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Characters: Rashuanti Zodark
Verses: Custom|High Fantasy Blended With Syfy|Eldritch Horror|Omniversal
Playbys: “ᵂᵉ ᵈᵒ ᶰᵒᵗ ˢᵗᵃʳᵗ ᵃˢ ᵈᵘˢᵗˑ "
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Open, Psychological,
Member Since:December 27, 2021

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|Personal Information|

Birth NAME: Rashuanti Zodark
True Name: -----
Family Line: Zodark
ALIASES: Omen Of Mortality - The Living Dead
DATE OF BIRTH: 6th Moon Of The Twin Eclipse
PLACE OF BIRTH: Lumin[Continent Of Elves]
Maddening Mane(Pirate Ship|Loosened Burrow(Inn)
SPECIES: Eclipsian Elf(Gutter Elf - Shunned Ones)
HAIR COLOR: Black Bleeding into Lime Green
EYE COLOR: Violet Purple
WEIGHT: 136 lbs
OCCUPATION: Information Broker|Hesitant Pirate
LIKES: Ancient Legends - Discovering Secrets
DISLIKES: Spoiled Riddles - False Prophecies - Tea
ADDICTIONS: Fire Breath Pears(Addictive Fruit)
STRENGTHS: Endless Vitality? Magical Knowledge
WEAKNESSES: Slow Reflexes - Hesitant To Kill
  • They Matter so long as they breathe

    ↳【Zodark Family】 Once it was discovered that they were in possession of the Golden Blood of Old the entire family line was hunted down. Their status as a noble family was easily revoked by the imperial council as they craved its properties for their own. Few members escaped the slaughter and those that did believe themselves to be alone in the world. Any news about, or leading towards those remaining is worth a fortune in noble circles, but the public doesn't know much about the reason behind this. While they are his relatives Rashunati wasn't close to many of them. Even his Mother, Father, and siblings were practically strangers to him. Having been sent to an academy for nobility at a young age he couldn't tell you the first thing about them from a personal perspective.

    ↳【Maddening Mane Crew】For a crew of pirates they were actually some of the best ruffians you could ever be held up by. Even after hearing the truth of his Blood, and seeing it in action, they didn't seem the least bit phased. Found it more useful if nothing else. If not for their tendency to toss him into trapped corridors as a meat shield they'd be a perfect substitute family. Now he just has to figure out what the captain is hiding from them all.

    ↳【Order Of The Onyx Star】A religious group that gathers races from every continent under one banner. Choosing to spread warnings about any who bear the moniker of Omen as they are viewed as stains upon the world. Their reason for doing so is unknown as of now, but after a few run-ins with them, Rashuanti has decided to steer clear of them from now on.
  • A Noble No More

  • ↳【Festering Gold Heart】Serving as the source of his golden blood this organ is something that develops within every member of the Zodark family by the age of 5. It is not a natural mutation, but rather a curse brought upon them by one of their ancestors. He or she consumed an eternally bleeding fruit of gold that left his body unable to be killed by mortal means. Aging rather slowly already as elves those possessing the Golden Blood do not die until stricken down by weapons made of meteorite shards that are hard to come by nowadays. However, the true worth of the Golden Blood lies in the fact that it can be used to heal almost any disease, and grant those that drink it a youthful appearance for as long as they lived. An effect that isn't shared with the host.

    ↳【Peculiar Pantomime】 Having studied a number of mystic arts at the noble academy, Rashuanti found that he didn't meld well with them. Common Magic was easier to perform than he suspected. Able to memorize spells after analyzing them he pioneered a school of magic that employed tangible illusions that acted in his place of he. Utilizing one's shadow as a source of his spells he animated it with strings unraveling from the tips of his fingers. Beasts were often forged to do his bidding as a result if not an onslaught of dolls that he controlled with the slightest dipping of his fingers. You'd think that he'd be able to defend himself with stalling techniques, and yet he is constantly met with death over and over again.

    ↳【Nimble Executioner】Like a beautiful swan and a fierce swallow the blade is twirled about as if it held no weight at all. Be it spear, ax, or sword those of the Zodark family are trained to move alongside the wind ass if it was their true form. Choosing to trade powerful blows for multiple strikes instead.

  • ↳【Crumbling Butcher】 An ax that had once taken his life during a run-in with the Onyx Star. They fled thinking he'd been killed leaving the ax behind in the process. As a weapon, it appears to be crafted from a crumbling stone-like ore he'd never heard of. It appears to absorb the effects of his Golden Blood as if it had been designed to kill him. No other special qualities have been discovered just yet, but strangely enough, Rashuanti craves blood whenever he is holding it.

    ↳【Trembling Burden】This is a golden coin that appears to be brand new on one side, but ancient on the other. It serves as the conduit for his magic in place of any sort of wand. Said to be a gift from the Twin Deities Of Fortune that his family was said to worship since ancient times. The coin itself appears to be indestructible as well. A trait that has saved Rashuanti from a number of stray bullets during his adventures.
  • Head Canons|Fun Facts

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