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Forever, Our Forever.

๏ฟฝI was homesick everywhere I went, except the home I could never find again. For a while, I called my home many places, but it always haunted me, that my heart would only let it be a name. The heart is the true skeptic; we can always see change, but not always feel it in ourselves. Denying what is always around us, it only expresses what stimulates it to believe. So then you ask what my heart kept choosing to make me believe in? ๏ฟฝHome. In the end I didn๏ฟฝt even have that.๏ฟฝ
-Owyn Marcus Dwyer

Being a half-elf of a human father and elven mother, Owyn was raised never meeting his father and growing up alongside his mother. Given the best childhood and education his mother could hope to give, he was taught understanding, science, literature, the word of the Church, martial arts, even magic and of course, love. As his mother was a former part of elven nobility, he was also taught proper etiquette and decorum but had chosen to forsake something so unfitting for him.

People were a source of interest for him, as his gregariousness facilitated getting to know more about them. Always fascinated with the bedtime stories his mother would tell, and of the places and sights beyond the small village he was raised in, it would be the foundation for his wanderlust. Upon reaching 21, he had set out to travel as far as he could to see and understand more of the world.

The experience he gained elaborated upon the lessons he had learned in his youth, however different cultures were something to be experienced, not learned. As an empathetic person, he not only tried to understand people๏ฟฝs feelings, but why they felt the way they did. Such a curious nature did lead to several friends and loves across his travels, but most were fleeting as he didn๏ฟฝt stay in one place for too long. Despite leaving most love behind, being alone is a prominent fear in his mind; as such prejudice is an act very detestable to him since a forced loneliness is cruel to place upon another. Owyn often finds trust highly valuable and friends a precious resource. Struggling with commitment yet the desire to form bonds with people, he often leaves people confused as his dedication is only outmatched by his uncertainty.

Instinctual and impulsive, it would seem he would be a poor match for a warrior of the Church. Although he is rarely serious, a strong will and conviction are traits he possesses, especially when dealing with personal matters. Seeing demons as the true evil in the world, he mostly makes it his mission to eradicate those that would harm people. Having such a personal mission, he avoids directives from the church as much as he can, while still receiving their support. Finding combat as an obstacle in the path of his ultimate goal, he takes fighting as a very serous sentiment. Pursuant to his own word, he is a dedicated and determined individual when inspired. Ultimately, he doesn๏ฟฝt like to think of himself like other people, sometimes feeling over-burdened with his holy duties, he sees the people of his country as something to protect rather than people he shares similarities with. Owyn cares much about his freedom, but also about the well-being of others and thus sometimes feels as if he is strained by the consequences of his actions when trying to maintain both.

Race: Half-Elf
Age: 41 (appears in mid-twenties)
Height: 6๏ฟฝ8
Weight: 210 pounds
Eye color: Pale green
Hair: Length maintained by a dagger to several inches, brown.
Build: Athletic and muscular
Skin tone: Light tan
Weapons: A steel-reinforced longbow, The Daybreaker (holy long sword) and an enchanted, obsidian boomerang. Also uses miscellaneous powders, tools and daggers.
Abilities: Lightning and Wind magic including use of Aura-based abilities.

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奇跡 ★ of Heaven

Jan 7th 2016 - 10:25 AM

Hello, my name is Yojiro Tenkai, I was wondering if you'd be interested in Joining my family.
Mongol Queen

Aug 18th 2015 - 6:23 AM

Care to rp?

May 14th 2015 - 12:52 AM

 "Woot~! I finally got to reply to your starter~! Aha, no, wait... I got to read your starter! Phew~ It took me a while. I even had to stop drinkin' my sake a little bit so I could pull it off. Now I gotta figure out how I wanna reply!"

May 5th 2015 - 4:17 AM

"Aha, I might not be smart, but I'm not gonna think your name has my name in it. You're silly! Hey hey, if we're gonna RP, what kinda setting should we start in?"

May 4th 2015 - 5:50 PM

"Ooooi! You added me! Arigatou! I'm Senka! Hey hey, now that we're friends, ya know what we can do?! We can RP! That'd be fun, right?!"

The Fifth ๆ—ฅ

Jun 22nd 2014 - 6:23 PM

I'm not sure if we were ever formally introduced. Probably my fault for being so caught up with other projects. Its nice to meet you friend. I sent you an invite to the group New Counterbalance. We are an open group that is open to all characters and verses. When you get the chance please look at some of the open topics and if you see one you like, feel free to post. Hope to hear from you soon.
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