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"So, professor, what's your price?"
Slight attitude. Possible trigger warning. Dark+Mature ahead. Accepting of everyone, but 18/21+. Story over Sm*t.

21 years old

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January 14 2022

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About me:
Honestly, I don't know much about making beautiful profiles otherwise I'd do it. Used to know a long time ago, but the premades I used to use are gone. Oh well.

A high-school or college student that's failing a little too hard in her studies. Her home life is far from great; Alice receives no moral or educational support from her single-parent father (or mother, depending on roleplays!) who only has his interests in his flourishing company, focused on keeping the income steady for a lavish lifestyle. Most of her life she had forged her parent's signature for her report cards, going as far as to hire older men to pose as her guardian for conferences, or simply paying off the teacher/professor for their troubles. Alice is smart enough to not get caught, as money is not an issue, she will overbuy the favors she seeks, upping the price if needed for silence. Overall, while she is a horrible student, her personality is far from ill intending, and she's actually very kind and sweet, sometimes a little too much, putting more trust in people- even strangers! - than she probably, logically, should. By no means is she street smart, either, so she's bound to get herself into some trouble, one way or another... While she is nice, at first most people get her bratty attitude, especially anyone in a position of power above her or in charge of her, including older classmates. Maybe she needs to be kicked down a peg or two and put in her place?
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Elizabeth Loveknot

Jan 14th 2022 - 2:17 PM

Greetings madam
My names Elizabeth Loveknot.
Pleasure to meet you.
Look forward to Role-playing when your able
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