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Scifi | Crime/Mafia | Supernatural

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21 years old

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January 21 2022

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Basic information

Full Name Tsugumi Shiyori

Kanji 益美 志和

Meaning 益 means "benefit." 美 means "beauty." 志 means "aspire." 和 means "harmony/peace."

Nicknames Shiro (白 - white)

Hero Alias Creature

Villain Alias Maneater [Spy]

Place of Birth Musutafu, Japan

Current Residence Musutafu, Japan

Birthday March 9th

Gender Female

Gender Role Feminine [sort of]

Orientation Bisexual

Relationship Status Too overworked to care

Age 27

Likes Getting drunk with Nemuri | Alcohol [helps her sleep] | Pushing her students to the limit [bit sadistic] | Science | Animals | Plants | Coffee | Napping between classes | Annoying Aizawa [very sadistic] | Night Time | Working [minus the paperwork] | Teaching | Exercise | Fighting | Blood | Raw Meat

Dislikes Grading papers [Every teachers dread] | Being hungover on Nemuri's couch [not pleasant] | Most people | Long Conversations | Loud students [will smack classrooms over the head for shouting]

Hobbies Work | Reading | Cooking | Napping | Drinking | Combat Training

Personality Traits Blunt | Honest | Teasing [with friends] | Sadistic [at times] | Short-tempered | Smart [can be a bit of a dumbass] | Strategic | Standoffish | Cold [most the time] | Kind hearted | Violent | Crude | Self-sacrificing | Flirty [when drunk] | Grumpy [in the morning]

Fighting Style Melee Combat | Binding Cloth [Thanks to Eraserhead] | MMA [Mix Martial Arts]

Skills Hand-to-Hand Combat | Knife Wielding | Binding Cloth | Brute Strength | Teaching | Training | Scaling Buildings | Climbing | Retrieve and Rescue | Stealth | Sneaking | Agility | Medical Science | Biology | Psychology | Mental Manipulation | Negotiations

Ethnicity Japanese

Hairstyle Usually short [gets long every time she uses her quirk fully]

Hair Colour Pink with white stripes on either side [Normal Form] | White [Creature Form]

Blood Type B

Eye Colour Red

Skintone Pale

Distinguishing Features Always wearing sunglasses | Floating horns above her head | Sharp teeth when her scars are ripped apart | Her normal teeth are also rather pointed [Like a dog] | Sharp Nails

Aspects of Costume Mask that hides her face until her jaw unhinges | Goggles that block light | One-piece suit

Height 5'5 [Normal] | 7'0 [Creature]

Weight 130lbs [Normal] | 300lbs [Creature]

Body Type Curvy | Light muscle build in her arms

Birthmarks None

Scars Two scars that start from the corners of her mouth and curl to her ears.

Clothing Style Questionable | Usually always dark items of clothing

Hero Work

Occupations: U.A Student [Formerly] | Villain [Spy/Formerly] | Pro Hero [Currently] | Teacher [Currently]

About Occupations: Shiro studied at U.A. High School before going on to get her Medical Science Degree and Biology Science Degree. Graduating youngest of her class at the age of twenty, she went on to work as an underground pro hero, but her tragic past and quirk soon got the attention of many pro hero organisations who sought her out to become a Spy. Her past and skills were enough to convince other villains who looked her up that she was corrupt. This resulted in Shiro being a spy under the villain name 'Maneater'. After serving for two years as a spy, she was found out and injured during a fight. After healing, she went on to continue her work as a pro hero and was even contacted by Nezu to become a science teacher at U.A, which she agreed to when she found out her old friend and school senior, Nemuri Kayama, was also working there. Shiro began working at U.A, even being an assistant/substitute hero course teacher outside when required, the student got more unruly each year. Affiliation: U.A. High School

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Characters: Shiyori Tsugumi [OC]
Verses: BNHA | Scifi | Crime | Mafia | Supernatural | Urban Fantasy | Open | Crossover Friendly
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Romance, Science Fiction, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural, Thriller/Suspense,
Member Since:December 01, 2021

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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:



I may not be the best hero or the
most popular hero but I'm certain
that no matter what, I'll protect everyone

