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October 21 2021

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GeneralLikes: Animals, theater, cooking, reading and the paranormal Dislikes: heights, people interrupting her, dog earing pages
MusicAnything really

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About me:
Basic Info Name: Ophellia Hazelnutt Gender: Female Played by: Amandolin Nicknames: Ophi Personality: Shy at first, but warms up quickly, the she is louder and friendly Mannerisms: Situational Description Average frame, a bit on the thick side, long cobalt blue hair, with blonde at the roots. She typically wears black knee high leather boots with black pants. She has a purple belt with a silver star belt buckle. She wears a variety of shirts. She has a deep blue cloak that fastens around her neck with a silver moon broach. Her hair typically hangs while she wears a witch hat that matches the cloak. On her left hand is a silver garnet ring, and on her right sits a tigers eye ring. She keeps a silver dagger strapped to her left leg, and has a pouch of throwing daggers hidden on her. On her right shoulder she has a tattoo outline of a cat with a green eye. On her left wrist she also has a olive branch bracelet tattoo Age: 27 Race: Caucasian Class: Witch Alignment: Neutral Size: Thick Bodytype: Average/Thick Height: 5'5 Weight: 230 Complexion: Plae/Ivory Hair: Cobalt Eyes: Blue Handedness: Left Scars: Slash over left eye Ophillia started her life pretty normal. She had a loving family, though it was just her, her parents, and her older brother. Everything was an slice of life, apple pie life. As she grew older and puberty set in, so did her witchy powers. She developed powers such as telekinesis, astral projection, and levitation. Once she hit ninth grade, she was sent to finish her schooling at Hekatie's School for Talented Girls. There she strengthened her already existing powers, and developed a few more. When she graduated school, she was given the opportunity to attend the first ever witch college, she was the first class to attempt this idea. There she met her love, Elliot. They kick it off quick, it was as if old souls was reuniting. They spend the next 4 years enjoying each other, helping with school, and find new jobs. On the graduation day, Elliot popped the question. Ophillia and Elliot returned back to Ophillia's parents to celebrate, just to find it gone. They did some digging around, the found out that a witch hunter came through and killed her parents and burned her house to discard the evidence. Ophillia and Elliot nestled into her hometown and began to look for her brother. Once all hope seemed lost, he mysteriously appeared one day while Ophillia and Elliot was visiting the burned monument. The reunion was a joy tear filled one. They discussed everything that happened from the time she left up to the night of the fire and briefly after. Ophillia invited her brother to live with them, which he did so. The lounging didn't last long as the witch hunter struck again, this time killing the brother. Ophillia found him pinned to the living room wall in the early hours of the morning, only sun rays lighting the room. After that Ophillia and Elliot decided to leave town. They traveled as far as they felt safe, trying to put as much distance between them and the danger as possible. Once they find found a place, they planted themselves and lived there for a few years. One night, their happiness came to a halt when they had an intruder. In the dead of night, a witch hunter broke in and held the two hostage. This witch hunter was the same that killed her family. The hunter had the two tied up, on their knees with their hands behind their back. Slowly, the hunter took a knife, and killed Elliot, slitting his throat right in front of Ophillia. This being the breaking point, Ophillia closed her eyes and let out a scram, a sonic wave went out with it. The wave knocked the hunter back; he slammed on the ground hitting his head and killing him instantly. Ophillia passed out in the process. When she awoke, the sun was high in the sky. She used her powers to untie herself. She gave Elliot a short funeral before gathering what she can carry and left. Now, she travels from place to place, looking for a new home, a new beginning, a new family, or just whatever she can find. She does odd jobs and mercenary work to keep money in her pocket. There is very few people that is familiar with her. Most of them just recognize her in passing, but nothing personal.
Who I'd like to meet:

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