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Characters: Zhou Zishu
Verses: Word of Honor/The untamed/MDZS Crossover
Genre: Historical, Open, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life, Spar/Fighting,
Member Since:October 10, 2021

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About me:
He was a former leader of the Four Seasons Manor (Sect) (四季庄主). He was also formerly the very first ever leader of the Window of Heaven. He is currently posing as a broke, homeless wanderer who sings little tunes off-pitch. He uses the name Zhou Xu (周絮, Zhōu Xù), when in his disguise(s). Taking advantage of situations is his strongest point, and his skills worked on everyone except for Wen Kexing. Only a few sentences into the conversation with Cao Weining, and the latter already felt like they were the closest of comrades. He started telling the other everything possible. aster Disguise: - He has an unspecified amount of human masks on himself that he use to disguise himself. He has learned the technique from his former master, Qin Huaizhang. It is said to be impossible to recognize him the moment he joins a crowd. He is able to conceal himself, going from the most frightening individual in the palace to a free-spirited, miserable-looking wanderer riding a thin horse, gnawing a straw in his mouth while humming folk songs takes that place. He becomes the first to actually get away from the Window of Heaven network just like that. Unique Qinggong: - He knows the one-and-only “No Boundaries, No Traces” branch of the Four Seasons Sect. It was taught by Qin Huaizhang as well. Flute Craftsmanship & Playing: - He demonstrated them when fighting back against the musical (zither) skills of “Enchanted Song” Qin Song. He made a flute during the journey out of boredom with very poor craftsmanship. The notes are not right and the tuning is all over the place, thus he never got around to using it. A big crack appeared in it after a single use. His flute playing is described to be "an ear-piercing noise". However, normally flutes would never make sounds that sharp, so sharp to the point it felt like they could tear something apart. Medicinal Skills: - He himself states that he wouldn’t call himself an expert in medicine-related matters. He might not possess an intensive knowledge about the field. However, he had seen enough to know that there had yet to exist a poison that could cause hallucinations for a certain long period of time. Enhanced Hearing: - His hearing is retained due to the secret of the Nails Punishment. He could hear Gu Xiang, and didn’t miss a single word. Even though the former was a noisy road away, and her voice was at a medium volume. Bad Swimmer: - He is not good at swimming. The best he can do is hold his breath for a long time underwater. Baiyi: (白衣) - It is a Whip sword (软剑) that was given to him by his master, Qin Huaizhang. The sword has its name “Baiyi” carved on it. The sword was in turn, actually gifted to the former by Ye Baiyi. Zishu himself once thought it was some kind of mysterious motto, however it turned out to be a symbol of Baiyi himself.
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