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Just an Icy Demon hybrid. 18+ - 21+ You add you talk. Not selective. Multi-ship Discussions and random starters adored!

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Characters: Adrian FrostFang
Verses: OCs, MHA, R+V, Demons and Yokai , Crossocers, mature, open
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Open, Romance, Slice of Life,
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About me:
Name Adrian Frostfang Age 17-25 depending on the rp Race: Ice Demon / Vampire Hybrid S.O. : Bisexual Hair Color: Silver ( Human) Icy Silver ( Ice demon transformation ) White (Vampire transformation) Eye Color: Blue ( human ) Silver( Demon transformation) Blood Red ( Vampire transformation) Build: Slender, with some definition. Personality. : Cold when first meeting, will warm up to most as he gets to know people. Flirty, to a point. Likes: Winter, colder temperatures, ice cream, s*x, women, men. Dislikes: rude people, summer and hotter temps, being played/ lied to. Bio:Adrian was born to an Ice demon and a vampire. His father was named Andronious , his mother was named Lilyanna. As a young child his parents disappeared and was presumed dead. As he grew up, he learned what he was due to research and experimenting with his powers. At the moment he is either roaming, or In the ice demon Village. Powers and abilities: Complete control of ice, can manipulate and create ice. Icy skin: Is always cold to the touch even in summer. Icy aura: The area around his body is also cool. It has a cooling effect and can either decrease or increase in temp at will. Blood manipulation: Due to him also being a vampire, he can draw his own blood from his body. Rather like the blood demon, he can make weapons out of his blood. Uses this sparingly as it weakens him, and makes him hunger for more blood Elemental affinity / mastery: Has begun to learn how to control other elements. Is still in training with this ability. Weather Manipulation: can control some weather patterns. Is still in training with this ability. Elemental clones: can create clones out of the elements. Is still in training with this ability. Vampiric abilities: Enhanced speed, strength, and senses. Are further enhanced when in Vampire Form Ice demon abilities: Ice magic, icy skin and icy aura. Are further enhanced when in Ice demon form Transformation: Can transform into two forms at the moment. More to come as time comes. Forms: Vampire and Ice demon. Coming soon: Ice Vampire, 2nd forms of ice demon and vampire Vampire form description: Hair is now white, Eyes are blood red. Muscular definition increases, but figure becomes more slim. Black claws form on fingers, and fangs are more visible. Ice demon form description: Hair is now icy silver, eyes are now silver. Icy claws form on fingers and the air gets colder around him and on his skin.
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Jun 16th 2022 - 6:25 AM

I'm okay but a bit sad at the moment. Hanging on though! How are you? It's currently 3:25 in the morning here e.e

Jun 16th 2022 - 6:02 AM

Hello c:
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