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This is mostly an Mature type of account, that's the type of stories I like, but I am a huge fan of the Mortal Kombat lore. Ask me about my ฤท!ล„ฤทลก and limits~

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About me:
The adopted daughter to a vicious conqueror named Shao Kahn, Kitana originally hails from the realm known as Edenia, but like all realms that surround Outworld, none will escape Shao Kahn's wrath for long.

Kitana was very young when Shao Kahn murdered her father and forced her mother, Sindel, to marry him. Even still, the cruel Emperor of Outworld had his sorcerors seal Kitana's memories of Edenia deep within her subconscious. They would have removed them, lest they risk driving the young girl mad.

She has a vague recollection of a good childhood, believing that Shao Kahn is her true father and never knowing that her mother was essentially a slave rather than his wife. Shao Kahn was kind to Kitana, but he always spoke of servitude as if she would one day owe him for his kindness...

That day finally came, when her mother, so beautiful yet so full of sadness, fled to Earthrealm and took her own life when Kahn's enforcers caught up to her. Sindel was trying to warn Earthrealm that Shao Kahn had found them so that they could prepare for it, but she failed.

Stricken with grief, Kitana was not told the circumstances, only that her mother had perished in Earthrealm. Shao Kahn lead her to believe the humans murdered her when she was sent to offer peace terms. This fueled a hatred for Earthrealm that would drive Kitana into the very servitude that Shao Kahn so patiently waited for.

She quickly became Kahn's top enforcer, and not long after that, his most trusted assassin. He bided his time in knowing that Sindel failed to warn Earthrealm, he had scouted out the human warriors to see what they were capable of, he had nothing to fear. But he could not conquer them in a matter of days, it would take 500 years because of the intervention of the Elder Gods long ago when Shao Kahn began his conquest.

It was decreed that no Realm shall lay claim to another, without first winning it in a contest of bravery and might. None of the realms were created equally, so all-out war would mean the certain doom of Realms like Earth and Edenia. And so the Elder Gods gave them a fighting chance, in the tournament known as Mortal Kombat!

To Kitana of course, Shao Kahn relayed this history with the most important facts omitted. He did not convey that the tournament was created because of his conquest, given then he would have to divulge the annihilation of Edenia as it's very essence was absorbed into Outworld. Instead, he groomed her hatred by telling her that the Elder Gods favored realms like Earth, and wished to see Outworld fail. Making her believe Earthrealm possessed the mightiest warriors of all so that she would get stronger...

She trained every day until she could not stand any longer. She faced many of Shao Kahn's strongest enforcers to test her own might, and still she was never satisfied with her own strength. She wanted to be the one her father trusted to challenge Earthrealm in Mortal Kombat, but even with her countless displays of might and bravery, he cast her aside to further her hatred. Instead, he chose the Prince of Shokan, Goro. An alliance between Shao Kahn and Goro would mean the swift and certain demise of Earthrealm, so Kitana could not be wholeheartedly bothered by this choice. In fact, it only made her work harder so that she could impress not only her father, but Prince Goro as well so that he may recruit her to represent Outworld in the tournament.

A realm had to win ten consecutive tournaments in a row against another realm in order to be allowed to conquer it, and the humans had a champion whom had trained fiercely, and he easily defeated every Outworld combatant he faced. Kung Lao, they called this human warrior. Kitana wished to kill this man in his sleep so that they need not worry of his strength any further, but Shao Kahn insisted that she have patient. That this great warrior being crushed in the tournament would be a far greater blow to Earthrealm, and would weaken their resolve for many years to come.

The day came when the Great Kung Lao was now facing off against Prince Goro. The battle was long, both warriors fought fiercely, but in the end, Kung Lao was crushed and ripped in half by Goro. This did indeed strike fear into the humans, and became a legendary tale of failure among them.

Goro had succeeded in crushing Earthrealm 6 more times in the coming years. Kitana thought she may have had a chance to finally take part of avenging her mother's death, but a human was recruited from the most recent tournament, which disgusted Kitana greatly. A sorcerer known as Shang Tsung, like Kitana, was not trusted by Earthrealm to defend them, however he was not trusted because of his violence towards his fellow man, as well as the methods in which he fought, reaping the souls of his victims in order to bolster his own strength. Shao Kahn saw greatness in this man, and made him the emissary of Outworld to host the tournament so that their champion, Goro, would be unburdened by the politics and only need to fight.

