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Body type:Slim / Slender
Characters: Yuki Ishii
Genre: Anime, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Romance,
Status: Single
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About me:
It had been six years since I had gotten on the wrong side of Misha the witch that did this to me. Several of the girls in school thought it would be funny to put a pair of earrings in my backpack without me knowing it at her shop. Little did they know that their prank to get me in trouble for shop lifting would be more than the police coming to the store. The moment her spell hit me I was frozen in place unable to move or speak. I had no clue what had happened, let alone that magic actually existed. From the depths of her musings she told me "Since you like those earrings enough to steal them how about I help you with them." That was all I remember until I woke up. When I finally woke up I half expected to find myself in a jail cell but what it as was far worse. I found that my body was not my body anymore but I had been transformed into a girl. Not only a girl but I was wearing a maid outfit and those earrings... those two earrings they adorned my ears as a taunting joke towards me. Misha told me that if I was her personal maid and did as I was told that she would turn me back to myself and everything would be fine. I contested and confined to her that i was innocent which fell upon deaf ears. My hands were tied, I was forced to accept her deal for my eventual freedom. Oh how I hated what had happened to me. Day after day I was trapped in a body that was not mine. I was forced to clean her mansion from sun up to sun down with the other girls that were there. Each night was worse than the next with large parties abounding and our presences being demanded to cater for the guests anyway that they desired. As much as I fought to scream no my body was always willing to do as told. I had no idea the amount of magic she had spent on me on the spells that were cast to make me what I was. I just knew I hated every minute of it just hoping that soon I would be all over and I could leave. Minutes turned to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to months and months to years. I finally realized that she was not ever going to let me go, I was going to be trapped in this revolving nightmare unable to escape. My family by now, my friends had probably already burried me, I was just now the case in a missing person folder collecting dust yet I was right here. Even my vain attemps to pick up the phone and call for help were mute. How could I just call the police and say "It's me, I'm the missing boy you're looking for." Or even flee the mansion and go to my parents and try to convince them that I'm their son magically turned into a girl and forced to be a maid to a witch! Who would believe such a thing? So finally one night it came down to it. We all demanded Misha to free us or we would refuse to take part in anything else she demanded of us. She promptly refused then cursed us randomly with lust crests while other turning them into mindless obedient puppets. The parties became more and more wild with us maids paying the price for being disobedient to her until we finally decided we had to do something. Being as she is immortal we locked Misha in a stone coffin and buried it as quickly as we could. We fled the mansion hoping to find a way to break this cursed life we had forced upon us. with no money, no family and no way to support ourselves we all were forced to take up jobs as much as we despise being maids. Ten years now it has been since that night that were locked Misha away. I can still feel the grips of her magical fingers woven inside of my body. I'm still looking for a way to break free of what she has done to me between working for a family. Little by little I feel my old self slipping away and my new self becoming more and more embedded into the grains of my being. I try to keep myself in control of my body at all times even when those who are paying me for my services make advances towards me which I cannot stop myself from giving into. Some of the other girls have returned to the mansion, some have thoughts to free the witch in hopes that she will reward them. I don't see how anyone being treated like we did her after how we have been done would reward anyone with freedom.
Who I'd like to meet:
Simple enough right here people. I will accept para minimum but it better be a good long detailed para. I am a multi para role player and I'm looking for others that are the same. If you are not able to meet these simple requests for posting length please don't send a friends request to play. Don't rush me and please don't bug me for instant posts. I do enjoy putting thought into posts so they are fun and thought out. Thank you.

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