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Hush now, do not strain--
Allow me a moment, to ease your pain.

Name: Leijun
Gender: Female
Hair/Eye Color: Ebony/Violet
Behavior: Ever the studious sort, Leijun holds fascination with education and will always grow eager to learn something new. Her disposition mirrors that of a loving mother; gentle, protective, looking for the good in others. Behind her vibrant demeanor lies an air of sadness, however. The scent of regret lingers beneath her natural fragrance of lilies in bloom...
Moral Alignment: Neutral, dedicated to the preservation of life across all races.
Abilities: Advanced medicinal herbology, toxicology, chlorokinesis, basic white magic.
Interests and Hobbies: Brewing and drinking tea, studying and experimenting, cooking, walking barefoot, solitude - for the most part.
Dislikes: Violence, wartime, tyranny.

I find the term 'Lady Healer' a bit funny. 'Tis not a formal title but it is simple and to the point. I am a healer, true. Yet my efforts are not wasted on worrying over trivial things like 'accidentally' helping the enemy. While this country is in wartime I have aided many on all sides. My home is neutral ground and while I am somewhat intimidated by the sight of foot-soldiers parading just beyond the tree line, if any were in need of healing, I am determined to help -- under the condition that the battle stays out there. Of course, with some of these young men and women becoming so fueled by hatred, trauma and a heavy dose of adrenaline, those rules meant nothing to them. It did not take much to become rid of them.

Your Lady Healer is only here to help you regain your strength. When you are no longer in need of me, I will be gone.


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Characters: Leijun, Lady Healer
Verses: Fantasy based but open minded.
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Member Since:January 20, 2022

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Feb 7th 2022 - 2:00 AM

“...how much longer do they have, Leon?”

A dreaded question to break the defeated silence they had shared. Crimson optics turned to fall upon the young girl, her small chest barely lifting with each labored breath she made. Digits rose to press into closed lids, a vain attempt to soothe an ache that clawed away at Leon’s mind. A soft sigh passed through his lips while every fiber of his being wished not to speak the answer. But regardless of whether he keeps the burden in his head or not, the fact remains carved into a slab of cruel stone. “Three days… if their conditions don’t suddenly worsen.” He’d finally say, the elder’s response nothing more than a silent bite of his own lip.

This situation burned away at Leon, and an old frustration buried deep in his past was beginning to resurface. He had the power to rend armies, survive the impact of the very heavens above, all this power with a seemingly infinite stock, and yet… once again, he was watching a little girl die right in front of his eyes.  His ability to create medicine, to replicate what he was taught, all of it was only the byproduct of convenience for what his abilities were truly meant for. He was a false healer, a pretender. But how quickly he would trade everything he had to save even just one soul from this curse.

Suddenly, the sound of the tent’s fabric whipping open pulled them out of their sorrowful thoughts, and two sets of curious eyes fell upon a woman hooded in ebony. “My dear, you shouldn’t be in h-” the elder began to say, but cut himself short when a gut feeling began to burn with a spark of hope. Revealing herself to them with full clarity, the two now marveled wide eyed at a beauty that had practically answered their own prayers.

Eldore turned his gaze over to Leon with urgency. “I’ll leave you both to it!” he’d say, now quickly granting the mage a small bow of his head before exiting to tell others of the news. Leon, still in awe, gazed upon her with a look of a man who had found an oasis in the desert. He was not used to meeting the sudden aid of someone unexpected, for he was usually the one to play such an unlikely role. Yet here resides a tent full of tainted souls who pleaded with their lords and begged their chosen gods for salvation, only to be abandoned. And yet, a woman with mud stained boots had answered the call, right when no others of her title would. The foreigner sauntered over to the spellweaver, and he gently took her hand into his own. Holding it up as though it were something precious, he’d then place his other atop it all to grant her the warmest gesture of appreciation that he could muster.

                                              “Thank you…

Crimson gaze peered into orbs of lilac, his eyes being enough to speak a thousand words of gratitude. Finally, he’d release her hand, now using his own to gesture towards the young girl. “Please, allow me to catch you up and tell you all of what I know.” He carried a hopeful tone in his voice now, still somewhat bewildered by her presence, but the life clearly reignited in his soul. Pulling up another chair beside the young girl’s bedside, he’d call back towards the spellweaver. “If there’s anything you wish to make use of here, you need not ask for permission. When you are ready, please, take a seat and I’ll begin. I’m going to prep her for examination in the meantime.
I am a monument to all my sins


Feb 6th 2022 - 10:55 PM

A sickness swept through the land like a poisonous viper, the people unsure if it were a bad omen, or simply the planet itself seeking to be rid of them. The larger cities remained cleansed, their faculties more than capable of dispelling such toxins and ailments through the use of magic and faith. But countless villages and towns, far from the reach of the capitols, were left to stew in the festering rot that pressed through the populace. The death tolls were piling high, and humble villagers of the rural regions could only pray for miracles to clear away the morning visage of burning bodies.