Many years later, and Outworld was going into their ninth tournament against Earthrealm. It ended like all before it, with the humans so brutally massacred. Trusting Shang Tsung had proven to be a worthwhile investment, as his ability to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the Earthrealm Warriors proved instrumental in seeing them swiftly slaughtered. Shang Tsung's ultimate insurance was the Mighty Goro, who would surely crush anyone who proved too powerful for anyone else.

Kitana finally resorted to begging her father so that could could compete in the final Mortal Kombat tournament, yet he still insisted that she must remain at his side. He had made an assassin his closest protector. Ever loyal to her father, she backed down and waited impatiently for news of Outworld's victory when the final tournament had begun on Shang Tsung's Island.

Victory was in the palm of Shao Kahn's hand, Shang Tsung had scoured all realms in search of the greatest warriors to fight for Outworld. He found allies in the most unlikely of places, Earthrealm. Sub-Zero, the leader of the Lin Kuei Clan of Assassins. Many years ago, he single handedly crushed the Shirai Ryu, including defeating their leader, Hanzo Hasashi in single combat. He would prove as mighty as Goro. Kano, who was not as fierce as he was clever. Offering his Black Dragon band of mercenaries as essentialy fodder to fill the ranks of Outworld's representatives so that they outnumbered Earthrealm 10 to 1, meaning that even if they won, the Earthrealm Warriors would have to fight ten times as many fighters as Outworld would. So that by the time they faced the truly powerful warriors, Earthrealm would be weary of battle and weakened. All so that the Lin Kuei Clan and Black Dragon Mercenaries would have a place in Outworld's court when Earthrealm was conquered.

However, it was a perfect storm for Shang Tsung's schemes to have forces of karma opposing them, as Lord Raiden, the Defender of Earthrealm, had sought not only the strongest and bravest of warriors, but also the ones with personal stakes to claim. The furies were balanced, and as such, so were the scales of battle. Sonya Blade, whose partner was brutally murdered by Kano, had joined the tournament to defend Earthrealm so that she may have a chance to kill Kano herself.

Johnny Cage, who on the surface seemed lackadaisical, foolish and weak, but he was a descendant of Mediterranean Warrior Tribals who had defended Earthrealm from an a Netherrealm Invasion over a thousand years ago, and Johnny displayed the same abilities as his ancestors, coupled with his desire for glory, Raiden trusted he would at least prove a worthy ally, if not the inevitable champion.

Another warrior had sought to defend Earthrealm, but was not recruited by Lord Raiden. A mysterious yellow-clad ninja going by the name Scorpion, vowing to destroy Outword and all who served them.

And finally, Liu Kang. Descendant of the Great Kung Lao, a warrior of the White Lotus Society, like his ancestor. Liu Kang possessed abilities unlike any other Earthrealm warrior before him, even Shang Tsung who was once human, needed to reap the souls of countless victims to acquire the power he had attained but Liu Kang possessed immense natural power. He was a great warrior, but through meditation, sought to defend Earthrealm through strength but he did not intend to match Outworld's brutality. Instead, intended to beat his enemies until they could no longer fight. He was raised by monks, and they abhorred violence, but the necessary evil was to use violence to defend Earthrealm. That did not mean Liu Kang had to bloody his hands in the process.

Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade proved themselves to be worth allies as they endured their countless fights as best they could. The anomaly calling himself Scorpion was incredibly efficient and brutal with his chained kunai and wakazashi sword, much blood was spilled when that ninja faced his opponents. And Liu Kang kept his promise to his monk brethren, managing to defeat each of his opponents without killing them. His mercy was viewed as a weakness by Shang Tsung who had grown to despise the descendant of The Great Kung Lao. A tournament that's very structure was for the chance to end your enemies once and for all, and Liu Kang was spitting in the face of tradition so that he could remain pure of heart.

