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Characters: Grimshaw- Lycan
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About me:
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Who I'd like to meet:

Grimshaw Character information is still under construction 50% of bio is done.


It all started at birth when his mother gave birth to a liter of six puppies. Grimshaw was the runt of the liter and if they had been normal wolves then he would've no doubt died. That wasn't the case here, supernatural beings such as them needless to say have a much higher level than a normal animal, not that I need to explain that. Doing what needed to be done so that he would be able to eat didn't go over well with him. Because of this or at least that's what he thought. Grimshaw got very violent the moment they grew up enough to freely move around without issue. Turning his fangs on both his siblings and parents, turning him from this small helpless pup to a violent and aggressive ball of fur. The cause of the violence completely unknown but this greatly worried his mother. A dormant curse that has plagued her family for generations, seeing her grandfather succumb to fits of violence until his body collapses in on itself.

As time went on Grimshaw only seemed to get worse, his aggressive nature spiraling out of control. Getting into fights with his siblings, even his parents, despite this not all of his siblings were opposed to fighting him back Tempest the eldest by a few seconds of the rest of them and Asher who was attached to Tempest and followed her around a lot. The two would often team up on Grimshaw whenever he decided to get all big and bad and attack others. If this was a reliable solution to the little problem that is Grimshaw things wouldn't have taken the turn for the worst. Around a month or so later many of the pups got the hang of their ability to shift into a human in which at this point they became a very rowdy bunch. Though Grimshaw had yet to take a human form, it wasn't known if he actually could or just refused to do so. It wasn't unknown for them to suddenly take human form or maybe one part of their body would change while growing up to this point. Grimshaw never had any of those problems, not a single moment would any part of him shift to a human form.

This problem created an even bigger rift between him and his family. Because of this we would often wander off and hunt, killing any animal he could sink his teeth into. While his father tried to get him under control, his mother ignored him, she wanted nothing to do with because she knew that he must be infected with the curse. If not that then that woman, the one who infected this pain and suffering upon her bloodline is watching. More importantly watching Grimshaw and she wanted nothing to do with her. She is fine with sacrificing one child to protect everyone else. This led to an event that would forever change Grimshaw.

While running through the forest, changing and hunting small game that littered the forest, he saw a figure. In the shape of a woman, beckoning him to come closer. So he did not calmly, he came with the intention to inflict some type of pain. But the closer he got the more that mentality faded from his mind and his body shifted into that of a human. What he saw was a pale yet beautiful woman who looked to be in her mid twenties. Kneeling down she placed her hands upon his shoulders and spoke to him for hours. It got to the point where his father grew worried and convinced Grimshaw's mother to look for him. Sadly his mother found him first and upon seeing Grimshaw with the woman she froze up. Her body consumed by fear as she looked at the being that spoke the Grimshaw she saw an amalgamation of decaying human parts and wood. This is the witch of the forest that first cursed their family long ago.

A wide sickening smile of a disfigured wood corpse stared back at her while a young beautiful woman spoke to Grimshaw. This only stopped because his father showed up and quickly acted separating the woman from Grimshaw. Though she didn't just leave she allowed him to go free. A year after that incident happened Grimshaw's body grew dramatically as if there was a stop on his growth and the stop was removed. Hewould have murderous dreams and peaceful dreams of the woman. His violent nature boiled over, he killed anything and everything he saw except for his family. Many areas around had been void of animal life. Needless to say his family never saw him, his father did whatever it took to protect and try to help his son. His mother completely disowned him purely out of fear and even got most of his siblings to feel the same except for Tempest and Asher.

Eventually the witch came again, something as before happening when Grimshaw last saw her. This time it went further and his father wasn't there to save him, or at least he didn't make it in time. Upon arriving and seeing them she spoke some words and blew dust into his face. Putting him into a trance like state for a moment before he snapped. Chaotic primal energy surged through him, increasing his size even more and sending him into a primal rage. His father, who arrived too late had became the target of this murderous beast and fell victim. This wasn't a matter of Grimshaw being stronger or not, this was a father not willing to fight and risk killing his son.

Grimshaw's mother was the first to discover what had happened because the witch paid her a visit. A brief appearance and a twisted smile was all it took for her to realize what was happening. Grimshaw was gone, his father dead, everyone but his mother left grieving and wondering what happened. She knew what happened, she also knew that if she tried hard enough or even at all this would've been avoided. Now her husband dead and her son slave to a witch and used as a tool of destruction and whatever she sees fit.


I do not claim to be the person in the photographs. This page is for role play purposes only.

Statistical Details

Legal Information
NAME: Grimshaw
NICKNAMES: Grim, Shaw or most commonly puppy.
DATE OF BIRTH: 51 years from this date. (That's what he says when anyone asks)
PLACE OF BIRTH: A forest area near his family home
CURRENT RESIDENCE: most cases same as his place of birth

Physical Details
HAIR COLOR: human-black, Wolf-brown and black
EYE COLOR: Orange, Red (during primal chaos)
HEIGHT: human 5'11, bipedal wolf 7'6, quadruped wolf H 7'6ft x L 14ft, Primal chaos a lot more.
WEIGHT: human 190, bipedal wolf 315lbs, quadruped wolf 645lbs+ Primal chaos a lot more.
SCARS: none

Relationship Info
PAST RELATIONSHIP(S) : He doesn't talk about those.

Miscellaneous Info
OCCUPATION: Doesn't have a job
PERSONALITY: violent cocky lovable asshole, who is a bit mental unstable.
LIKES: The wilderness, killing, torturing and having some type of interaction.
DISLIKES: Witches, people invading his territory, nagging.
STRENGTHS: The generic stuff a wolf would have. Primal chaos- increased wolf abilities, 100% infection rate, war beast creation and control.
WEAKNESSES: Do enough damage to him and he'll die


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