“In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power, Green Lantern’s light.”

I am not going to be able to be online 24/7 so please respect that if I'm not online that I will reply as soon as I am able. I will be back as soon as I can to reply, and I usually leave a status stream comment saying I'll be gone and for how long I will return. ✘ ALL are welcome; LGBTQ+ and all forms of diversity are highly encourage

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"I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known."

Blog canon is an amalgamation of comics canon. Unless it needs to be specified, threads will probably just be in some ambiguous period where Hal is a GL. Check out my Verses for more info.

Name: Harold “Hal” Jordan

Alias: Green Lantern, Highball, formerly the Spectre, formerly Parallax

Height: 6’

Age: ~37 (physically younger)

Hair: Brown, streaked white at the sides when possessed by Parallax

Eyes: Brown, white or green when fully powered (red/blue/grey/etc. depending on the ring he’s wearing)

Occupation: Green Lantern of Sector 2814, Test Pilot, various others

Location: Coast City (Earth), Oa, Mogo, etc.

Basic Background:

Hal ran away from home at 18 to join the Air Force, where he was encouraged to instead attend the Air Force Academy to become a pilot. Years later, when he found out his dying mother won’t see him if he’s still in the military, he starts doing everything he can to get kicked out without feeling like he quit, and is eventually forced to ‘resign’ after punching his superior officer. However, the process takes too long, and he makes it to the hospital just after his mother’s death.

Without his family or the life he’d chosen for himself, he went to work at Ferris Air, the company owned by the daughter of the man he blamed for his father’s death. During his first flight for them, he was abducted by a green light and brought to a dying alien, who enlisted him into the Green Lantern Corps. As the first human, he faced an uphill battle, but through share stubbornness and willpower soon rose the ranks. He became the protege of the ‘greatest’ Green Lantern, Sinestro, only to realize that Sinestro was a despot on his own world and report him to the Corps. After, he was influenced and possessed by the fear entity Parallax and became a great villain, before sacrificing himself to reignite Earth’s sun. He later became the new host of the Spectre and after trying to find his redemption, was reborn and soon reclaimed the position of Green Lantern 2814.1. 

Powers/Abilities: With his power ring, he can fly, survive in space, create constructs, access information, translate other languages, etc., etc. Without his ring, he is an expert pilot with combat training and has a BS in Aeronautical Engineering. He has superior reflexes and an instinctual grasp of 360 degree combat from his piloting, which makes him exceptionally dangerous when he has a power ring.

FCs: Paul Newman, Bernardo Velasco, Gina Carano, Daniel Henney

Disclaimer: I do not own Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, or any other DC property mentioned here. I obviously do not own any real people mentioned here either. This is all for fun. Any icons or gifs I use that were not made by me will be reblogged in the relevant tags.

Things to Know About My Muse:

He is not an idiot. He may hide his intelligence behind playful arrogance, but he is a very smart person with a massive amount of experience.

He can fight. Even without his ring, he is a fairly accomplished fighter for a human. While not at Bat-level, he is far from helpless and he has a very flawed sense of self preservation that makes him difficult to defeat.

He’s a flirt, but that doesn’t mean he sleeps with everyone he flirts with. He craves relationships, even if he’s awful at them.

He’ll always put his duty first. He will put his mission above any relationships he has. But that means he’ll also put his duty above himself, and has done so over and over again.

Hal does not spend a lot of time on Earth. And while he’ll rarely say it outloud, he doesn’t really want to. It’s the people he cares about and his duty to the sector that brings him back.

The only other rings besides green that he’s worn that have really ‘taken’ to him were yellow (fear), red (rage), orange (greed), and black (death)–for pretty good reasons.

His uniform is a construct, not cloth. The green is hot to the touch of non-Lanterns and the black is normally ice cold.


I’m willing to RP at any point in Hal’s canon, however in general it will be ambiguous. I keep the Spectre comics as canon, but since most of it was very blatantly ignored after his resurrection (and most people haven’t read them), I’ll generally default to acting like the other muse knows only the basics of Hal’s Spectre period (this would not be unusual, a lot of Spectre!Hal’s encounters with the living ended with them not remembering him). 

