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About me:
Before we get into Mizuna’s bio, let’s start on the changes I had in mind for my what-if. First off, I’m taking my take on a bit of Xenoverse 2-character Fu and some bit of “What-if” stories made by Masako X. In the Dragon Ball era, Fu decided to change things from the past before Goku was the Earth’s strongest warrior due to this lord Xeno allowed Fu to do what he wants and told the supreme Kai of time to not meddle with his experiments. He went on that fateful night where Goku was supposed to transform into a giant ape. When Goku and the gang were going to make a wish, Fu made some changes that instead of Oolong wishing for panties, it was Mai that asked the eternal dragon why does Goku have a tail. The Shenron told them the history of the Saiyan's, Mai and everyone else looked scared at how he is a alien that conquers planets but realized he hasn’t done so. Goku then told them that maybe it was because of the accident on his head so many years ago that he didn’t kill everyone. Mai asked Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha and Puar to get closer to her and the gang to discuss on how do they keep Goku in check since he has the potential to end civilization as they know it. Pilaf suggested that Mai and Bulma should stick with the Saiyan and as they look back, they are scared on what they must do if he gets out of control. Pilaf sighed and realized that a Saiyan is more troublesome and his plans to rule the Earth is blown to dust since man made weapons won’t work on him. Pilaf then said that his dream of conquering the world isn’t going to come to fruition because of Goku. Mai asked why should she stay with the brat and not all three, Pilaf said that he needs to wait for a year for the Dragon Balls to be active again and is thinking that maybe Bulma can give him a Dragon Radar to even out the search for when the year has passed. Bulma got mad and realized he’s right, if they don’t work together who knows what Goku should do if he’s not supervised. Mai finally agreed and asked everyone who’s going to make the wish this time when they have all seven. Bulma said she doesn’t need the wish she had for a long time now since Yamcha is here, Pilaf too said his wish would be for naught and was thinking of having Mai or Shu make the wish. Mai suggested she’ll make the wish since Shu might use it for something dumb and not something they can benefit from. Shu did get mad but knew Mai had a point. After the year has passed, Mai and the others meet up after their whole year. Mai used the Dragon Balls to make a small company that made Mai rich like Bulma. The year after that, Pilaf suggest that there is a way to make more wishes but only Kami knows of such things, Mai and the others were surprised and asked Pilaf why didn’t they mentioned it before a year ago and they could have used more wishes than wait a year to grant one. Pilaf said he forgot and didn’t know it would be that important. Pilaf said that Goku would need to bring them to Kami’s lookout and ask him about it. Another year has passed, Goku, Mai and the others went to Kami’s lookout with the help of Nimbus. Kami and Mr. Popo were there and they were surprised to see Pilaf and the gang. Mai asked Kami if he knows a way to have the dragon grant more wishes because they need to avoid on what Goku would do if they’re not careful. Kami looked at them and rubbed his chin slowly and said there is a way but he needs to know is that their true intentions and not using to grant wishes to do more harm than good. Goku nods and asked Kami if Shenron is able to grant more wishes if such a possibility exists. Kami nods and asked Goku to bring a few people with him, he even said he had a ship long ago and only he and Mr. Popo knows the location of such said ship. With this, Bulma was excited to get on that ship and asked Goku to take her with him, Mai volunteered as well as she was thinking of making a wish. Kami gave them a story about Namek, and why Kami and Pilaf aren’t from this world, he even asked Mr. Popo to give them the dragon’s statue as this statue is needed to help Shenron grant more than one wish. Goku was all excited and decided to bring Nimbus with him. Kami said that it will take six days to arrive to Namek and gave them the leader of Namekians, Guru. With all that said and done, Goku, Mai and Bulma had their preparations setup for the whole trip. Bulma even prepared twenty-five luggage's worth of food as she knows how hungry Goku gets. Mai did the same thing as the three depart to Namek and said their goodbyes to everyone until they are back. Bulma at this rate learned a few things from Kami’s ship, she even tried to make one from how it functions to make a prototype. Namek’s Arrival; When the three arrived to Namek, Kami gave them the location where Guru is held. Goku kept Nimbus with him and the three head to Guru’s spot. There they meet Nail and Moori. Goku tells them that they come from Earth and brought a dragon’s statue from the guardian named Kami. To this surprise, Nail and Moori looked surprised and asked how do they know him. Goku said he knows Kami as he wanted to be trained by him and asked if they can see Guru. Before either of them can answer, Guru spoke through his building and asked to let the visitors in. They walked into Guru’s place with Nail and Moori and showed Guru the statue. Guru seemed surprised and agreed to have their dragon be similar to theirs. Bulma and Mai seem shocked and asked if they can use their Dragon Balls to make a wish. Guru agreed under one condition, if Kami were to be gone