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Verses: Yu Yu Hakusho verses,cross overs are welcome, romance Length: para multi para and some novel too No One Liners or you will be deleted.

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December 01 2021

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About me:
Keiko is Yusuke's childhood friend, and later they became a couple. They grew up and studied together in the same school since they were kids. In many ways, Keiko is the opposite of Yusuke. She is sweet ans calm, but sometimes she gets angry. But she is mostly angry at Yusuke. She is also equally known for her intelligence (she is the class representative of their section) and dependability. As a class representative, she often scolds Yusuke because of his bad student habits like skipping classes and being absent for many times but inside, she really wants to protect him. She and Yusuke are a lot closer than they would like to be sometimes (i.e. Yusuke groping her etc.), but nonetheless, it is clear that they love each other. Despite her sweet nature, it is revealed she has a short temper which is more often revealed in her interactions with Yusuke, who tends to annoy her with his at times insensitive comments (most of the time he never means to be insensitive or hurt her feelings) and is willing to retaliate with punches towards Yusuke. She has also shown to be very thoughtful, understanding Yusuke's growing attachment to the demon world and his occupation as a spirit detective because it was the first place he felt he truly loved, showing the depth of her closeness and relationship with him. She can also be very patient despite her short temper, remaining patient with Yusuke as he struggles first with his responsibilities as spirit detective and later with his identity as a half demon and waiting for Yuusuke to return from his training, showing a strong sense of love and loyalty towards Yusuke.
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