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Characters: Yuna Miwa
Verses: romance, slice of life, drama, crime, open
Playbys: If you don\'t like kids, fluff, and wholesomeness I wouldn\'t add me.
Length: Multi Para
Genre: Drama, Open, Romance, Slice of Life,
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About me:
Name: Miwa Yuna
Age: 29
Birthdate: November 15th
Gender: Female
Orientation: Demisexual
Marital Status: Single
Family: Miwa Hoshiko (daughter, 8) and Izu (shiba inu, 3)
Occupation: Waitress

Personality: Yuna would easily give whatever she could to a stranger in their time of need. This overwhelming kindness often results in more harm than good, Others taking advantage of it thinking she's just that gullible and/or stupid. Though she does her best not to let the world make her bitter or resentful. Trying to set a good example for Hoshiko so she won't be beaten down by their often times cruel reality. Despite how most see her as a delicate woman Yuna is as resilient as they come. Keeping a smile on her face no matter what punches are swung her way. She'll do whatever she must to ensure her little family is safe and happy.

Story: Yuna grew up in a painfully cold and stuck up wealthy family. One who aimed to use their young daughter to further their renowned business connections. Yuna being raised into the ideal spouse to ensure she'd be desirable by potential suitors. Aiming to marry her off to someone who could bolster their reputation further. Nothing was more important than money to them, Not even Yuna would change that.

Years passed as she did her best to earn their approval. Beginning to meet with matchmakers as soon as she hit sixteen. Though she despised not being able to lead a normal life like her friends she did her best to keep her head up. It wasn't until she turned eighteen that she would meet her future spouse, Din Hidemaru. He was the spoiled and pompous son of a 'respected' law firm. He was cruel and unkind but what choice did she have? This is what her life had been groomed for.

They were married shortly after her nineteenth birthday.

For two years Yuna endured his degrading abuse and humiliation for the sake of her family's approval. It had to get better right? Maybe he could learn to really love her? She clung to delusion if only to keep herself from breaking apart. She'd soon discover that she would have his child. Maybe this was her chance to finally grow close with him?

Din's abuse only became worse with the news, his possessive nature doubling. It grew to such an extent that Yuna feared for the future safety of her child. Thinking on the reality of her baby's future well-being would finally bring Yuna to her senses. She needed to run. It wasn't safe. While she was used to the hardships she couldn't bear the thought of her innocent babe walking in her shoes. So she would find freedom, for both of them, somehow.

Several years have passed since such desperate times. Yuna having managed to flee Din before eventually giving birth to a beautiful baby girl that she would name Hoshiko. Her darling daughter, now eight years old, happily helps keep her strength. Having grown into a kind and caring little girl who was given a much better upbringing thanks to Yuna. Her mother ensuring she would never suffer the same fate. Yuna now works as a club waitress in the city, Getting by from paycheck to paycheck. Having learned to finally take life into her own hands for the sake of Hoshiko and figuring out just who she wanted to be instead of molding herself for other's expectations.

Who I'd like to meet:
I don't know how to do a fancy profile so don't expect one. Let my writing speak for me!

PSA: I'm just here to write cute and corny romances, not indulge weird fetishes. Don't bother adding me if you're only after erotics. If i'm approached about it immediately I will just block you. Furthermore if you're a disgusting pedophile trying to go after her daughter stay the hell away from me and seek help.

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