Hal is not at all religious. His mother was Jewish and his father was Catholic, but he had a healthy suspicion of religion even before meeting actual gods.

His job will vary depending on just how New 52-ish a scene is. He might work for Ferris Air or it might be more along the lines of his preboot job, where he is back in the military under a commander that knows about him being Green Lantern. Most of his military missions remain as part of his background, for example, he has been a POW after getting shot down over Chechnya. 

I ship most of his canon ships (Carol/Hal, Cowgirl/Hal, etc.), as well as Sinestro/Hal, Bruce/Hal, Parallax/Hal, Kyle/Hal, etc.

I see Hal as gender fluid (re: The Spectre comics), mostly identifying as male but not really caring either way.


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About me:

The Mun:

A Guy in His 20s. EST.

Skype/Discord available on request!

Firefighter/Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT), Paramedic and Certified Critical Care Paramedic (CCP-C) First Responder. Perpetually tired.

Third person. | Writing. If you're just looking for an actual real-life relationship, I'm the wrong person for you to come to as I have been badly hurt in my past relationships and I'm scared of getting into a relationship. I'm only looking to write and create stories; not dating.

Literate Writer. Paragraph, Multi Paragraphs to Novella. DC Comics• DCEU• Horror/Thriller, Dark Fantasy, Medical, Comic knowledge• x. Mature Themes x.• Biblical & Dark Themes• Supernatural• Marvel Comics• Psychological. MCU; Halo; Marvel Comics; Science Fiction; DC; Supernatural; Crossover; 616; Injustice 1 and 2.; Green Lantern Mythos; Green Lantern: Earth One; Star Wars Saga. - Science Fiction. Fantasy (Epic Space Opera: Light/Dark). Crossover. All verses welcome. {{No drama; Not here to date you; *Story-driven. Character-driven. STORY-LINES: Open RPING FOR: 10+ years*}}.

--- hi ! my name is Jordan, my time is very limited. I work very long days and have a few days off. I am on-call very often. I must go to the hospital for patient emergencies very frequently. I am not here for any relationships, flirting, or any sort of romance. I am trained and State-certified Firefighter I & II classification, Driver Certification and Hazardous Material Operations Level (CBRNE). Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT), Paramedic and Certified Critical Care Paramedic (CCP-C) that specializes in National Incident Management System (NIMS/ICS), ACLS, PALS, ITLS, PITLS, PHTLS, ITLS, AMLS, PEPP, NRP and ECG/EKG. Trauma, ICU/CCU/NICU, Emergency Pediatric Care/; EPC, Critical care transport (CCT). B.S./ Master of-Health Science, Public Health and thus extremely busy –– this is a HOBBY, for me, not a job, and thus I have lax expectations for both my partners and myself. That being said, please feel free to communicate with me ooc : I’ve been in the rp scene for a long while, and though it frustrates me that it has to be said, I will be demanding common decency on this account and will not suffer harassment, hatred, or anything of the kind directed at me or anyone else. if I receive anon hate ( or hate of any kind ) it will be promptly deleted, and any known source will be blocked. Prefacing this by saying I appreciate every one of you who have chosen to write with me and nothing posted here has anything to do with you as a person or a character. Role-play is not a job. I work, spend time with my family, and take care of my home-life and these will always remain my priorities before role-play. It is meant to be a hobby, to be fun, and a way to get all the ideas that build up in my head free. Additionally, I reserve the right to remove anyone on my list as I see fit, I am not required to keep anyone I feel brings bad vibes to my space. Nor am I obligated to provide those affected an explanation for my actions. This is bound to happen if I find our characters clash too much to interact, dislike the content you post, or generally just get a bad vibe from you. I know my worth and refuse to be chained to anyone I personally don't care for. Real life always comes first. No matter what. Outside of this website, I am a Caregiver to a disabled Army veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Uncle, fitness Junkie, and full-time Firefighter/Certified Critical Care Paramedic (CCP-C) Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services. I often work long shifts in high-stress, life-or-death situations. Due to the physically (and psychologically) demanding nature of the job, Strokes, Car (sic) accidents, motorcycle accidents, falls, breaks, brain damage and more. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, and families. Natural disasters and infrastructure failings, fires and radiological events, pandemics, active shooter incidents, and other mass casualty events. Train derailments, bus and plane crashes and chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear events. Natural disasters run the gamut from floods to hurricanes to earthquakes and tornadoes. Chemical spills, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, and even suicide calls. It doesn’t matter who you are or what happened. Car wrecks, gunshot wounds, explosions, burns and breaks - professionals, poor, pastors, addicts, and prostitutes - mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and families - Scenes with multiple fatalities, calls with kids, incidents involving personal danger all take their toll. And that’s only a partial list. There's going to be days where I don't have the time/mental capacity to get on, just like everyone else. And that's okay! We're all human. We all deal with real life and its issues outside of here, and I'm never going to pressure any of you to sign on here to respond to me. With that being said, I expect the same respect. Please be kind. It goes without saying that I do genuinely care about the well-being of my role-play partners. For selfish reasons (such as if you don't take care of yourself in real life, you won't be well enough to continue role-playing with me) and for moral reasons - you're a human being behind the screen who is deserving of respect. Given this much you can bet that I will give you the same amount of respect that you give me. I have dealt with a lot of out-of-character toxicity/immaturity that stemmed from role-playing, and I refuse to tolerate it anymore. So, the first red flag that I notice, I'm out. Whether it's inappropriate jokes, not respecting boundaries/rules, or bullying me or other people... doesn't matter. You're done. And I don't give second chances, because I've learned firsthand that more often than not, the same behavior is going to be repeated. This rule may seem a little "extra", but I don't care. Role-playing is supposed to be fun. And I'm not gonna let anyone ruin it.

