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Characters: Rätelme Faeroness, Big Sister
Verses: Zoids Generations
Playbys: Herself!
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crossover, Mystery, Science Fiction, Video Game,
Member Since:September 24, 2021

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About me:

Not much is known about Rätelme Faeroness. At least in where she comes from, what her real intentions are, or how she knows so much about the world around her. She is often giddy, friendly and very open to helping most walks of life. But what sets her apart from most other humans is just how much knowlege she holds.

Rätelme is a natural wiz at Zoids. Some have often called her more than a walking encyclopedia, and there are a few others can match her vast volumes of knowledge on such subjects. Whether its repairs, crafting, or perhaps even origins, she often prides herself as a type of professor/researcher/archaeologist in search of new discovers across all of Planet Zi. But where exactly she has been before her adventures with Midori, is generally debatable. At lease aside from a band of pirates whom travel the world in a specialized custom whale king.

In terms of Zoids, Rätelme is often seen piloting a Hebby Rhimos, an otherwise rare Zoid which existed somewhere within the Generations Era. Surprisngly enough, her small frame is capable of withstanding the strong forces, this tank of a Zoid can generate. Plus, she is somewhat nimble at the controls.


//Work in progress. Canon data is limited, will be working on headcanons andRP development to help further her story.

Who I'd like to meet:

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Zi-Fighter No.1

Sep 29th 2022 - 3:07 AM

My favorite Zoid is the Matrix Dragon. I have such a hard time with Fuzors because of the harsh fan reception of it. I LIKE Fuzors because it has all of the Zoids that excite me the most. The blox were always my favorites as a kid and I really like the concept of Fuzors / Gattai / Unison / whatever the name of it is this week. They're the most fun to me, but the anime had a lot of issues that paints the whole genere in a negative light... It sometimes upsets me because people have this knee-jerk repulsion towards anything Blox. I hate that reaction.

I thought about being Matt because he pilots the Leo Blaze so, by proxy, I could explain a way for him to get Matrix Dragon or Double Arm Lizard fuzors but I thought it'd just be more fun to play RD because he's such a sh*thead. I'm gonna need to rewatch the episodes for homework, but I do remember RD always talking mad smack and trying to roast on people like he's Peter Parker. I definitely wanna bring that energy.

Also, Liger Zero Phoenix is f***ing delish. I'm always torn between it and the Zero Schneider for my favorite Liger. Either way, Liger Zero is best liger for me. Shoutouts to Liger Blue Souga for having the best color scheme. Green's my favorite color and those caps SLAP with the blue base.

So, yeah, I chose RD because I saw someone else already grabbed Zan ( who I love for piloting basically all of my favorite Zoids between ZBL, Legacy and VS3 ) but, in hindsight, I always preferred the more sporty theme of NC0 and Fuzors to the war theme, especially for RP. I felt like Mat wouldn't give me enough to do and I don't KNOW enough about Kugo from Zoids Galaxy Quest to use him. I have to use my translator app if I want to actually READ his manga. That and I'd expect next to no one to know who he was.

Thought about Zeru too from Legacy but, even though I made him pilot Matrix on Legacy, he IS canonically tied to the Blitz Tiger and I don't wanna mess around with one of those. Data's too limited...

Anyway, I like talking with you. Keep in touch, Rate.
I'm very curious about your bigger group but I'm very keen to do one-off RPs here on ani with either straight battles or smaller missions. I'm a pretty busy guy offline and I also am in the midst of writing my own original story. I put a lot of my time and energy into that but this Zoids explosion out of nowhere's really caught me by surprise!
Zi-Fighter No.1

Sep 29th 2022 - 2:34 AM

Whoah... where all you guys FROM? You said you've been at this for years now? What the hell... Well, sh*t, awesome! I'm usually more talkative than this but I'm really speechless.

Yeah, no, ZG is the sh*t and if it weren't for Fuzors getting the bad rap it's gotten [ I have my own opinions of Fuzors what ifs if you care for that ], I would take Generations over Genesis just on account of the Liger Blue Souga being so cool. Midori is a really pretty character who could've been awesome to see animated. I'm glad she at least gets to be in the game Zoids Infinity EX Neo but I don't have the means to play that one. Like, don't get me wrong, Genesis is great for really shaking up the meta of Zoids trends. I'm just saying seeing that Gosuko Myoko liger animated like some Demon Slayer sh*t would have been TOOOO spicy.

Oh, look at that. I'm not speechless anymore.

Point is, I'm someone you can talk to for real. I know some things.

I'm also a very good writer and I adore Zoids Battles. I can walk the walk~
Zi-Fighter No.1

Sep 29th 2022 - 2:13 AM

Oh, bro, I should be celebrating! I know exactly where Rate comes from. ZOIDS GENERATION?!! I HAVE the book and I own the Heby Rhimos x Hound Soldier kit. I... haven't built it yet, but I do have it! I am so happy to see so many people repping Zoids. This is wild to me.

I swear I'm turning into a broken record, but ZOIDS GENERATIONS!!! We've got you, Midori, the blonde girl with Liger Red Hiou whose name escapes me. I'm so f***in' stoked dude.

I'm here to nerd about Zoids any day. I know a ton about NJR stuff. Anything from OJR or older and you lose me but the stuff you guys are repping? That's my sh*t. The Fuzors and Blox are my favorites.
ᴋ ᴏ ᴜ [Hiatus]

May 9th 2022 - 9:03 AM

o o c//
Thank you so much for adding me as a friend! 
It's nice to meet you 
I am open to discussing a storyline with you 
but I also need to read about your character >w

Oct 29th 2021 - 8:04 PM

~I can't guarantee that my greeting will be appealing but I wanted to break the ice somehow by saying thank you for adding me or accepting my friend invite and not give an impression of collecting people for numbers. :) Just in case you don't know my character, he is Ryu Hayabusa from a video game franchise called Ninja Gaiden and he is also in the fighting game series Dead or Alive. Now, if you don't know him, that's okay because I highly doubt he is as popular as Dante from Devil May Cry or whatever. Heh. 

But I'm looking forward for upcoming interactions.

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