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Orientation: Bi
Body type:Slim / Slender
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Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Gabriel Clarke [OC]
Verses: DND, D&D, Dungeons & Dragons, Castlevania, Dragon Age, The Witcher, Medieval, High Fantasy,
Playbys: V
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Adventure, Crossover, Drama, Fantasy, Open, Supernatural,
Status: Single
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POSSIBLE SPOILERS!: Gabriel is a Changeling Fae, and Changelings tend to be VERY gender fluid if not Gender Blind in some cases. With that being said, it is completely possible that as our story progresses, Gabriel's true gender could actually be revealed to be the opposite from what he claims or identifies with currently. If rping with a genderbender who might end up being a different gender down the road is an issue for you, well, you've been forewarned now. With him being a Changeling Fae, it's nearly impossible to know his true gender/form/identity unless he revealed it on his own. Just giving a fair warning, since it is a possibility based on his species.


1) This is an OC for: Medieval / Feudal Era / High Fantasy / Dungeons & Dragons / Castlevania / Dragon Age / The Witcher / Elder Scrolls / etc. (no modern characters please)

2) I do not censor ANYTHING. I role play it all no matter how controversial. (you have been warned) However, if there are specific rp themes or topics that make you uncomfortable, please let me know in advance and I can possibly adjust.

3) NO Ero only accounts. I have no problem with rping mature content, but there has to be some kind of story and character development also. It needs to make sense for both characters.

4) Multi Para to Novel please.

5) No RL drama. Drama in the rp story is welcome, but leave the RL stuff at the door please. On a side note, if my replies are taking longer than you want, please be patient. I will get to them all as soon as I can. I will never rush you for replies, and I ask only for the same curtesy.

Thank You



Basic Info

• Current Name: Gabriel Clarke
• Aliases: Prince Caleb Cabell
• Gender: Male
• Species: Claims To Be Human (actually a Fae Changeling)
• Race: Appears Caucasian
• Languages: Omnilingual (through the use of magic; can comprehend all languages)
• Age: Claims To Be 20 (actually around 200 years old)
• DOB: Unknown
• POB: Unknown
• Family: Birth Parents (unknown), King Cullen Cabell of The Caldenia Empire (father – deceased), Queen Marianna Cabell of The Caldenia Empire (mother – deceased), Princess Calianna Cabell of The Caldenia Empire (twin sister – deceased),
• Currently Lives: Nomadic Lifestyle (traveler/wanderer)
• Home: Wherever He Lays His Head At Night
• Status: Single
• Sexuality: Demisexual; Male or Female, (only experiences sexual attraction after an emotional bond is formed first)
• Past Occupations: Prince, Magic & Bookshop Owner, Teacher of The Arcane Arts, Occasional Odd Jobs,
• Current Occupation: Traveling Arcane Scholar and Odd Jobs


• Height: 5ft 11in
• Figure/Build: Average, Thin, Lanky, (no noticeable muscle tone)
• Hair Color: Black (white when in true Changeling form)
• Hairstyle: Long, Thick, Straight, Stops Just Above Shoulders,
• Eye Color: Soft Green (solid black with no visible pupils when in true Changeling form)
• Skin Complexion: Fair (grayish pale when in true Changeling form)
• Scars/Marks: Burn Scars on the Palm of His Right Hand (mostly hidden by the fingerless glove he wears)
• Tattoos: Black Patterns From His Neck Down to The Top of His Feet,
• Piercings: Ears Only
• Glasses: No
• Clothing Type: Leatherwork
• Other Accessories: Walking Cane, Single Fingerless Glove on Right Hand Only, Leather Bracelets, Silver Rings, Tooth Necklace,


• Smoker: No
• Drinker: Rarely (light weight)
• Drugs: Only For the Pursuit of Knowledge/Science,
• Addictions: Sugar and Knowledge
• Allergies: Iron (will burn his flesh on contact)
• Physical Ailments/Illnesses/Disabilities:
Will Become Very Physically Weak (to the point of having difficulty walking) If Too Much of His Magic is Expended at a Single Time.


• Personality: Intelligent, Strategist, Calculating, Cunning, Persuasive, Manipulative, Calm, Collected, Realist, Logical, Neutral, Blunt,
• Strengths: Knows How to Adapt and Survive in Almost Any Given Circumstance,
• Weaknesses: Because of His Logical and Neutral Way of Viewing Things He Can Have Slight Sociopathic Tendencies at Times,
• Pairs Well With: Empathetic, Loyal, Protective,
• Does NOT Pair Well With: Obnoxious, Rude, Crass,
• Fears/Phobias: Becoming Powerless Again / Losing His Magic Powers
• Mental Conditions: Slight Sociopathic Tendencies,
• Introvert/Extrovert/Ambivert: Introvert
• Philosophical/Emotional: Philosophical
• Impulsive/Cautious: Cautious


