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Characters: Joui Elma
Verses: Kobayashi dragon maid
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Spar/Fighting,
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About me:
Elma is a female dragon from the Dragon Faction of Harmony, the opposing faction of Chaos (which Tohru belongs to). She adopts the name Elma Joui as her human alias after she finds that she is unable to return to the dragon world.

Elma usually takes the form of a human woman with short black hair, large breasts, blue eyes and a long spiral unicorn-like horn (which she can freely hide). Her hair also has purple tips. At work, she wears round glasses. She also wears a business suit which consists of a white shirt, light blue tie, a loose blue sweater, a grey blazer and a dark grey knee-length skirt with light grey socks and black heels. Her casual attire in the anime consists of olive-green skin-tight trousers, a light blue jacket, a dark blue vest and a yellow scarf. Elma's first outfit, which she also wears in her world while in human form, consists of a light tan scarf with a dark blue (sometimes black) leotard. She wears a purple kimono with pink piping and a dark blue sash over the leotard, with the top pulled down. She has bandages around her legs and sandals. She can be seen with a cobalt blue and turquoise tail (which she can freely hide). Sometimes, she carries around a long, brown trident. In her dragon form, Elma is a blue sea serpent with a brown horn protruding from her forehead and her brown trident is her tail. She can freely move around in water due to being a water dragon.

As evidenced in the manga and anime, Elma is very persistent in that she tries to bring Tohru back to the other world, despite the latter voicing her opinion that she'd rather stay peaceful living with Kobayashi. Even after getting sent to another continent, her persistence shows as she stomps up to Tohru and demands that the other dragon go back to the other world, to which she is then baited off with a bag of cream bread. Also, despite being just as strong as Tohru, she has admitted that she cannot travel between worlds due to having been "born differently." Elma is also very indecisive, as shown in the anime where she struggles to pick one specific food combo, to an ice cream combo, and finally to which kind of toothpaste to use. Elma's most defining personality trait is her gluttonous appetite. Elma has a sweet tooth of sorts, having shown her love of food of all kinds from the cream bread (where she states in the English dub of the anime that she just ate heaven), to after her first day of work, where Kobayashi gives her a piece of hash brown, in which she screams "YUMMY!!!" afterward, to where she impulsively buys a bag of waffles in episode 13. Because of this side of her, Elma can easily be tempted when presented with food. She is even willing to sometimes go against certain rules by the Harmony Faction despite being a well known member. In some instances her gluttonous appetite is depicted as a borderline addiction, showing instances where she states that she can't even help herself, and that she must eat (until she runs out of savings)

Elma is a member of the Harmony Faction of dragons, as such, she holds a fondness for humans and hates their need to fight amongst themselves. In one case, she assumed the identity of Seikai the Miko to maintain peace within a human city. It was as she was pacifying the populace of the city that she first encountered Tohru. The two would form a truce of sorts to observe the human world together, however, they fell out after Tohru learned the humans under Elma began to venerate her as a goddess and wage war on non-believers. Following Tohru destroying the palace built for Elma, they briefly fought and went their separate ways. After the devastating fight against Tohru, Elma chose to retreat to the Order dragon's base and stay away from humans for some time. A Harmony-aligned dragon of the Divine subgroup who is Tohru's archrival. She first appears by smashing a wall into Kobayashi's apartment, and begins picking fights with Tohru over the latter going against the Alien Non-Interference Clause by living in this world and interacting with humans. She later gets a job working at Kobayashi's company. While most dragons are Big Eaters who enjoy any food both dragon or human-made, Elma has held it in particular high regard and can be easily bribed with it. Elma's preferred reward for anything (victory, helping out, etc.) is food, though this is hardly a surprise considering she's a sugar-powered sea dragon. A solid example of this attitude comes in chapter 64 of the main manga, where, after she and Tohru have a practice fight (and rekindle their friendship), she declares victory and demands Tohru buy her food.

Elma can create powerful barriers. She does one strong enough to block any collateral damage from Tohru's powerful attack when Tohru is fighting Ilulu. She's noted to be a glutton in her first appearance, and she's often seen eating or thinking about eating. She even gets banned from an all-you-can-eat buffet in her spin-off manga after eating over 100 servings in a single sitting. This also makes it hard to do her own cooking, as she keeps eating the ingredients as well as the mixture for sweets. In chapter 29 of Kanna's Daily Life, when eating a watermelon slice she went to eat not just the seeds but the rind as well. Elma is a harmony dragon who is often clueless, easily tricked, bribe-able with snack food, and stranded on Earth. However, she's also noted to be Tohru's equal. The relevant power level of this aspect isn't shown until Ilulu and Clemene appear and show how Tohru (and by extension, Elma) eclipse other dragons in might. Hell, even arrogant jerk Clemene refers to her as Elma-sama, showing her status among harmony dragons. While she is incredibly smart and capable of memorizing books and putting the knowledge gained to use with ease, she doesn't really understand humanity and constantly makes minor faux pas when around people. Also, she didn't think much of the fact that she once broke the lock to her apartment until it was pointed out that she could be robbed (though she thought it would be by goblins, orcs and the like, not humans).

According to Tohru, when Elma was arm wrestling she wasn't using any magic to enhance her strength, barely costing her a victory against Tohru. Tohru was shocked when they first met and found out that Elma didn't demand sacrifices in return for aiding humanity. She prefers offerings of delicious food. Early in the manga/anime its said the Tohru and Elma are equal in strength. Tohru also claims that Elma is actually physically stronger than her and that when the two arm wrestled, Tohru only won because Elma's sense of honor kept her from using magic to enhance her strength like Tohru was. Its not until much later in the manga that we get to see the two spar and see for ourselves that while she doesn't show it as much as Tohru, Elma is a ridiculously powerful dragon in her own right, able to No-Sell an attack from Tohru point blank though the overall match ends in a draw.

Her real tail, which is only seen when she's in dragon form, is a tail with three prongs on the end. While she's in human form, she grows a fish tail instead, with her natural tail turning into a trident that she can summon at will to use as a weapon. Has stated that she can eat as much as she wants and not gain a single pound. This is likely because her true form is a thirty meter long sea serpent, and her magic apparently runs on sugar. Regardless, it's not a bad trait for a Big Eater like her to have. Her dragon form resembles a one-horned sea serpent with a trident-shaped tail. Elma loves sweets and can easily be bribed with them, though she is capable (through a lot of visible effort) of rejecting sweets if she thinks it's important enough. It's only happened twice, however, and in the first case Kobayashi only needed to apply more sweets to turn her around. Elma loves food, especially sweets. In her first appearance, Tohru (her arch rival) managed to convince her to leave by offering her ten cream puffs. Over the course of subsequent chapters, Kobayashi manages to more or less "tame" her by buying her sweet food after work... which comes in handy when she has to bribe her into helping Tohru in her fight against Ilulu despite being a Harmony dragon (Tohru and Ilulu are Chaos dragons).
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