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A wolf-kin with astounding psychic abilities. Down on her luck and betrayed, she's found a new home in a Craftsman's workshop in a new kingdom.

22 years old
Fairmont, West Virginia
United States

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December 22 2021

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Orientation: Straight
Body type:Slim / Slender
Education:Some college
Characters: Maiden
Verses: Original, Fantasy, Medieval, Dark, Magic
Playbys: Luci Christian
Length: Multi Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Thriller/Suspense,
Status: Single
Member Since:December 01, 2021

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About me:
Thank you for looking over my profile. If you're interested in roleplaying, please take your time to read over it. There's not much to know about me out of character other than I'm probably the silliest dork with a soft heart. I'm that girl that would be the textbook description of a wallflower, but once you get me out of my shell, I sometimes don't know when to be quiet. So yeah, I'm pretty bad at being social but I'm trying to fix that!

Name: Maiden

Race: Wolf-kin

Age: 20 years old

Gender: Female

Hair/Fur Color: Snow White

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Height: 5'0|152 cm

Weight: 97 lbs|44 kg

Likes: Autumn. Winter. Rainy Days. Snow. Oceans.

Dislikes: Discrimination. Cruelty. Unnecessary evil. Arrogance.

Fears: Darkness. Spiders. Dragons. Rats. Tight spaces.

"Look at how a single candle can both defy and deny the darkness" was a famous quote that my mother always loved reciting to me, emphasizing how special I was and that my life was no different than that flickering flame. She understood I was born with an unusually powerful gift and did her absolute best to guide my soul in the right direction, teaching me to use them for what I deemed right. She never protested my natural talent as an esper and encouraged my further understanding of my powers. She was so very open-minded on having a child gifted with supernatural power. I was only around twelve at the time and she would sometimes bring back books from the market in town on the supernatural and their almost limitless potential. We were quite poor so she could only afford so much, but I treasured every single page I was blessed with from her kindness and studied them far more than necessary. Over the years, my mother would actively encourage me in the development of my abilities, while my father observed afar with lingering fear. He loved me and wished to support me too...but he was so scared of my powers. He was afraid I might lose control in some way or another. He was also very superstitious and believed that my abilities were some preternatural sign I was cursed, but chose to remain quiet since he desperately hoped it wasn't true. My family had only ever heard about Espers and Mages from the capital. They never truly witnessed psychic or magical abilities so the concept was frightening to the both of them, even if my mom didn't show it sometimes.

Once I was fourteen years old, I had gathered so much psychic experience, further expanding the horizon of my esper abilities. The psionic skills I had unlocked by this moment were a little overwhelming for my family to say the least. It now frightened my mother slightly and completely terrified my father. My abilities were extensively more powerful than initially imagined. What was considered to be low-level telekinesis ended up evolving into power to effortlessly lift even the most massive boulders and create destructive waves of psychic force.

After my substantial increase in power, I ended up accidentally hurting the young farmhand down the road in an emotional outburst. My mother never looked at me the same again. My father became an insufferable alcoholic from his igniting fear and disdain for me. I still remember how it devolved to where he would beat me senseless for something I never asked to happen. No matter how much I cried or how much I tried to plead I was still the same daughter they loved, I was only met with more beatings. I think the only thing more painful than my father's fists was my mother's expression, her head turned away while she remained silent to my torture. I needed to get away.

Unfortunately, my eventual leave was not one of my own volition. Due to my magnificent abilities, my place in society as a lesser race, and other things that made me a valuable asset, my parents made a decision that will never leave my memories, even If had the assistance of the greatest powers in the world. They sold me into slavery, parting me with a strange human man that held a supernatural collar that inhibited my psychic abilities, properly suited to the task for people like me. I was cast into a cage with another few strangers and soon everything I ever knew disappeared over the horizon. For the next two years, I was put to work for a noble. Initially as his housekeeper, soon changing me to his personal assistant once he encountered me in person. He was a revolting, perverse man with a narcissistic complex. I shudder to remember my time underneath his egregious guidance, but the knowledge I garnered while pretending to be not paying attention was compensation enough. He had accessibility to incredible tomes that furthered my understanding of my mental powers and empowered me vastly over that short duration of time. So much so that I was able to burn through the cheap collar he had fixated on me, unable to restrain my sudden growth of power.

