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December 04 2021

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Characters: Tifa Lockhart, Tifa Strife
Verses: Final Fantasy, Casual, Romance, Very Mature Themes
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Open, Romance,
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About me:
NO BAR SCENES That has to be the most over-played setting to the point I don't even enjoy it. It has to be a really good, original idea for me to want a story set at the 7th Heaven because it is everyone's go-to location/scene with Tifa. Only mention a Bar Setting if you have a good, new idea for it. Otherwise some good settings, themes and locations are: Tifa having a part-time job elsewhere, perhaps as a Hotel Desk Clerk, or Delivery Girl who's going door to door delivering things to people. Plenty of possibilities there. I also like Camping settings, be it in the woods or out in the desert. Hell doesn't even have to involve camping, just being out in the woods or near some desert canyons is a unique location. Maybe her bar isn't doing so well so she is doing odd-jobs or really anything at all to make some good, quick cash. Tifa's headstrong but she is also a rather desperate woman sometimes. Perhaps a visit to the wrong Massage Parlor leading to her getting something she wasn't expecting when she just wanted to relax after a long day. And lastly, I adore cheating settings but unless your character has some legitimate reason to dislike Cloud other than him simply being Tifa's husband, I don't like needless comparisons and belittling of Cloud. It's not about size or attention. Maybe Tifa is just bored and looking for something different. Plenty of reasons she would cheat.
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