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"Look I'm from the future!...or the past? I guess? Sorry it's hard to keep track."

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October 19 2023

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About me:


Rei is an 15 year old boy who has been selected by Arceus to maintain stability in the world through the passage of time. After calming the frenzied lords, and healing the space/time rift in the ancient Hisui region; Rei now moves between ancient and modern times to right the wrongs from people and Pokemon through history to maintain the balance.


Rei is selfless, adventurous, a little on the absent minded and eccentric side. It's not uncommon for him to unceremoniously leave a conversation mid-word for something that caught his attention. While slightly on the socially awkward side, his ability to make small talk is on the poor side. He's a great listener and great monologuer, but the in-between is unsteady and awkward.

Gōng​jī is Rei's longest standing partner. They've been through everything together, and have a deep bond with one another. She's extremely impatient, with a strong ego, and thinks that she can take on anything and anyone...and she's usually right but sometimes bites off more than she can chew. She's incredibly intelligent and able to strategize on the fly, but a wounded pride will usually cloud her judgement. Yáng is Rei's primary method of transportation. While taking to the skies is often a faster way to travel, he prefers being on the ground and seeing everything move past at eye level. He isn't much for combat and is very timid around other Pokemon of equal or greater size. He prefers to be able to roam freely. Kàng is a massive Alpha Arcanine who thinks he's the size of a small Growlith still. He's a big lap dog, loves attention from people, and fetches small trees. He's a loving menace to society. Lǎo​shǔ is more on the disobedient side. Just as likely to zap Rei as she is to zap the actual enemy. She's lazy, somewhat cowardly, enjoying hit and run tactics, and tends to laugh at other people's failings while being angry and her own. Lǎo​hǔ is extremely strong willed, once he's set his mind on a course of action it's near impossible to control him out of it. While his tactics have a mixed success record, he's loyal to Rei to a fault and will never back down from his enemies. Chuò is very docile with a motherly personality. She enjoying singing and dancing, and helping Rei prepare food. Chuò is a pacifist, and as such refuses to battle; but has been known to use itself as a shield for others. Despite the typical ferocious disposition attributed to Gyrados, Lóng​tán is more brains than brawn and possesses the curious enthusiasm you'd more often see in Magikarp. Lóng​tán is Rei's smartest Pokemon and uses it's superior intellect to outsmart it's opponents rather than try to overpower them. Xiǎo​lóng is one Rei hesitates to use, it's a Pokemon that he just can't seem to connect with like the others. It doesn't seem to listen to his orders, but it doesn't attack him either. Still, when the occasion calls for brute force, there's none better. Jùn is blindingly fast and energetic. Rei dislikes riding on his back as the high speed makes him feel sick; but it's useful in emergencies. It's generally friendly towards others but dislikes enclosed spaces or any kind of barrier that might stop it from moving at full speed and will display it's agitation with flames. Wù​néng is very empathic and compassionate towards people and Pokemon alike. It will go out of it's way, and sometimes out of Rei's way, to help others it interprets as being in need. It enjoys pulling on heavy objects with its tusks, breaking down walls, or ramming obstacles. Hóu​nián is an absolute menace to Rei and society at large. It enjoys stealing things from both Rei and people, and loves the sound of breaking glass as though it were her first born child. She's also a master tracker and can find something or someone faster than a bloodhound...assuming she's willing to look. Niú​nián is of the strong but silent type. Rei has gotten used to the exceedingly subtle physical cues that hint to how he is feeling, but strangers are usually put off but it's lack of vocal or physical response to anything being said to it. Rei at least seems to understand him, and while it'll never show it, he greatly appreciates Rei's understanding.
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Sep 18th 2023 - 11:32 AM

Slowly does her cranium turn to narrow a gaze that screamed she had found her prey. A low growl reverberates within her throat, jaws parted to bear hungry fangs ready to sink into something -- someone.
🎀 FutureKalosQueen🎀

Sep 22nd 2022 - 12:59 PM

Yup! No prob or whatever

Mar 29th 2022 - 10:13 AM

Evening - Morning,
Whatever time it is that you read this. Thank you for sending me a friend request. A few things to know about me - I do a lot of my roleplays in statuses and the majority of the statuses are open since I thrive on random encounters and group rps - much like how Pokemon is meant to be. If the status doesn't have [Closed] before the post you're more then welcome to come join in the fun! 
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