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Characters: Maverick Vánagandr
Verses: Genshin Impact [Mainly], RWBY, Blazeblue, some isekai
Playbys: Duke Ferio Voreoti
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Comedy, Crossover, Video Game,
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About me:


Name - Maverick Vánagandr 

Kanji - ノクティス・ヴァナガンドル

Alias - Noir, Black Fangs Knight, My Liege, Vánagandr of the Shadows(Previous Life)

Age - 17-29(Depending on Story),30 (Previous Life)

Species - Krsnik (Wolf)

Gender - Male

Hair - Jet-Black

Eyes - Dark Silver-ish, Crimson (Beast King Mode)

Personality -

Occupation - Knight of Favonius Field Medic (Publicly), Assassin of the Blades of the Celestial Order (True)

  Affiliation - Mondstadt/Vánagandr Familie (Family Head)/ Blades of the Celestial Order

Family - Griselda Vánagandr (Adoptive Daughter/Blood-related (Niece)/Jörmungandr (Younger Brother from his Previous Life)/Halja (Younger Sister from his Previous Life)

Lovers - The Shrouded Woman (Previous Life)

Vision: None

Trait: The Beast's Fang

Constellation: Rex Luporum

Appearance -

Maverick has jet-black messy hair and Dark Silver eyes. Upon invoking his 《Beast Fang》mode, his eyes become a crimson shade. When not on duty, he typically wears informal noble garb. When assisting the Knights of Favonius, he wears a black knight uniform.

As the Ancestral Vánagandr, Maverick's past self looked identical to his currentself, with the exception of his long hair.

Personality -

As a master assassin from his previous life, Maverick is ruthless in killing his targets. He has shown a calm and collected demeanor even during life-threatening situations. This facade only falls apart whenever his daughter teases him especially when talks of marriage come up as she 'demands' a mom. He is described to be a scary but kindhearted person as shown when he saves Alpha from dying alone in the cold and telling her she is needed in this world. He saved most of the Valkyries from dreadful situations, gave them a purpose, and raised them to be capable people even without him present. Despite being tasked with killing the Traveler, he actively looks for an alternative to save them instead, empathizing with the Traveler for the pressure put upon them by the world.

Maverick is a sharp person who can easily figure out people's true intentions, even if the other person is a supreme deity like the Sustainer of Heavenly Principles. He can also easily manipulate any person and gain their trust. Despite being a wise person, he is seen by many who knows him to be a very dangerous person. His motto is to protect the innocent and to annihilate the 'corruption' who would or might distort the 'Truth.'

He is always shown to be proactive and knows how to take advantage of the situation. He is extremely wise thanks to the experiences of his prior lifetime and knowledge gained from the present world; however, because of that, there are times whereby he overestimate his own abilities which he acknowledged that he still has much to learn. He is also an accomplished cook and dancer, which are skills he learnt and cultivated.

He can be a little dense when it comes to women's feelings towards him, like those of Alpha and Delta, mistaking their affection for admiration.

Even after he reincarnated by the Sustainer, he still retained his old personality and his knowledge from his life time as an assassin but as he become an assassin for the Vánagandr Familie, his inner personality suddenly started to change as his story life progressing, although he was able to manipulated those who either weaker than him or those who had a harsh childhood of their young life to joined his side and work for him, he treated them like his own family (brothers/sisters) and friend since in his past life, he treated his subordination and himself as a tool for the cause before his assassination. This is especially the case when he swore on oath of his life to protected the innocent, his family, his friend and those who work and loyalty to him like Griselda, the Traveler, the Valkyries and his subordinates. This is where he began to have a conscience and moral of his life work after his father Thokk taught him about justice and their work as an assassin for humanity and noble cause. Thou he will never hesitated to killed his former ally if they betrayed him and his family.


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