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You killed me, but in the end I always end up here.

32 years old

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June 29 2022

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About me:
"you know nothing of fate, fate is cruel and fate will devour you alive." Sasxe learned from a young age, that life and indeed fate is never kind. Cast adrift from the only home he knew Sasxe was taken in by the Shihai family and their leader Nozomi. It was here in this family, that he learned what it meant to defend what you truely treasure more then anything. but it was also with this family, that he learned what it meant to truely lose everyone as well. During a meditation stay away from his family, Sasxe meet 2 people that would change his fate forever. the first was the kind vampire Nylia, who after he defended her and almost died from doing so. Saved his life by sharing her blood with him, the act also would bond the two as lovers and eventually husband and wife down the road. The second person sasxe met, was the witch Nightmare a woman hell bent on collecting warriors and making them serve her. Her offer was generous eternal life and an immortal body, however after meeting Nylia Sasxe had what he wanted from life. As such he rejected her offer, this however would turn out to be a mistake. What followed could only be called a horror show, Nightmare attacked the Shihai family killing them one by one. All while making Sasxe watch in horror, but she was not done there she had other plans for him. Upon her final act, the show was set for misery. she delivered but a single kiss to the shell shocked warrior, this act robbed him of his memories of his family his love and who he was. It also doubled as a curse, beginning to seal Sasxe in stone the more he forgot. And as it was, he would never be the same again. Years would pass before the curse would be reversed, and upon awakening from his stone prison the memories of what was taken from him returned. seeking revenge he took on a master, a dragon and learned all he could from her before she in turn granted him new life as part of the dragon linage. Fate however would have more surprises for him, as after this Nylia reentered his life and helped reguide him through his broken memories. This interaction and reunion would lead him to a man named Sife a king in the land of Atlantis, upon meeting him and fighting through challenges and tournaments set up by those close to Sife. Sasxe was given a choice, and what he choose would reroll all he knew and rewrite who he was forever..
Who I'd like to meet:
ask me

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Jun 21st 2022 - 8:02 PM

Ah so at the End of the day it is deviging an Empire.

Jun 21st 2022 - 12:57 AM

oh tell me about this ambitions. ^^

Jun 20th 2022 - 7:38 PM

True, But who would rule over both of them?

Jun 11th 2022 - 10:36 PM

Now why would I do that?

Jun 10th 2022 - 8:30 PM

I am the head of the Family and have been since 2003 LOL so yeah.
I just need new and fresh blood. xD

Everyone else is just in Discord or FB lol

Jun 10th 2022 - 12:23 AM

Nah it is just being supportive of others.

Most of my Rp family left the site and moved to Discord.

I still hope to get more people in to the Rp family.

Jun 5th 2022 - 9:43 PM

I know you will do Awesome!

May 31st 2022 - 11:51 PM

How are you doing?
Hizuki <Sife's daughter>

Jan 24th 2022 - 9:04 PM

Hi hi big brother hehe
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