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December 08 2021

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A collection asthetics for my version of Sakura.
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Small but important details, her summons and outfits.
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GeneralSee, I play a rather, dark version of Sakura. She's not so annoying in my book, focusing on building her power instead of fawning over Sasuke before his desertion. As a Self Insert thrown into her body, she doesn't care about changing things for the better. No, no. She cares about very little in fact. She played pretend, feigning her uselessness as a kid to hide the truth. She reached the rank of Chunin before being put on team 7 but everything was kept hush-hush naturally. Now, depending on us, she's someone that shouldn't be messed with. The real leader of the Akatsuki....the one who's truly pulling the strings. Perhaps she's acquired herself the Sharringan, seduced a powerful Ninja to being loyal to her....let's see what we can come up with hmm?~ Be warned: I heavily enjoy messing with the original plot, major character deaths will be included in these rps.
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Orientation: Straight
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: My personal AU Sakura only.
Verses: Naruto, adult themes, multi-ship, friendly admin.
Playbys: CanonxCanon only. MxF, MxM. NO OCS OR FURRIES PLEASE.
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Anime, Crossover, Fantasy, Manga, Romance, Video Game,
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About me:

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Not your run of the mill Sakura account. Self-Insert kind of thing going on. She's dark and powerful, twisted and all around less annoying. Add me if you think you can handle her. ~ Full bio: Dark Sakura I suggest you read that. It's important info. ♡Abilities: What she canonically has plus my own additions, do note she's isn't OP. Just throwing in my own touches, on top of her training with Tsunade, Sakura exhibits an odd Chakra due to the whole 'body snatching' thing. Her summon however is not the slug, but rather a Drake and Dragon (the latter reserved for tough situations). She contains highly valuable info on the future and does not care but will use it as leverage if she wants to.♡ ◇Personality: Considerably less annoying than the original, doesn't use Naruto as a punching bag (but still prone to smacking sense into people), much more foul mouthed and snarky. Easily flustered by genuine romantic interest in her, more often than not uncertain on how to respond. She loves power, it's greatly attractive to her. Nonchalant and somewhat flirty, brave and calculative, observant. Doesn't have an *absurd* crush on Sasuke but will admit he's sexy. Can be hot headed and is very defensive of those that she forms bonds with. She has a darker side to her and isn't afraid to show it. Extremely loyal to her love interest and is sweet and warm only to them.◇ ☆Bio: There's not a whole lot that's changed concerning her training, however this is a Self-Insert who doesn't give a damn about 'changing things for the better'. They're just living the best life they can, however they want while inside the body of Sakura Haruno. Do note that she is more focused on her training and sought out Tsunade earlier than canon, thus she is of Chunin rank at age 12. This Sakura is no pushover and can hold her own just fine even at 12. Can be made to have the whole insert thing after Sasuke deserts to really fuck with the characters perception of her, or having her play pretend.☆

Who I'd like to meet:
Any canon male character from Naruto primarily. I ship a lot characters with her. SasuSaku is my biggest ship though. AUs welcomed, I do enjoy royally messing with the main plot. OOC discussion is a must! Do not send me random starters! I despise that.

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