as guardian in the future, he will send one of his Namekian’s to be their replacement if such a time comes. They all agreed and Guru upgraded Shenron to grant more wishes and is similar to Porunga. Goku and the girls managed to find the Namekian’s Dragon Balls and asked Moori if there’s a difference between their dragons. Moori said that he is unsure how the Earthlings summon theirs, the Namekian’s speak their native language to summon and grant the wishes. Moori asked who’s going to make the first wish as he will speak for them before waking Porunga. Mai and the others looked at each other then looked at Goku. Mai said she will and asked Moori to ask Porunga if there are more Saiyan’s out there. Moori nods and summoned Porunga, grants the wish and told them that there a four remaining Saiyan’s, one is Goku’s elder brother, Raditz. Goku seemed surprised to have a brother and hoped he’s not a bad guy if he does get the chance to meet his older brother. Bulma told Mai and Goku that one of them could have a second wish or share it as she doesn’t need any more wishes for the time being. The two nods and Goku tells Mai to have the second wish. She looked surprised and smiled as Goku tells her the last wish will be Mai’s. Goku asked Porunga to make a device that the Namekian’s could stay in touch with Goku and the others. Moori looked surprised as Goku tells him that they appreciate their help and if they ever need anything to let them know. Moor smiled and laughed as Goku is an odd one. Mai steps up and asked the dragon to have a nice comfortable home that’s big enough for Goku and the gang as she would like that house to be in a capsule in her hand. Porunga granted the wish and Mai smiled as she tossed it, it was way too big it even seems nicer than Bulma’s own home. After they made their wishes, came to what they needed to get done, they come back to Earth in another six days. Returning to Earth; This here is not much difference to the canon version of Dragon Ball except, Pilaf and the gang’s dream of world domination is gone since they know about Goku’s Saiyan’s background, Mai and the gang live with Goku to make sure he doesn’t do anything bad. Mai however has spent more time with Goku as she is with him as he trains under Master Roshi, although the hermit’s perverseness seemed to have stopped with a gun to his head. She told the not smart Saiyan about marriage and what it means and he agreed if he gets plenty to eat, Mai laughed and agreed as well after Goku told Mai what Ch-Chi told him. Martial Arts Tournament; Before the events of the tournament, Mai made a wish where she has the same ability as Goku to not age but remained her current age until Goku is at least the same age as her. Between Dragon and Z; This happened when a year has passed after Chi-Chi had Gohan, Fu went in and had Mai dress up as Chi-Chi after she went to her father’s place to drop Gohan off. With this, Goku went in and had sex with Mai as she was surprised to run into Goku. While Goku not knowing it was Mai all along and had intercourse with her and the two had a daughter named Mizuna. Chi-Chi found out and was mad but changed her mind and telling Goku he should have asked first due to Fu’s involvement. When the Supreme Kai of Time tried to stop Fu, lord Xeno told the supreme Kai of time to stop and allow Fu to do as he pleases as he finds it amusing to have more Saiyan’s in Universe 7. He even had Bulma, Mai, Chi-Chi made a seven-year appointment with Zuno with the help of Jaco. Mizuna looked more like her mother Mai but kept the tail like her older half-brother Gohan, with this, Gohan isn’t as shy or dislike fighting as both children of Goku been training with their father for the past six years. Before the events of Raditz, Bulma, Chi-Chi, and Mai met Zuno with Jaco as Mai asked Zuno when will Raditz come to Earth and asking if he’s a good guy like Goku. Zuno told Mai and the group that Raditz will come to Earth but instead of being friendly to his brother, there will be hostility since Earth should have no life before Goku had that accident on his head. She looked surprised and hoped Raditz can turn to the good side like Goku. Bulma on the other hand asked Zuno if wishing to be a year or two young would be a good idea, Zuno tells her the answer as for Chi-Chi asked Zuno if there’s a way for both Gohan and Mizuna to be in control of their great ape form, Zuno nods and tells them they can due to training. Chi-Chi also asked if there’s someone that can help them, Zuno does and tell them about King Kai. Mai asked Zuno about the other Saiyan's she heard about in the past and where are they. Zuno tell Mai that a Saiyan named Broly is on planet Vampa and is there with his father, while the other Saiyan’s might go to Earth if they were to find out about the Dragon Balls. Jaco told them that they have a few more questions to asked until they leave. Chi-Chi asked where to meet King Kai, Zuno told her that Kami can bring their kids to him under certain circumstances. The Saiyan Saga; A few months had passed, Goku brought Gohan and Mizuna to King Kai with the help of Kami and King Yenma. King Kai taught Goku and his two kids the Kaioken, and spirit bomb technique. Mizuna showed more promise than her brother as she wanted to be like him. Goku noticed this and smiled at his daughter. As time went by Goku asked King Kai if there are other teachers like him, he can learn from. King Kai said he can learn a technique called instant transmission from Yardrat as he wouldn’t need to ask King Yenma to see him all the time. He even mentioned that his kids could benefit to in case things go