:▪This is my safe space. No hate, no jealousy, no pettiness allowed. That should go without saying, but if it finds its way into my inbox, you’re getting blocked and that’s the end of it. Sometimes replies take me a little bit. I’m busy. I have a life outside Aniroleplay. I come on here to write and relax and get away. This isn’t supposed to be stressful, so please don’t hound me for replies. Poke me gently if it’s been a few days, but don’t repeatedly ask. That makes me want to rp with you less. There's going to be times where I can't always respond to you immediately or right away as like others I do have a life outside of this site and I do have issues with my depression that can often cause me to burnout but please know that I can reply when I can, so if you're willing to be patient with me then I'll be patient with you as well if you're unable to reply to a story-line or what not; after all, real life comes first.


:▪If I decide I do not wish to role-play or interact with you, that is my choice. Do not hassle me or try to pressure me, no means no. I do not need to explain myself, please respect my decision to chose who I let into my safe space. I reserve the right to be picky, but more often than not if you want to rp with me? Then I wanna rp with you, also. But please keep in mind that I WILL NOT respond to people who send me ‘wanna rp’ or ‘rp’. I won’t. If you want to do things, come at me with a plot idea already in mind, or send a meme!! They are always great ice breakers!


:▪I will not have Jordan jump right into a sexual relationship. I don’t do that in real life, I will not do it here. I enjoy the slow build of a budding romance that may or may not lead to sensual acts. If you came here looking to fulfill your sexual fantasies with a horny Green Lantern, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME. THERE IS THE DOOR. I'm a very picky person and if you only wish to write with me just for the sole purpose of writing erotica with me; I prefer you be honest about it or simply remove me and I have standards, simple yet important standards that tell me if a connection will last.


:▪I don't mind talking out of character. I love getting to know people as long as it isn't really toxic (which, let's face it is 99% of the internet now that we're in 2021). I don't really mind how you contact me. If you're more comfortable with messages, then message me. I really don't mind. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to that. All that addressed feel free to talk to me any time. I am a very lovable guy. I do hope you enjoy your time on my friends list, and I hope you can be patient with me when it comes to replies. The Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services/Career in Emergency Medicine isn't an easy one and with my job I'm always coming and going. For the next 12 hours I don’t see my station again. They keep us moving, emergency calls take precedence over everything else.


