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Characters: Sebastia "Seb" Prince
Verses: Supernatural, American Horror Story, Dresden Files, Originals, Life is Strange
Playbys: Ruby Rose Bitches
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural, Thriller/Suspense,
Member Since:September 16, 2021

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   Sebastia's Blurbs
About me:
Name: Sebastia Prince
Age: 27
Height: 5ft 8in
Weight: 130lbs
Sexuality: Sapphic. Lover of all things feminine. Occupation: Police Consultant/ Tattoo Artist
Abilities: Witch. Straight up practitioner of creepy crawly arts.

Backstory: Sebastia's abilities manifested themselves at a young age in ways that made her appear to be insane. Outbursts and attacks were frequent and after her mother passed away, she bounced through the system before quickly winding up on the streets as an addict. From there she was taken in by Claudette, a local Vampiress who treated Sebastia like her favorite pet/snack. She would have lived out the entirety of her short life this way if not for-

Dream...the love of Sebastia's life. Her savior and her teacher. Her time with Dream was by far the happiest of her life.

So naturally it ended in tragedy.

Now Sebastia 'lives' in the room above her tattoo parlor. She does normal ink, but if you know the right words and have the cash, she'll turn you into a living, shifting mural.
Who I'd like to meet:

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Oct 30th 2021 - 1:19 PM

Greetings, Sebastia's tale-weaver~
It was my pleasure to accept your friend request; I thank you for having taken an interest on my character so a story could be written. I quite liked your idea of a plot, shall we get to it? Would you like to start or would you have me doing the honors? I just have to let you know that I am one of the laziest people you shall ever know, heh. Not ignoring, just procrastinating.

Until then~
Sฯƒษณษ แ‚ฆฮนษพิƒ

Oct 7th 2021 - 7:54 PM

Thanks for adding me to your list of friends. I am currently working on my profile but up for discussing.
Lark Monroe is a mortician who is a Fey- Meaning she is meant for death which death already found her, unfortunately by the betrayal the one she held most dear..
Because she was technically a living dead girl, pretty much cursed by her curious nature she keeps to herself partaking in her occupation of being a mortician that has a old soul. Because Lark was between life and death she now has the misfortune to see and talk to those stuck in limbo. Being a slight pushover and a nervous wreck, she attempts to help all spirits with their final debts on earth before moving on. For some reason however, most ghosts she comes across are very mentally unstable resulting in her paranoia growing. To soothe the restless she has a sweet honey voice that ushers some clarity in this insanity.
She enjoys expressing her passion through all forms of art.
She loves to sing to the Haunted faces, Hoping to ease their tension and help them from being tormented in repeat.
๐š ๐šŠ๐šŸ๐šŽ๐š•๐šŽ๐š—๐š๐š๐š‘๐šœ.

Sep 30th 2021 - 11:44 PM

no problem at all! :Dโ€‹โ€‹
true colors was great. I'm playing Wavelengths now, and man it's so good.
no spoilers I promise.

Steph is definitely bae.
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