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Orientation: Straight
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About me:
DC DATABASE ADVERTISEMENT DC DATABASE Jason Todd (Prime Earth) Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 1 29 Textless.jpg Mainstream Universe‎‎, 2011‎-present REAL NAME Jason Peter Todd MAIN ALIAS Red Hood OTHER ALIASES Robin, Wingman, Outlaw, Nightwing,[1] Red Robin, Batman RELATIVES Faye Gunn (paternal grandmother), Jason (paternal grandfather)[2], Willis Todd (father), Catherine Todd (mother, deceased), Bruce Wayne (adoptive father), Damian Wayne (adoptive brother), Dick Grayson (adoptive brother), Tim Drake (adoptive brother), Faye Gunn II (first cousin) AFFILIATION Batman Family, Titans,[3] Task Force Z · Formerly Generation Outlaws, the Outlaws, Batman Incorporated, All-Caste, League of Assassins, Rent-A-Bat BASE OF OPERATIONS Gotham City · Formerly Caribbean, Eth Alth'eban STATUS ALIGNMENT Neutral IDENTITY Secret Identity CITIZENSHIP American MARITAL STATUS Single OCCUPATION Vigilante, Businessman · Former Mercenary CHARACTERISTICS GENDER Male HEIGHT 6' 0" WEIGHT 225 lbs (102 kg) EYES Blue HAIR Black ORIGIN UNIVERSE Prime Earth CREATORS Gerry Conway · Don Newton FIRST APPEARANCE Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 (November, 2011) MORE His name is Jason Todd. A lot of people say he's crazy. Like, say the entire staff of Arkham Asylum. Maybe they're right. I'm hardly in a position to judge. Anyone. But as he pops out of his disguise--blows my chain off my ball--and gives me my bow and quiver? Let's just say Red Hood is my kind of crazy! ARSENAL Jason Todd is Red Hood, a vigilante anti-hero who is a member of the Batman Family and the Outlaws. Jason became the second Robin after Dick Grayson became Nightwing and Batman was in need of a new sidekick. Jason was trained by Bruce, and was his partner until his death at the hands of the Joker. He was resurrected by Talia al Ghul using the Lazarus Pit, and then trained by both the League of Assassins and the All-Caste. He eventually returned to Gotham City under the new alias Red Hood, using more lethal methods to fight crime. ADVERTISEMENT History Early Life Jason Todd is the son of Catherine Elizabeth and Willis Todd and was conceived unexpectedly in an alleyway. Incredible PC game bundle, from $10 BUY FROM FANATICAL Jason had a troubled childhood due to his parents constantly arguing; his mother suffered from depression and drug addiction, and his father had been "showing him the ropes of thievery and conning" at a young age, which led him into trouble. Once when he was a child, Jason's father stole tickets to Haly's Circus from an old couple in a parking lot and took Jason to see the show. That was the first time Jason ever saw Dick Grayson, and was positively awed by him.[4] Zero Year Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 1 25 Textless.jpg Before Batman When Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham and began his career as Batman, one of his first missions was stopping a group of masked criminals called the Red Hood Gang, lead by Red Hood One. Following this, Batman would battle the Riddler, in a confrontation that lead to all of Gotham City's power being shut off right before a massive hurricane, crippling the city in what would be known as the "Zero Year". Jason Todd, a teenager at the time struggling to support his drug-addicted mother in Gotham's Park Row, fought for survival as Gotham went feral. When Jason's best friend Chris gave him the mask of a deceased Red Hood Gang member to join in the gang's revival and become who he wanted to be, Jason agreed, giving himself the name "Red Hood Four". On the night of the gang's revival, Jason, wanting to be a hero, tried to stop a fight between some gang members and a mysterious woman named Talia al Ghul, who was investigating the Red Hood Gang. Jason earned Talia's respect and managed to impress her further by perfectly performing a fighting move invented by the All-Caste that even she couldn't master. Despite Jason's desire for peace, Talia murdered the leader of the Red Hood Gang revival and, when she returned to her father Ra's al Ghul, expressed interested in keeping an eye on Jason Todd in the future.[5] Meeting Batman Someone else keeping an eye on Jason, unbeknownst to him, was the original Red Hood One - the man who had recently fallen into a vat of acid at Ace Chemical Processing Plant and would take the name Joker. Seeing Jason's prowess, Joker began orchestrating events in Jason's life to lead him to becoming Batman's sidekick - so that he could then kill him to hurt Batman. The Joker caused Jason's father to wind up in prison, where he would apparently die, and faked Jason's mother death with a non-lethal poison to make it look like she died of an overdose. Jason, thinking he was an orphan, was forced into stealing to survive. When Jason was sixteen, he made an attempt to steal the tires off the Batmobile, managing to get one off before being discovered by Batman.[6] Expecting to be beaten for his crime, Jason was surprised to be offered food instead. He and Batman talked while eating, and Batman told him that sometimes if you gave people a chance, they might surprise you. Jason would take these words to heart, even years later. Batman attempted to help Jason by getting him settled in Ma Gunn's School for Wayward Boys, not knowing that the establishment was a front for training the children to be criminals. Despite this, Jason did see the place as a home for a while. Realizing his mistake though, Batman went to rescue him and Jason aided the hero by shoving Ma Gunn out a nearby window. Some time after this, Batman decided to take Jason in personally and train him to be the new Robin after his first one had graduated to a new title, which Jason took to enthusiastically.
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