Johnny Cage did not lose at any point but he became badly wounded and was unable to continue, thus withdrawing yet the other Earthrealm Warriors remained able and ready to fight. Kano, for his failure to weaken them as much as he had promised, was seen unfit to represent Outworld and was instead forced to withdraw and sealed within the dungeon to be later executed.

Sub-Zero had slain many of the Earthrealm Warriors, but the time came when he would face this mysterious yellow-clad Ninja. Their battle was one of legends, Sub-Zero fought with the same cold, calculated efficiency with no care for his opponent's identity, treating him like all the rest. But Scorpion was fighting with a fiery intensity, matching his frost-born foe with every attack. Finally, Fire prevailed over Ice and Scorpion had managed to incapacitate Sub-Zero.

The crowd watching in anticipation, Scorpion stood over his foe as if waiting for him to regain consciousness. Shang Tsung, growing impatient, told Scorpion finish his opponent and be done with it. But he waited still, and finally when Sub-Zero raised his head, he saw the yellow-clad ninja remove his mask, thus revealing his true identity. He was Hanzo Hasashi, having crawled out of the pits of the Netherrealm to avenge his clan. The flesh on Hanzo's face burned away into ashes, leaving only a fiery skull that would breathe the Flames of Hell upon Sub-Zero's weakened body, burning him alive and leaving his corpse charred and blackened.

Ever the mysterious one, Hanzo disappeared from the island after killing Sub-Zero and was determined to have withdrawn. This concerned Raiden, who knew they could have used his great strength. But there remained Sonya and Liu Kang. However, Sonya's next opponent was Kano, and Shang Tsung continued to stall her since he hadn't yet officially removed Kano from the tournament. He instead used Kano as a trap, leading Sonya into the dungeon so that he could lock her away as well.

Liu Kang had successfully incapacitated every opponent so far, yet Shang Tsung had the perfect opponent to either force Liu Kang to finally stain his honor or die trying to maintain it. His trusted assassin, Reptile, who possessed the ability to regenerate rapidly, meaning it would prove very difficult to keep him down without killing him.

Liu Kang was indeed stronger than Reptile, however his hesitation to kill the green-clad ninja lead to a very long, drawn-out battle of endurance that would indeed finally see Liu Kang's resolve tested, and the potential of his defeat on the horizon. Repitle was vicious, and could not be reasoned with. Even in trying to rip his leg off so that he could not stand, Liu Kang soon realized that Reptile could regrow his lost limbs rather quickly. It was a hard-fought battle, and if the Warrior Monk was to defend Earthrealm, he would have to break his oath to his brothers...

But he would exhaust all alternatives first, learning that any part of Reptile that he burned badly enough seemed not to heal but instead crust over. So he ripped Reptile's legs off and burned the stumps with the fireballs he could cast from his hands, making Reptile unable to resume fighting and thus, Liu Kang had won without the need to kill yet again. His next opponent would prove an even greater challenge... The Mighty Prince of the Shokan, Goro!!!

A four-armed behemoth he could breathe fire and shake the very earth they stood upon just by walking. Liu Kang would face his greatest foe yet, and still his heart knew no fear. After great meditation and rest, Liu Kang would have to face Goro the very next day after defeating Reptile. Shang Tsung hoped he would be weak enough that Goro could make short work of him, since Shang Tsung knew there would be no way Liu Kang could incapacitate the Prince of Shokan.

Their battle was atop a mountain cliffside overlooking the rest if the island. Immediately, Goro's ferocity could not possibly be matched. Liu Kang managed to evade his fists which would surely break the Warrior Monk's bones with ease. His speed and ability to avoid being hit frustrated the Shokan Prince, who would shatter the mountainside with a single stomp, causing them both to go toppling down to a bridge below which was surrounded by a pit of spikes. Liu Kang would have far less maneuverability, and as such would have a much harder time fighting Goro upon this narrow bridge...