Quirk: Creature-Feature

Enhancements: Shiro's sense of smell, taste and hearing are increased to abnormal levels. Being able to taste the ingredients separately in food, smell someone's perfume from blocks away and hear everything. It takes effort for her to block things out, so her hero costumes has factors to help her not get overwhelmed by tons of noises and smells. These skills are extremely useful for spying or intel gathering, which tends to be Shiro's speciality.
Monster Strength: Her strength isn't on levels with All Might or Izuku, but she could certainly lift a car or two and throw them. Her strength is more catering for her climb buildings and structures, but she tends to also find in handy in rescues. Shiro tends to not rely on her strength outside of carrying civilians to safety, climbing or holding out debris to give people a chance to run or fight.
Sharp nail Growth: Her finger nails and toe nails are able to extend to lengths similar of a wendigo from folklore, this is the quirks way of making a ultimate predator. Her claws help her to be able to climb various surfaces, scale buildings and of course, do damage if one is stupid enough to get to close.
Jaws of death: A scar to reminds Shiro that her quirk can hurt others just as much as save them. The scars are on either side of her face, staring at the corners of her mouth and ending by her ears, the reason for such is she's able to rip apart the scar tissue to reveal rows of sharp teeth, strong enough to chomp on metal.
Creature Form: Able to grow up to seven feet when standing on all fours, her limbs become structured like a feline, the horns that usually float just above her head, connect and grow, her jaw unhinges like it does in her normal form and her claws grow too. Shiro's skin and hair also turn snow white, the only colour being the red of her pupils and blackened claws.
Exoskeleton Skin: A protective layer of sorts, made to protect her from harm from sharp objects and weapons. It looks like her normal skin, yet when contact is made it produces black veins that keep her flesh protected. This exoskeleton is sensitive to fire and can be weakened by such, which leads to her armoured skin no longer being able to protect her from harm.
Night vision: Her eyesight is made for night, having the night vision of an animal. This results in her eyes being blurry and hard to use in light places. She's a perfect night hunter, but her skills in the day can be effected unless she wears sunglasses or sun/light reflecting goggles.

Quirk Drawbacks:

Sensitive to light, courses her to not be able to see with bright lights [Like the sun, lightbulbs, flashbangs]. She can avoid this mostly by wearing her special goggles during work or sunglasses given to her by Recovery Girl.

Sensitive to sound and smell, similar to her sensitive eyes, she can easily get overstimulated by loud noises [Sirens, bells, screaming, panic], her sense of smell is the same, but more to the fact it can get hyper sensitive to blood or corpses.

Weakness to fire, though her quirk gives her an exoskeleton skin of sorts, its's extremely weak to fire and can become fragile, making her prone to any kind of damage once the fire destroys it.

Needs to eat a lot of raw meat, if Shiro doesn't do this, she can lose control of her quirk and attack others. Without using her quirk, she only needs to eat small amounts, however every time her quirk is used, her raw meat intake increases until she satisfies it. It doesn't matter if the flesh is from an animal or person, both have the same effect, however it is hypothesized that human blood enhances Shiro's strength more, but she doesn't believe it's true nor does she wish to find out.

Blood frenzy, this is the consequence of not eating the meat she's require to. It would result in her losing her mind and attacking everyone, whether friend or foe.

Power: 4/5

Speed: 5/5

Technique: 5/5

Intelligence: 3/5

Cooperativeness: 3/5

"A quirk so dark and scary,
they wanted to tell me I'm a villain
too bad I'm terrible at listening."

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Renzo Raff

Dec 7th 2021 - 12:33 PM

She so smol. ♥
Renzo Raff

Dec 7th 2021 - 9:24 AM

Renzo is gonna pick her up under her arms like a toddler. Who's this lost sassy child ?
Renzo Raff

Dec 7th 2021 - 8:22 AM

Dayumn sleepy gurl, get a cold shower on yah short azz
Renzo Raff

Dec 7th 2021 - 7:29 AM

Tired short stack is best short stack
Renzo Raff

Dec 7th 2021 - 6:49 AM

She looks sleepy and bedraggled. Cutesie vibes
Renzo Raff

Dec 7th 2021 - 4:54 AM

SO YOU SHOULD BE ! Prepare for intense hair ruffles. Also did you change your profile pic due to INTENSE THIRST ?
Renzo Raff

Dec 7th 2021 - 4:25 AM

OK so MAYBE I haven't replied because I ended up getting pre occupied with both passing my driving test, going out to celebrate and spending the last 48 hours pretty inebriated. DONT JUDGE ME. What matters is I'm here now and ready to reply....after my work shift o.o
Renzo Raff

Dec 4th 2021 - 11:27 AM

I'll have you know BIGD*CK69420  is a cornerstone of The RPing  community. You'd be wise to be nice to him.

Dec 4th 2021 - 10:31 AM

Almost halfway done with your post.
I am rather tired tho so I will have it to you later tonight.
^^ hope you slept well and goodnight.~

Dec 4th 2021 - 10:30 AM

Almost halfway done with your post.
I am rather tired tho so I will have it to you later tonight.
^^ hope you slept well and goodnight.~
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