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"Looks like someone made it into the spiders web. Don't worry, it does more healing than damage."

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Characters: Dr. Iyashino Kumo
Verses: MHA, BNHA, My Hero Academia, Boku No Hero Academia, Villain Academia
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Anime, Crossover, Mystery, Open,
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About me:
[MHA Verse] [Villain OC] [Up for AU's] [Literate] [Paragraph to multi-paragraph] [Reads Profiles] [Oc, cannon, and au friendly] [No Minors, 18+] Name: Dr. Iyashino Kumo (Translation: Healing Spider)

Titles: Doctor

Age: 19-25 (Varies on story line)

Height: 7'6

Gender: Female

Alias: YTBD

Physical Traits: Two sets of fangs, a smile that stretches from ear to ear, 8 pairs of spider legs coming from her back/sides, and able to spin webbing from her palms, mouth, and belly button.

Hair Color: Faded purple-brown, worn short.

Eye color: Pure black with red on the outside of her eyes

Features: Elongated fangs protruding from a jaw-length mouth; usually hidden by a mask.

Occupation: Doctor/Healer

Alignment: Villain

Quirk name: Spider's Reverie

Quirk Type: Healing

Definition of: Dr. Iyashino is able to enhance healing abilities through the use of her web by wrapping it around the afflicted area, using it as a bandage, or surgical threads. The venom from her fangs is used to numb pain and cause relaxation; or, if an aggressive mood, cause paralysis and pain to the point of her victim going unconscious.

Quirk Drawbacks: Her quirk demands physical labor she ends up needing to replenish her energy with plenty of fruits, vegetables, eggs, caffeine and calcium. Causes exhaustion and soreness in her hands if not cared for properly.

Likes: Fruits-cherries especially-, sugar, dark places, warm weather, eggs- always had some form of them on her for emergency rations.

Dislikes: Mint, being asked what kind of spider she is, her reason for choosing the side she's on. Hobbies: String figures, needlework, art, dancing, practicing her sewing, reading, watching media.

About: Dr. Iyashino is a medical profession who has decided to dedicate her medical skills and knowledge to the side of villains due to the signed Hippocratic Oath to Dr. Garaki at the start of her internship. Whereas others may have revoked it and chosen another hospital and side to work at, Kumo would not go back on the oath or her word; everyone deserved the best treatment possible in her belief. And perhaps rejection from other medical institutions due to her appearance.

Dr. Iyashino is a calm, collected, woman of few words who prefers to get to the point; while some may call her 'secretive' she would consider herself more 'honoring the privacy and confidentiality between patient and doctor' no matter the information. Dr. Iyashino may work with Dr. Garaki on the occasion but works both in a public villain hospital and runs her own little clinic out of her home in a questionable part of town. Few patients and clients are allowed treatment within her own home unless requested by villains of renown or if the hospitals are too far for them to be delivered.

Dr. Iyashino will also provide/sell little 'Mend-it' kits to clients consisting of: webbing in spindles for surgical sewing, bandages, or gauze, vials of venom for relaxation/sedation, and cleansing solution depending on the wound. With the webbing being detached from her body the healing process isn't as quick but will still save the patient hours of recovery time. While most villains hate heroes Dr. Iyashino is content to let them live and just sees it as a 'everyone has a different belief system of good and bad', only the press and elected officials are the ones pulling our strings for what they believe is 'good' and what is 'bad'.

Q: What happens if a hero is dropped on her for treatment?

A: She'll bandage/fix the wound up to a point where it isn't life-threatening before dropping them off at a hospital where they'll be safer; contacts the hospital first to ensure treatment is possible and hostility isn't shown during.

Q: Will she leave a hero to die on the streets in her area?

A: No, her oath compels her to treat any all people that she can so long as it is within her medical knowledge and ability.

Who I'd like to meet:

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Aug 30th 2021 - 4:24 AM

A watchtower stands bather and broken, but in the brink of all its ageless walls, rest the home of Dabi. The place where he goes to rest and stabs an IV into his arm just to make sure he is still alive. Inside the tower is broken down furniture, a cot, towels coated with blood, bent, and molded staples, oxy codon, drug use to subside pain for burn victims. Though the man that houses this place is nowhere to be seen, instead Dabi is on the rooftop. The tower he has is one of many things negative, but one thing he did have was the biggest and brightest view of the city. That wither body of his sits at the edge of the tower, his feet danged off and in the air. The jacket is folded and on his right side, he was in his white shirt which exposed his meat ground skin. Quickly, he seers his gaze among the others as if they are right next to them, in the valley of the wind and shirking in the confines of the void. A voice as thick as mud clasps within the air.
“Hello. You can call me Dabi. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to writing with you. My goal is to roleplay Toya Todoroki/Dabi in the most realistic and surreal way I can. I do like plotting beforehand through messages. So please, do not comment me back and instead send a message. My main verse is MHA and I mainly do crime, toxic romances, adventure, and dark themes within the universe; however, I am open to most verses and cross over.

That firm gaze of his switch to his wrist. The twitching of his fingers sculd in pain. Nerve damage; a common pain found in burn victims. The man uses his index finger to poke one staple in his wrest, after that, a blue spark reaps around the pad of his fingers, and soon the smell of burnt flesh coats the cold air with a horrific smell.

“I look forward to plotting and talking to you. Till then, I will be waiting.”
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