:▪Each character Jordan interacts with is in an entirely different universe, unless otherwise specified. There will be no “cheating” on anyone with another character. (This is all make-believe)


:▪There will be sexual content so readers please be advised. No one under the age of 18 allowed, please.


:Hard no’s:


:- No pedophilia, child sexual abuse


:- NO urine/feces play


:- No bestiality, or incest please


:- NO hardcore gore or explicit torture


:- NO breath play


:▪Questions or concerns, feel free to message me.


:Thank you for reading






:1. It’s important to understand that your partner is not an object, they are another human being, just like you.I say this because it is rude to be possessive of a partner.


:How is someone being possessive of a role-play partner?


:They get extremely jealous of their partner role-playing with other, and get upset with their partner for doing so.


:They yell at/become upset at the other party role-playing with their partner and tell them not to do so.


:They tell their partner that if they role-play with someone else that they will no longer role-play with them.


:They attempt to guilt trip their partner into role-playing with them only by claiming things such as, ‘Am I not good enough?’ 'Why do you have to role-play with others? Do I suck that bad?’


:They will tell others that their partner is ‘theirs’. Ex. “You can’t role-play with Alex…He’s mine!”


:They show their possessiveness by causing their character to be extremely clingy to their partner’s character.

: It’s important to understand that your role-play partner is allowed to role-play with anyone else, and that includes role-playing with people that are not you. They have that right.


:It is not an attack on your role-playing abilities.


:It is not an attack on you as a person.


:It is not an attack on their ideal of you as a partner.


:Your role-play partner is allowed to branch out to however many partners they so feel like it, and it is not your place to say that they cannot have any partners outside of you. That’s just rude.


:This also includes telling your partner that their character cannot be in any other romantic relationship except with your character. That’s rude.


:If your partner has a Multiple Story-line Character, these parallel universes allow your partners character to be in as many relationships as they so choose without them relating in anyway, coinciding in anyway, etc.


:Be considerate of your partner and how THEY feel about it. No one likes being guilt tripped. No one likes being yelled at for a hobby that is supposed to be FUN, not stressing. No one likes to be restricted in such a hobby.


:It is not your place to tell someone what they can and cannot do in terms of interacting with others. It’s incredibly mean of you to do such a thing and you need to take a step back and see how you could be hurting someone else’s feelings if you realize that you are doing this to someone else.


:Don’t be possessive of a role-play partner. They are not an object. They are allowed to make any decision they want when it comes to role-play, and you don’t have a say in how many partners they’re allowed to have. Because in the end, no one is obligated to role-play with you, and for you to put restrictions on someone who is willingly choosing to role-play with you is just seriously unkind. So, don’t do that.


:2. Role-plays are not one-sided. Please – if you ever have any intent on writing with me – don’t expect me to do all the work, or don’t say you want to write with me and not ask me what I think about something. generally, I’m okay with MOST things, but if you’re just going to be creating all the ideas, it doesn’t seem really fair.Don’t go into a role-play with me expecting to just satisfy YOUR needs before clarifying that. It is an EQUAL thing, and all role-players must be treated with an equal amount of respect.


:3. You are responsible for your own media experience.


:4. There is such a thing as a healthy level of avoidance towards topics that make you feel unwell or even (in a real-life clinical definition of the term) trigger you - but you are the one to actively take care of what you view.


:5. Avoiding does not mean policing others.


:6. You have no right to tell artists or writers to censor themselves - you may criticize what others do, you may dislike it, that’s fine - but actively asking for censorship when you could easily unfollow or block a person just makes you look incompetent in your use of the internet.


:7. Do not give people on Aniroleplay or /any/ website the responsibility for your emotional well-being. Because these people do not even know you so no, you have no right to ask them to take care of you.