south. Another month passed, Goku and his kids arrived at Master Roshi’s place for their reunion, since Mai told Goku when his brother will be here, he needed to be on his guard. He even told his two kids to be sharp if his brother does anything to anyone at the reunion. The only difference is that Raditz didn’t kidnap Gohan, Goku didn’t die but Piccolo mentioned the Dragon Balls by accident and Raditz seemed foolish to be with his Saiyan comrades, threw his scouter at a good distance and asked Goku on how did he become so strong. Goku told him the entire story as Raditz smiled and told him to revive him back with the Dragon Balls as he needs all the help he can get. Goku asked him if he had a change of heart and Raditz in this timeline does. Goku went to Namek, used their Dragon Balls to have Raditz be revived and brought him along with his kids to King Kai. King Kai looked surprised that Goku brought his brother with him and his children. Goku told King Kai everything and agreed as he will train them for one whole year to beat Vegeta and Nappa. Goku even used telepathy by King Kai to talk to everyone on Earth to train as well for Saiyan’s arrival. As that year passed, Goku, Raditz, and his two children had gotten stronger and arrived to the battle where the others were keeping Vegeta and Nappa at bay until Goku arrives. The only difference is that Miunza saved her half-brother's life by pushing him away from Nappa’s blast and Piccolo saves Mizuna with his. Raditz was a bit of a match but got wounded throughout their battle. Everything went the same as how it did. Namek Saga; Things went the same but this time Raditz came with Goku in the same ship to get ready for their fight against the Ginyu Force and Frieza. Goku finished off Recoome like in the original, as Raditz finished off Jeice and Burter in a matter of seconds. Android Saga; When Goku arrived at after the events of Frieza being killed by Trunks, he seemed surprised that his kids and Raditz have gotten stronger. He even told them he’s willing to teach instant transmission to all three of them. They agreed, Raditz married Launch and had a kid name Raunch, this is the part where I will bring Masako X’s “What-if” to my story. Everything went the same except Trunks had two mentors instead of one. When the events of the hyperbolic time chamber came, in the Buu Saga, Majin Buu, Piccolo, and Gotenks went in when in the Cell saga, two people were allowed to enter. I’m going to have more people be allowed in the hyperbolic time chamber. So, for the Son family, Goku, Gohan, Mizuna, and Raditz went in all together with the same suit of armor like Vegeta, however, Raditz still used his old armor but the design is similar to the armor Vegeta wears in this arc. Raditz, Gohan, and Mizuna turned Super Saiyan as the younglings were trying to reach Super Saiyan 2 without their knowledge. Goku and Raditz looked impressed at them and knew they can’t fall behind the younger generation. Skipping to the events of the Cell Games, when Gohan was to fight Cell he was holding back as he didn’t want to be the one to fight Cell so soon. Similar events happened but when Gohan fired that Kamehameha when Cell was in the air, Mizuna went in and fired one as well to finish the job as Cell had Piccolo’s regeneration cells. Due to the timing of this, Cell regenerated in time, summoned his Cell Jr.’s as Gohan and Mizuna turned Super Saiyan 2 and did a sibling Kamehameha at Cell and destroyed his being and cell altogether. The two then destroyed the Cell Jr.’s, wished for 17 and 18 to be brought back to life along with the people that Cell absorbed until the very end. Buu Saga; In this arc, Fu already made Videl another of Goku’s wives, so now the Saiyan has three women to be with one that’s the same age as Gohan. The events go normally while some changes are that there is no Goten in my version. So Gotenks is not a thing. Goku and Gohan did fuse after Gohan trained and had the power up from the old supreme Kai. Mizuna did help her father and brother’s fusion to finish off Majin Buu, brought everyone back to life with the Dragon Balls that were killed by Babbidi and Buu themselves. Gohan became Erasa’s boyfriend since Videl is now Gohan’s new mom. Super; Goku and Videl had Rachu. Another female half Saiyan that looked more of a mix from both parents and kept the tail as her older sister. Gohan has Pan with Erasa, but this Pan looks more like Erasa with the blonde hair and blue eyes. During the Golden Frieza arc, Mizuna killed Tagoma before Gohan was hit. Universe 6 tournament, Mizuna defeated Frost but lost against Hit. Tournament of Power; In the exhibition before the real tournament happens, Mizuna defeated one of the wolves from the other Universe flawlessly. But in the real Tournament of Power, Mizuna and Goku fought against Caulifla and Kale as Mizuna fought Kale and noticed she is restraining herself to go all out. Mizuna got knocked out of the tournament by Toppo. Super Broly; Mizuna went with her father, Vegeta, Beerus, Whis and Bulma to gather the Dragon Balls as she and her father and uncle fought against Broly. The only thing that changed was that Mizuna saw what Frieza did to Broly’s father and told him as Broly went after Frieza and let out his rage against the murderer of his father. Gogeta did show up but to calm him down. During her time from the Buu Saga to the Broly events, Mizuna became the new Martial Arts Champion after Goku married Videl. Mr. Satan told Mizuna to keep the title until Rachu is ready and older to take the title from her own half-sister
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