Switching strategies, Liu Kang used his speed to strike Goro first, keeping close but doing what he could to avoid getting grappled by the four-armed monster. He knew Goro could not use that stomping technique again, otherwise he would destroy the bridge and they would both plummet to their death in the pit of spikes below. Liu Kang managed to break Goro's jaw, but in doing so Goro had broken Liu Kang's arm. But the Earthrealm warrior refused to give up, so with his one good arm and both legs still intact, he kept fighting, beating Goro down and finally when the Shokan Prince was weakened enough, Liu Kang would uppercut the four-armed warrior sending him hurling over the side of the bridge, but in an act of mercy, Liu Kang would jump up after his opponent and kick him down back on to the bridge, causing it to crumble beneath them, but they both landed upon the broken bridge, safe from the pit of spikes that surrounded them. Three of Goro's arms were broken, as well as one of his legs and he was bleeding badly from his chest and mouth.

When the dust settled from the collapsed bridge, the crowd would see Liu Kang helping Goro crawl out of the pit and walking him back to safety where he would be treated for his wounds. Shang Tsung refused to believe that Goro was defeated. But a warrior of great pride, Goro told the truth, having gained a great amount of respect for Liu Kang who bested him in battle and even still, spared his life despite Goro having killed his ancestor 500 years ago.

The tournament was officially over. Outworld's champion was defeated and Earthrealm had won, breaking the streak of wins for Outworld so now they would have to fight for another 500 years to regain their glory. Shang Tsung however was outraged, he knew he would face Shao Kahn's wrath for this failure, so he attacked Liu Kang and they fought in his throne room. Even with a broken arm and being exhausted from fighting Goro, Liu Kang overwhelmed Shang Tsung when he transformed into a giant, fiery dragon and defeated the sorceror who cowered in fear.

Shang Tsung begged for Liu Kang to kill him, he did not wish to have to face whatever horrible fate would befall him at Shao Kahn's hands, but Liu Kang felt no sympathy for the sorceror. Telling him to accept his fate, and to give his emperor a message. Liu Kang wanted Shang Tsung to tell his emperor that if he sought to face Earthrealm again, he can stop hiding behind emissaries and assassins and come face them himself...

When word reached Shao Kahn, he was furious. And when Shang Tsung was brought before him, naturally the emperor promised a terrible fate worse than death to the sorceror. But Shang Tsung would seek for his life to be spared and integrity intact by proposing Shao Kahn challenge Earthrealm to another tournament, a chance the warriors of Earthrealm couldn't possibly pass up. Shang Tsung proposed that they challenge Earthrealm to an all-or-nothing tournament hosted right in Outworld, where if they win, Outworld will renounce all claims to Earthrealm for eternity. Shao Kahn was not pleased with that at all, however Shang Tsung would finish and say that if Outworld were to win this tournament, then Earthrealm would forfeit itself to Outworld for eternity.

Shao Kahn took the night to ponder this possibility, it amused him greatly but he could not afford to show weakness. In the middle of the night, Shao Kahn told Kitana to go to the dungeon and tell Shang Tsung that he has a deal, but he must deliver these terms to Earthrealm personally. Knowing that he almost certainly would not be spared this time. But before she could go, Shang Tsung would ask Kitana to lend her ear to him for a few more moments. She reluctantly agreed, and Shang Tsung would tell her the terrible truth of her origins. That Shao Kahn was the menace who ruined her life, kidnapped her and enslaved her mother and lead her to take her own life. Naturally, she did not believe him at all and felt this was just another scheme the sorceror intended to play so he could turn her against her father. Though Shang Tsung would use his sorcery to break the spell that had sealed her true memories deep within her mind, making his words as real as ever to the Edenian Princess whose hatred for Earthrealm quickly shifted into hatred for Shao Kahn. The first chance she got, she would see that Shao Kahn's life came to a quick end. Shang Tsung knew he could not defeat Shao Kahn directly, not within obtaining more power at least. Between Earthrealm's Warriors and Shao Kahn's most trusted assassin, Shang Tsung had assured the Emperor of Outworld would face his ultimate doom before long...

(This was all written by me, my own take on the Mortal Kombat story. I intend to do the same for Mortal Kombat two and three, but I feel this is both a good origin story for Kitana was well as a fun way to tell the story of the first game too. Hope you liked it, stay tuned for Mortal Kombat 2~)
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