The relatively short time had allowed me to grasp a gratuitous amount of blackmail on the repulsively atrocious noble. They were only whispers of his many misdeeds, but over time I had learned enough to reduce his reputation to ashes. I confronted him and incited him to release me otherwise find himself in ex-communication. I eluded the delusional monster as a free girl and immediately escaped to a more friendly place, far removed from my old home with a little over two hundred gold pieces in my pouch. I had departed to another large Kingdom known as Canthro, a country where most races lived together, though not in complete harmony. They had never heard of my background so I never had a reason to be put into chains, aside from the allure for me as some kind of slave. I was still considered a lesser being since I wasn't a Human, Elf or Dwarf. I had to put up with alot of xenophobia and discrimination aimed towards me, with threats being quite common. Luckily, I'm more than powerful enough to keep most people like that away from me.

With the two hundred gold pieces I had blackmailed from the man, I could more than afford any home in the city, but they weren't about to let any Wolf-kin actually purchase property in their city. I ended up finding shelter at a craftsman's shop. The very kind older man took pity on me and offered me a home inside from the cold, unable to bare seeing a young lady on the streets. I felt so guilty for having nothing to give in return but I couldn't help accepting offer of a warm bed in my circumstances. I explained my story to him and he sat on it for a while before giving me a deal. If I was to work as his assistant, he would grant me a foreseeable permanent home. I instantly hugged him with an accept of his offer. This was the best news I could have gotten and I was ready to prove myself. I would work hard and continue to practice my mental prowess on the side. I didn't know exactly what the future held for me but this didn't feel like an inauspicious step on that path.

It's been four years since that day and I've just turned twenty a few months back, working as his assistant ever since that day. Despite being a lesser race, those that frequented the shop grew close to me and even liked me with the exception of a few incorrigible humans and elves. My psionics had grown exponentially with my ascendance into adulthood and the craftsman had taken notice. He would often express his confusion towards my family as he thought my powers should be valued and noticed. I always appreciated him, thinking of him more like a father than my true one ever was. I wanted to become an adventurer, see the world and use my skills to help.

Maiden's list of skills and talents as a Wolf-kin ---------------------vvvvv

Master Acrobat: Her mobility, agility and just general movement is brimming with grace and caution. She can take steps, leaps, flips and land from them without even incurring a sound. She retains perfect balance regardless of the surface she stands on and is capable of performing superhuman kinesiology across normal or difficult terrain alike. She can make quick, burst dashes of 80 km/h but her average running speed is is 60 km/h. She is also able to easily leap up to 10 meters vertically and land safely from heights over twice that height.

Telescopic Vision: Her vision is so acute that she can witness events happening over 100 meters away as if they were right beside her if she heavily focuses. She develops tunnel vision while focusing in on far away events which leaves her vulnerable for the time from close-ranged attacks or just attacks out of her temporarily altered vision.

Heightened Scent: She can detect all kinds of various scents around the place at a much greater range and utility. It's almost incredible how well she can track with her nose. She can even compartmentalize scents and trace very specific smells down individually.

Heightened Hearing: She can hear so expertly that she can listen to the heartbeats of everyone for about 5 meters around her. This extends to 15 meters if she is in relative or complete silence.

Maiden's list of supernatural talents as an Esper ---------------------vvvvv

Telekinesis: Her psychic aura extends to anything she is affecting with her telekinesis. She can mentally lift over five thousand times her own body weight and protect herself with barriers of invisible telekinetic force. This ability is an inherently attuned skill making it her ultimately strongest and most commonly used mental power. She is still decently away from becoming a true master from her lack of true experience, but she is an extremely powerful telekinetic in her own right and among the most powerful on Earth.

Levitation/Flight: She is able to levitate her body proficiently enough to fly with her mental willpower. Her movement through the air isn't much faster than the swiftest bird but it's still quicker than sprinting. She's more comfortable on the ground but can competently fly effortlessly if she feels it is necessary. Many other Espers, Mystics, Mages, etc. outclass her easily in this category.

Telepathy: She is a master of mental manipulation, but cannot read minds very accurately if the targets are strong willed, especially if they are intentionally hiding information. She is most capable of listening to the average person's thoughts with ease since they do not practice or have a way to protect their minds. She can project her own thoughts, letting her effectively communicate to others through this power. She is also capable of manipulating average and lesser minds to bend to her will by warping their mental faculties into a strong, hypnotic state. She cannot control more than twenty individuals at a time with this psychic ability. Those with stronger mental resilience can potentially break away or even be unaffected. She can also shut off someone's mind and render them unconscious.

Psychic Awareness: She has a passive aura that detects life in a large sphere around her, measuring about 100 meters in diameter. All living things give off a small amount of energy from their life-force, but it is used to detect mages/espers or signs of magecraft/psionics. She can also use this skill to sense living individuals that are moving in her vicinity, but cannot distinguish them from each-other. If she has an item that personally has their supernatural fingerprint, she can locate them immediately as long as they aren't more than three hundred kilometers away.
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