But just as the people were ready to lose hope, a strange figure appeared seemingly from the veil of uncanny possibilities. His garb consisted of a long azure coat fit with a hood thrown over his head, coupled with a shirt and pants of metallic hue. The clothing seemed foreign, almost out of place, even. But to fit along with his odd presence, he brought an equally unexpected trade. Almost as if he were a walking answer to the countless prayers, the man was something of a doctor. His ways seemed mystical to the people, for his methods were so far advanced that not a soul had any inkling as to what manner of medicine he employed. But he created solvents, brews, and strange capsules that seemed to slowly but surely cleanse the infected.

Hesitation for his aid melted into undying gratitude,  and thus the people began to refer to him as the ‘Azure Healer’ in simple reference to his very iconic coat he wore, one that numerous towns were on the lookout for. He cleansed entire settlements, regions, and never asked for anything in return. He outright refused their money, and expressed to the people that they will need it all the more as the land struggles to catch up with their usual shipments and trade that has been halted.

Until at last, the healer had found himself in the small town of Parm. It was here that he had found an ailment that no treatment or concoction of his could fix. It appeared as a section of blackened skin, a deep obsidian rash that quickly spread across the entire body. The people of Parm are the first case that he has seen, and the rumors of the ‘incurable blight’ quickly began to spread. For weeks now, the Azure Healer remained in Parm, now doing his utmost best to figure out what this sickness was. Until finally, he came to realize just manner of stigma it truly is…


The Town of Parm was segregated now, the populace quite literally forcing the afflicted to live in one half, and the healthy to reside in the other. And right in the heart of it all, a massive tent was pitched to house a makeshift ‘clinic’ for the healer to work in. On each side of it is an entrance to both sections of the town, and within this tent displayed a myriad of tools, bottles, and several beds in which the afflicted may rest as the healer performs his work.

From the healthy side of the tent’s entrance stepped in an old man, his meager frame pushing through the tent’s drape with a small scarf wrapped around his mouth to prevent catching the stigma. “Dr. Kaiser, I’ve brought some more rags and a fresh bucket of water for you. Straight from the front water-well, so it ought to be quite refreshing for them!” He’d call out with an air of much needed energy in this world, the ‘Doctor’ found seated beside a patient’s bed, the seemingly young man now offering a kind smile. “Please, Eldore. I’m hardly an actual Doctor. Just ‘Leon’ will do fine.” He’d respond, the old man giving a small chuckle before setting down the listed items.

Leon Kaiser, the renowned ‘Azure Healer.’ He currently lacked his iconic coat, and now, he looked no more than a simple young man in an ashen colored shirt and a head of brown hair. The only true notable feature he held that caused initial distrust in the people, were the pools of crimson that were his eyes. Beside him now was a tray of numerous tools, and the soul that rested on the bed before him was a young girl of no more than ten years. He had been taking more blood samples all while administering more doses of antibiotics. The concept and word of such a thing meaning nothing to a world so far back in advancement. But they no longer cared how odd his methods were, for they aided greatly in turning back the initial brunt of a seemingly evil wind of sickness. But now…

“Still no changes?” The old man asked, his tone now turning more concerned. Leon’s smile faded from the question, his expression returning to the usual symbol of stoicism he was known for. “No. I fear this hex runs deep, and it’s only getting worse. No matter what method I employ, it only serves to reduce symptoms… for a time. But even those are beginning to weaken in effect.” The ‘healer’ heaved a sigh, now slowly standing up to walk over to the old man. It was always odd for people to see Leon never take any effort to conceal or protect himself. It was as though he were somehow…immune to all the sickness he so thoroughly crushed.

“So… it really is some manner of wicked curse.” The old man admitted with a defeated tone. “It is. And despite what many believe, I do not employ magic. I have dealt with it numerous times, but I am not capable of dispelling it. I’m sorry…” he’d begin to say, the old man’s eyes widening with concern as he quickly tried to cover his own sorrow. “No! Leon, please. You’ve nothing to apologize for. You have been a miracle for countless lives during this scourge, and I shudder to think how many we would have lost before your arrival.” The elder pleaded with the healer, his tone clearly tinged with a deep appreciation.

Thank you, Eldore. I’ll continue to do all I can to slow the infection and ease their pain. But until we aquire the aid of someone gifted in magic, we won’t be able to cleanse this. Have we received any word from the cities?” Leon inquired, however, the doom and gloom expression on Eldore’s expression was answer enough.

I see…” Leon’s hands were tied. He was nearly at the point of traveling to any of the great cities, and quite literally dragging one of their mages back here. But even should he do this, those left unattended here would perish long before he returned. His treatments extended their lives by several weeks, far longer than those who go without it. And so, all he could really do is hope that he’s making the right choice by staying here.
I am a monument to all my sins

𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐥𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭.

Jan 25th 2022 - 8:45 PM

𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐥𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭.

Jan 25th 2022 - 5:31 PM

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