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21 years old

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January 28 2022

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Characters: Bakugou Katsuki, Katsuki Bakugou
Verses: MHA, Open
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Crossover, Drama, Fantasy, Slice of Life,
Member Since:October 05, 2021

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About me:
While I’m rummaging around and making plans for the page please do let me give a brief description for the profile. Now I do enjoy a good character but I do enjoy a prideful character being shown their true place just a bit more! I like the character Bakugou Katsuki and the anime in question but only so much can be done with canon ways, here let’s have a little fun toying with the base characters! I will be proposing photos and welcome ideas for different themes and characteristics for Bakugou changing his overly confident self just a tad! If you’ve got a desire of your own be sure to let me know! Sexuality is Bi-sexual though I do heavily lean towards men myself so it’ll make choosing good females to play with tough but I do try. Though don’t shy away ladies, nothing screams enticing like a strong woman!
Who I'd like to meet:

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Brigade Of Unknown Power

Dec 7th 2021 - 8:25 PM

Awwww thank you hun
Brigade Of Unknown Power

Dec 7th 2021 - 6:06 PM

I’ll do my best to get to all our replies while I’m the car or when I get home. Thank you for always being understanding with me

Nov 9th 2021 - 6:45 PM

I love it. I couldn’t find any
Imρετμs Imρ∂cτ

Nov 6th 2021 - 5:36 PM

I do play him as canon. I don\'t have a particular preference as far as age/setting or themes. So we\'re free too build from any point. Do you have any preference?
Imρετμs Imρ∂cτ

Nov 4th 2021 - 8:49 AM

That is true. Is there a specific point you want to build from? Building our own story is better.
Imρετμs Imρ∂cτ

Nov 2nd 2021 - 9:39 AM

Thank you for adding or requesting me Kacchan. I really appreciate it. I\'m sorry for the generic greeting, I\'m not very good at fancy greetings. Hopefully though this will be enough to spark a conversation. I would love to get things started with you whenever you\'re ready, we can discuss a storyline or wing. Just a heads up, I\'m behind on the manga but I\'m caught up with the anime and movies. Anyways thank you again. I hope to hear from you soon!
Brigade Of Unknown Power

Oct 21st 2021 - 10:14 AM

Just wanted to show this to you. https://i.pinimg.com/564x/8c/26/76/8c2676abb61d4c4cbcc540836e55b67a.jpg
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