• Hero/Idol: Caleb Cabell
• Current Goals: To Gain Enough Magical Power That Even Reality Will Bend To His Will (for self-preservation/protection)
• Hobbies: Arcane Arts, Lost Magics, Bookworm, Performing Arts, Music,
• Likes: Knowledge, Learning New Things, History, Science, Mathematics, Astronomy, Books, Stringed Instruments, Playing The Violin, Sugar/Sweets, Scented Oils/Perfumes (any sweet fragrances really),
• Dislikes: Tabaco Smoke (or other unpleasant smells), Ignorance, Racism, Bigots, Religions, Politics,
• Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore
• Favorite Foods: Sweet Pastries/Baked Goods, Sugar Cubes, Anything Sweet in General,
• Favorite Drinks: Sweet Milk (he usually adds more sugar to it)
• Disliked Foods: Overly Salty/Bitter Things
• Disliked Drinks: Red Wine (too bitter)


• Weapon of Choice: Magic
• Sub Weapon of Choice: His Walking Cane
• Skills/Techniques: No “Physical” Skills/Techniques of Any Kind (strictly a magic user)
• Powers:
MYSTOKINESIS – The power to create, manipulate, and utilize magic.
PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY – The power to retain all information seen or heard perfectly the first time without the need to repeat or study it.
MAGICAL INTUITIVE APTITUDE – The power to instantly learn and understand the complexity and exactness of magic without the need of long-term or special study.
MAGIC DETECTION – The power to detect or sense magical spells, objects, beings, etc, within a radius around himself.
SUPERNATURAL SENSES – Sight, hearing, and smell are enhanced to supernatural levels.
DARK VISION – To see clearly in total darkness.
LIMITED IMMORTALITY – Immunity to aging past his current true appearance. He can still die from physical wounds or magic, but he can not die from natural causes such as aging.
CONTAMINANT IMMUNITY – Immunity to all forms of viruses, bacteria, diseases, parasites, pathogens, allergen, etc. (this does NOT include poisons/toxins)
PSYCHIC RESISTANCE – Extremely high resistance (not the same as immunity) to all forms of mental probing/control.

• Weaknesses in Combat: Iron (will burn his flesh), Very Weak Physically, No Physical Attributes At All (unable to dodge or any other physical maneuvers that require athletic capabilities during combat), If He Uses Too Much of His Magic At Once He Will Be Weakened To The Point of Barely Being Able To Walk And Can Potentially Lose Consciousness,
• Strengths in Combat: Has 200 Years’ Worth of Magic Under His Belt, Large Variety With Versatile Magic, Very Powerful Mage, (think “glass canon” or a level 20+ wizard from D&D 5th edition)


Never again will I be that scared weak little child.

I want to become even stronger… I NEED to become stronger.

The only weapon more powerful than magic is knowledge.

I want to bend reality to my will… then I’ll be satisfied.

The only limitation to magic is your own imagination.

Fun Facts

• Gabriel Clarke is Caleb’s current identity, as he does not claim his past name for obvious reasons. As far as the history records show, Prince Caleb Cabell died nearly 200 years ago.

• Gabriel is a glutton for knowledge and has traveled far and wide to obtain various knowledge from around the world.

• Gabriel’s tattoos are magical inscriptions capable of summoning various creatures and beasts to fight for him, since he is unable to physically fight and maneuver himself during combat.

• Gabriel has mostly lived a “loner” lifestyle and receives most his companionship from the various creatures he can summon. He often talks to them very openly, even if they can’t talk back.

• Despite how powerful Gabriel’s magic already is, he will not be satisfied with his level of power until he can manipulate reality at will. This strong need for more knowledge and power derives from an even stronger sense of self-preservation due to past traumas.

• Gabriel’s diet consists of mostly sugary things and not much else.

Who I'd like to meet:

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ʜᴇᴀʟᴊᴇᴄᴛ ✽


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Aug 26th 2021 - 2:54 PM

I did see that, so no problem dude. 👍 Always free to take your time.

Aug 26th 2021 - 1:36 PM


Always the chance you meet all of them. So if one doesn't fit there can always be a switch around.

Aug 21st 2021 - 7:23 PM

I'm good without the canon aspect, so if you're cool with it then I'm good too.  I won't make you choose a character. I'll read more on your info and take a look at my folks who I think would be interesting to interact with him.  I'll send along a starter as soon as I'm able. Unless you want to discuss?
clσαk & dαggєr

Aug 21st 2021 - 7:21 PM

[OOC: LOL, hearing that almost makes me wish I used Andraste, but did read he was a teacher at one point, I think, so that seemed appealing to Arista at the time. 

No problem boo, take your time. I know how that goes, I really do. ]
clσαk & dαggєr

Aug 20th 2021 - 4:47 PM

I hope that reply was okay. Its been awhile. I was between her and Andraste (Not Dragon Age), but the mage won out this round.

Aug 20th 2021 - 1:48 PM

Hey thanks for accepting the request.  I look forward to rping with you.

I had a look over your page and have no trouble doing fantasy or medieval times. My people are aliens, but some were around then and I don't mind playing them in that setting.  There is  technology advances along with an AI for them, but I'd understand if that wasn't something you could work with/not what you're looking for.
clσαk & dαggєr

Aug 18th 2021 - 9:54 AM

[Hey boo! And no problem, thanks for sending it. I was eying you, but trying to revamp after a long absence and figured I can't go dipping in a cooki jar yet. Page, info and characters getting a bit of an adjustment.  I'm down to wing it and I'll throw in my character. :) Thanks again!]
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