
Status: Single
Member Since:August 11, 2021

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About me:
WORK IN PROGRESS Xaras homeland is full of lushes forests and quaint little villages. Her village has an arranged marriage system and when Xara had to be wed to another species, she fled her homeland. Her groom to be sent out a group of mercenaries to hunt her down and bring her to him. She crashed her ship on a random planet and camouflaged it with the forest, hoping that the group doesn’t find her. Now she needs to find her missing ship pieces not knowing the dangers this world and it’s creatures are capable of. She shouldn’t stay in one place for to long, will she be able to find a way off this planet? Or will she find a way to stay? Her galaxy hair is like it’s own space, she can hide things away in there and pull them out whenever she needs them. The longer her hair the more storage she has. She also uses alchemy to use against her opponents, most of her potions have random effects. So it’s a gamble if it works in her favor or not.

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Sep 9th 2021 - 10:55 PM

Kazuki jumped on her tackling her to the ground) hiya hugs for my homie. Sound like you needed one.
No one

Aug 27th 2021 - 6:58 PM

I apologize if this is the wrong place for this.   Also I apologize I thought I've writen to you already.  Sorry this is a late greeting
Thank you for accepting this one.
When you want to talk something out we can
If you just want to jump into a story arc we can do that as well.
I'm fine with either one.  Once again thanks and talk to you later.
Be well and have a great day.

Aug 26th 2021 - 4:55 AM

My fair new friend, it is my pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Anubis. I am looking forward to the opportunity to enjoy a story with you. Would you care to discuss one or shall we wing it and I send a starter?

Aug 14th 2021 - 11:28 PM

Straight Outta Tamaran!
Hi there!
I'm just your friendly neighborhood ex-Military fugitive from outer space~!
Just wanted to swing by to say thank you for accepting my request, and I look
the forward to spending some time getting to know a fellow star traveler!
So don't be too shoot a frequency back, I can't wait to see what stories we put together.

-Ixaand'r of Tamaran
Bounty Hunter

Aug 13th 2021 - 12:40 PM

OH  Thank you very  much   &  sorry  fell asleep last night t oo How are  you  doing today?

Aug 13th 2021 - 12:38 PM

oh ? sounds cool but Id not get mad, my base is a simple one to edit. so as long as the look matches Im more then happy!

Aug 11th 2021 - 10:55 PM

Hey thanks for the add, blah blah wanna talk story? I'd love to RP so let me know! great thanks bye
Chaos *half demon*

Aug 11th 2021 - 7:06 PM

How is my cute bunny friend doing? Have a good day?
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