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"The future where business is mixed with pleasure."

30 years old

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January 22 2022

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Characters: Free useโ”‡Izanami
Verses: Modernโ”‡Office lifeโ”‡ Slice of lifeโ”‡Mature 21
Length: Multi Para, Para
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Free use has made work much more fun.

In these busy times, the birth rate has decreased with the coming generations. With technology making it's advances and the lack of keeping to traditions, Japan's companies installed a private system in place to motivate and increase the declining population. Within company walls, employees were given permission to engage in sexual activity among themselves. Free Use, as it was called. There was no place off limits, nor person. It was a given that every employee would instigate in those acts during work hours

Izanami is a normal office worker. A person of average height and average built. With slim curves and covered in beauty marks, she could be considered pretty but nothing special in the long run. Besides that, she's kind, friendly and open to new things. Around her floor, she's known as the one to go to when you need a break and no need to worry about attachments. With free use in play, there isn't a shortage of men seeking some type of tension to be released.

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