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GeneralA few rules 1. Be patient. I like to take breaks from roleplay fairly frequently. This is a hobby after all and I have other hobbies I like to indulge in. 2. Please be literate. I don't need perfection, after all, I am also not perfect. I just need some grammar so I can fully understand what you're saying. 3. Paragraph minimum replies. I am sorry, but anything less than a paragraph and my interest will begin to falter. I need some details to work off of to create a decent reply myself. 4. If your profile is private or blank, the odds of being accepted are pretty low. I like to have some idea of what I'm getting into when I add someone. 5. I prefer discussing over starters just so we have an idea and agree on where we want this to go.

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Characters: Ferania Wolfenstahl, Minori Yamato, Chiira Heathland, Catheline Chatenoire
Verses: Deathblight and Crossovers
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Open,
Member Since:September 13, 2021

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About me:
These characters, the art, and their general bio/story belong to Wolfenstahl and Crescentia who created Deathblight. A team of demon hunters who go by the name of team Wolfenstahl. Though the members of this team are demons themselves, they hunt down other demons they deem to be a danger to society, ones that cause too many issues in the mortal world. The team consists of the leader Ferania and her allies Minori and Chiira. Catheline is technically not a part of team Wolfenstahl, but for the purposes of this account, I play her as such. For this account, I am looking for more NS*W content involving dark and taboo themes and I am not interested in romance. Though I do love the female body, I am not interested in full girl on girl action, if you're female, you'll need to be packing a little extra to roleplay with me. The stories I am looking for would generally involve one or more of these girls being captured and it's not too hard to imagine what happens to them after capture. I am willing to play as all four girls in a single roleplay, but not at the same time. If we do have more than one girl, we will have to play them in separate scenes as I find it a little too overwhelming to play as more than one character at the same time.
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