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Characters: Liz Amelia Ene Calligstro
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Anime, Fantasy, Open, Slice of Life, Supernatural,
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About me:
Liz Amelia Ene calligstro, the pink horror, the berserker magus, rage mage, Romanian witch... a monster of a woman. Not much is known of her after she left the magic guild in rage. Rumors circulated of numerous assaults perpetrated by her against one of the citadels which housed healers as why she was kicked out, others were due to her penchant to burn first and ask later. One was she kidnapped healers and returned them for unknown reasons. The common themes among the rumors of her expulsion were violence, her getting angry, and magic.
The truth behind her leaving was far simpler, but simultaneously not. She did in fact "kidnap" a healer, but that healer was someone she wanted for a while. No one attempted to stop her when she flew away with him nor separate the two when they were found a couple weeks later. Her reputation of flying off the handle and going nuclear kept most from even attempting to approach the duo. Attempts to get the healer back to the citadel were attempted 10 times, each time with disastrous results.
Each attempt was very clear to those who were aware of Liz's excessively long list of borderline war crimes, penchant for excessive retaliation, and destructive attacks. Anti-mages were sent the first three times, but were ultimately useless in dealing with her as she appeared to have found ways to deal with them. Her infamous style was well known due to the multiple wars. There were semi-successful attempts at recovering him, but they were ultimately failures. One was successful in returning him to the citadel he was abducted from, but within the day, a hailstorm of meteors and firebombs assailed the citadel. The citadel was besieged by fireballs, firebombs, undead, and meteors for seven days nonstop. It was eventually discovered Liz was behind the siege when she made her appearance demanding that healer who they took from her who was being held deep within the depths of the citadel.
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