:8. (AND THIS ONE IS REALLY IMPORTANT) DO NOT FORCE HEADCANONS OR SHIPS ONTO OTHERS. If one says the muses are incompatible, probably they have a good enough reason to and they do not feel comfortable to explain which parts of the interaction they did not like. They might be purposefully avoiding further interactions, because role-playing with your muse makes them feel uncomfortable. Do not be an ass about it, do not constantly nag them and deal with it. NO, -even if not worded- MEANS NO.


:I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you think you're alive then you're better off dead. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you think you're alive then you're better off dead. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you think you're alive then you're better off dead. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you think you're alive then you're better off dead. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you think you're alive then you're better off dead. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you think you're alive then you're better off dead. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you think you're alive then you're better off dead. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you think you're alive then you're better off dead. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you think you're alive then you're better off dead. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you think you're alive then you're better off dead. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you think you're alive then you're better off dead. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you think you're alive then you're better off dead. If you think you're alive then you're better off dead.




I have loved and I have lost. I have turned and I have tossed. I have loved and I have lost. I have turned and I have tossed. I have loved and I have lost. I have turned and I have tossed. I have loved and I have lost. I have turned and I have tossed. I have loved and I have lost. I have turned and I have tossed. I have loved and I have lost. I have turned and I have tossed. I have loved and I have lost. I have turned and I have tossed. I have loved and I have lost. I have turned and I have tossed. I have loved and I have lost. I have turned and I have tossed. I have loved and I have lost. I have turned and I have tossed. I have listened and I have watched. I've gave into this for long enough. I have lost and I have loved. Sleep has stolen far too much. So don't close your eyes, not just yet. Sleep is just a cousin of death.


Who I'd like to meet:

This guide will help you to understand how I rplay as Hal Jordan. You don’t need to read it, but most of my ideas will be here for future references. If you have any questions about this guide, please send me an ask.

Rplaying is vast, and I’m pretty excited to play Hal in all situations. Fighting is one of them. Since not everyone has read all Green Lantern stuff, I’m willing to explain how Jordan behaves himself during battles as Green Lantern, Parallax, Spectre and others.

Hal’s powers as a Green Lantern are:

  • Green Lantern Ring Mastery: Jordan’s constructs are among the most powerful. When he creates them, one often witnesses an “afterburner” behind Jordan of all his stray thoughts unconnected to the job at hand.
  • The Ring gives him the powers of: Flight, Energy Construct Creation, Force Field and Energy Projection.

Hal is one of the most powerful members of the Green Lantern Corps. His Willpower grants him enough power to defeat and kill even powerful enemies like Krona. He’s not easy to kill or defeat since he doesn’t accept loss at all. Hal knows how to use his powers, and he’s a great leader.


Hal can be defeated if your character immediately kills him without any reaction or if your character is as powerful as Darkseid (and if your character doesn’t kill him right after, chances are he’ll come back to kick your ass). Of course, Hal’s not invincible. He’s still a human, and without his Power Ring, he can’t do much. Removing his Ring is the best way to defeat him. Also, exhausting him so badly to make his Ring’s power fade, after all, he has to recharge it every day.

If your character wishes to kill Hal, please message me first. Also, Hal will be back as a Black Lantern (more info in OTHER).

As Parallax, Hal is one of the most powerful beings in all of the DC Universe. Hal’s powers as Parallax are:

  • Fear Projection: Being Connected to Parallax, Hal is able of manipulating the Yellow Light of Fear without the aid of a Qwardian Power Ring. He can create constructs and use them for combat. Hal has immense fear-casting powers, strong enough to easily scare the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman, except those who are capable of understanding and conquering inner fear such as Kyle Rayner and Batman.
  • Hypnosis
  • Reality Manipulation: Hal has the omnipotent ability to alter reality to his own benefit (see Zero Hour).
  • Time Manipulation: Hal could control and travel through time (see Emerald Knights series).
  • Immortality: The Power of Parallax makes Hal immortal. Oliver Queen killed him in Zero Hour and Kyle Rayner killed him in Oa, but he always returned. The only moment that he decided not to come back to life was in The Final Night.
  • Vast Superhuman Strength, Enhanced Durability and Higher Sense of Awareness.

Hal as Parallax is insane, and wants to play God. He believes his intentions are for the good. He won’t fight your character, unless they try to stop him or they are villains. Like Green Lantern Hal, Parallax has a huge willpower, but he uses it for his own benefit.


There’s no way to defeat Parallax physically (unless you’re the Presence). He’s too powerful, even for beings like Darkseid. The only way to defeat him in a fight is through his mind. Speaking about the destruction of Coast City, the slaughter of the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians by his hand will make him unstable, and he’ll give you a chance to counterattack or run. However, even if you kill him, he’ll come back since he’s immortal.

If your character wishes to kill Parallax, please message me first.

The Spectre is an aspect of God itself, the Divine Vengeance incarnate. The Spectre has walked among mankind since the days of the Old Testament, meeting out justice to wrong-doers. Since the death of Christ, the Spectre has been bonded to a mortal host, to serve as the Spectre’s guide and anchor. Hal Jordan is one of the mortal hosts that the Spectre embodied.

Hal’s powers as The Spectre are:

  • Divine Wrath: As a spiritual entity, the Spectre cannot be slain in the conventional sense, though he can be destroyed by sufficiently powerful means.
  • Intangibility, Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation, Fear Projection (ability to project fear into the hearts and souls of his adversaries), Inanimate Possession (inhabit and animate inanimate objects), Illusion Casting (ability to project realistic illusions), Impenetrable Mists, Astral Travel, Magic Mastery (possesses mastery over virtually all forms of magic use), Discern Motivation (sense the intentions of people in the place where they plan to carry those intentions out), Cosmic Awareness (The Spectre knows many secrets of the universe and its inhabitants, though even he is not omniscient), Precognition (The Spectre can sometimes get glimpses into the future, although this is not without great difficulty. The only time he was given a long, vivid glimpse into the future was when the Presence granted him one in order to warn the JLA and prevent universal destruction), Superhuman Strength, Stamina and Speed, Invulnerability.

As a part of God’s essence, The Spectre is almost invincible. Mockery, sarcasm and disrespect are traits that he despises. He’ll get infuriated if your character treats him with disrespect.


Hal as The Spectre is already dead, so your character can’t kill him. However, he can be injured badly or even slain by sufficient magic force, most notably the Spear of Destiny or a fully empowered Eclipso (another powerful cosmic entity that represents the Wrath of God). Your character can also exhaust him, but they must be really powerful for such deed.


Death is natural, and we can rp that for sure. However, before killing my character, you have to send me a message first and you have to keep in mind that Hal will come back as a Black Lantern.

HAL JORDAN AS A BLACK LANTERN: During the Wrath of the First Lantern arc, Hal Jordan had to commit suicide to become a Black Lantern to exit the Dead Zone. He could even summon Nekron by himself. So, if your character kills Hal, a black ring will find him, and he’ll become a Black Lantern. Hal already tasted the Power of the Death, and since he’s the greatest Black Lantern (the Book of Black itself confirms that), he’ll be back (unless Hal decides to stay dead or someone or something stops the ring before it reaches him).

Mun’s very flexible with shipping, but I’d rather be informed first that you want to ship our characters than forcing them into a relationship. Also, keep in mind that Hal is flirtatious, and if he hits on your character, it’s not that I’m trying to force a ship on you. It’s his nature. However, he’ll rarely hit on a male character. Even so, if you feel uncomfortable with his actions, please send me an ask or IM, and I’ll stop it immediately.

My ships with Hal are:

  • Hal/Carol Ferris
  • Hal/Barry Allen
  • Hal/Jillian Pearlman (Cowgirl)
  • Hal/Sinestro
  • Hal/Oliver Queen
  • Hal/Bruce Wayne
  • Hal/Clark Kent
  • Hal/Kyle Rayner
  • Hal/Guy Gardner
  • Hal/John Stewart

There’ll be other ships, but all are going to depend on chemistry, including canon ships. Also, m/m ships have to be discussed first since Hal has a preference for women.

I can't wait for us to write and create some fun stories. Crossing my fingers!

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