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Orientation: Bi
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Bachiko Li, Plasmatic, Bach Shots
Verses: MHA, My Hero Academia BNHA, Boku No Hero Academia, Slice of Life
Playbys: Ningguang, Ichinose Shiki
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
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Navigation Statistical (Civilian/Disguise)

Full Name: Li, Bachiko
Nicknames: Kitty, Bach.
Aliases: Plasmatic, Cherry Rose
Date Of Birth: 6/19
Place Of Birth: China
Current Residence: Japan
Quirk: Plasma control and manipulation

Physical (Natural/Disguised)
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Chinese-Japanese-American
Hair Color: Black/White with plasma
Eye Color: Magenta/Allegedly white
Height: 5'0
Birthmarks/Scars: Marking on her lower back where a tail was, scars on top of her head where ears were. Family
Mother: Miemi Hara
Father/Baba: Kenichi Fenghueng/Li (Allegedly Deceased)
Sister(S): Confidential
Brother(S): Confidential
Other Family: Bao-Lin, Kenichi's mother supporter of Bachiko from her father's side. Relationships
Sexual Orientation: Bi/Pan
Relationship Status: Sugar Baby/Sweet Material Princess
Current Relationship(S): Input Info Education
College: Yuuei University
Course: Support, transferred to hero during 3rd Year.
Languages Spoken: Mandarin, Huan, English, and Japanese. Employment/Other
Occupation: Professional tinkerer/crafter; au's of hero or villain available.
Job Description: Input Info
Employer: Input Info
LIKES: Dressing up, savory rich foods, shiny objects, tea, crafting, creating things, naps, star themes, swimming, walking, video games, musicals.
DISLIKES: Making decisions, sudden loud noises, questions about her quirk or personal life in interviews, sudden loud sounds, being manipulated.
BIRTHMARKS: Freckles, white flecks against her skin.
SCARS: Markings on the top of her head and lower back where ears and a tail once were.
PERSONALITY: Bachiko is an enigmatic, curious, and self-aware woman. She prefers honesty between her only relying on deception if absolutely necessary (for the safety of others). Despite saying she's the kind of person to put herself first, she does: first to be used as a distraction, the first to ensure the safety of others, and usually the first to go into action unless directed otherwise. When it comes to friends she's protective and willing to put herself into a dangerous situation or provide what support she can be it gear or her own physical talents. Bachiko has a penchant for the dark and mysterious, as well as a love of gold, shiny things, and materialistic items. She still considers herself a romantic at heart but for the time has decided safety, security, and being well-provided for is the ideal life- after-all love does not put food on a table or pay for heating.


About Her

▽ History

Bachiko Li, also known as Kitty or Plasmatic, is an enigmatic woman with a penchant for tinkering and making things for others to better suit their quirks or contain them. Despite born with a powerful quirk and a renown hero for a baba and family line of heroes, she had little time in her childhood to get a good grasp on her quirk in her household due to the volatile nature. Where most parents in hero households would encourage the use of quirks Kitty's family chose to have her suppress her power and wear nullifiers in an attempt to hide her abilities and keep from having to get help or training for the girl. Despite this, her family still received offers and suggestions for Kitty to join the hero course or consider agencies in the future to follow her late babas' footsteps.

After the passing of her baba's Bachiko was left in the care of a family friend in Japan while her mother and older sister worked on settling down in America. To them it was necessary to get out of the shadow cast by the now-extinguished light that Fenghuang had cast on the Asian continents and to start anew without his name, heroics, or passing to haunt them. During that time Bachiko was better taught to hone her quirk and abilities, as well as explore possible interest and hobbies which she took to with nervous delight. When she had her free time she took to aerial arts, parkour, and learning the smith trade during times her quirk kept her awake for days.

During one of her endless energy tirades Bachiko came up with the idea of detached nullifiers to work specifically for her own quirk-to null it out when near a certain object or accessory and often given to friends in the form of bracelets, necklaces, anklets, kerchiefs, earrings, or other items seeming like normal gifts in case her quirk goes volatile while she's with them.

When she returned to her family in America her mother had re-married but the hope for a happy family life would not be granted. Still, Bachiko visited her baba's family in China during the start of every season for a few days but longer during winter breaks; meanwhile summer breaks were spent with the family her baba had considered close. When the opportunity for a future career path opened- high school/college era, Kitty petitioned the family of her baba's side to have her enrolled into the prestigious Yuuei Academy that her baba had attended during his last year of school and to help support her. Being her baba's only child, they agreed without hesitation and contacted her family to request Bachiko stay with them for that summer vacation and after her birthday passed she booked the first flight possible and left.

When former colleagues and fellow heroes who know Kitty's father found out her return to Japan and interest in Yuuei most were ready to write on her behalf as official recommendations to the school for the Hero Course, ensuring their futures by ensuring her own. After all- the daughter of the former Number One in China would be a magnificent reputation increase as an understudy, intern, or possible sidekick or hero in their own company. Bachiko had no big dreams of on-the-field heroism and instead declined their offers with the explanation of wanting to join the Support Course with her passion of creating gear, costumes, equipment and helping in ways that were not putting herself in immediate danger. Even hearing this the recommendations were still petitioned to the school but with the heroes admitting of Bachiko's own intelligence and passion for the chosen field of study.

While waiting for the results to come in Bachiko paid a visit to Japan in respect to the family that had taken her in over the previous summers and during that stay she stumbled upon a rinky-dink garage owned by a man named Rama, an underground and under-the-table tinkerer and mechanic. Bachiko, not having any responsibilities for the time and wanting to keep herself occupied and skills sharp offered to help out at the place and in exchange she was allowed to help name the small company which officially became The Harlot's Lockbox. A small business run in a garage to fix antiques, odds and ends items, and even make gear and equipment for those less fortunate with troublesome quirks or appearances caused by it.

As summer ended and Bachiko was accepted into the Yuuei Support Course her baba's family was happy and willing to help with costs of her education and staying-- while her mother and the husband told her not to return home and that if she failed or made any mistakes they wouldn't support her. Bachiko started the year without her baba's hero name hanging over her head and just being seen as a foreign student. Happy to be free of the family burden the enigmatic femme found herself easily getting along with the other eccentric students in the Support course and delighted to find she was allowed to modify the jumpsuit and uniform to her taste. During her time the heroes who had recommended her into the course still asked her to consider switching courses but she showed no aspiration for heroism. Making top marks in her class as one of the top students she was being offered opportunities with different companies-including a well renown one known as DETNERAT which had been eyeing the Lockbox and the potential business, customers, and the unique designs.

As a reward for the hard work and invitation by the Hero Commission towards the end of her school year Bachiko was elected to go on a trip with the top of the classes of the other course on a trip to America's Disney park. This is the moment when when the once-feline like woman's life would take a different turn and her future changed forever.

▽ Sidekick (Hero) Story line

After the Disney incident where Bachiko's talents had not only shown in having per-emptively made her friends gear and disguised weapons in case villains attacked, but the power of her quirk as well when she had found herself facing down a particularly aggressive Nomu. Instead of waking up in an American hospital with her family possibly having been contacted or her friends from the trip there- Bachiko's health and condition had been kept as inconclusive by the Hero Commission itself. Once she had recovered enough to be conscious and make judgments she was approached during her hospital stay by the President of the Commission herself and given an offer: Either she agree to join the Hero Commission and become a new beacon light of courage and heroism, or have it said that during her care she had passed away. Tartarus would not be an option- the fear would be too much of a risk of someone with a quirk like hers being too much of a wild card to be left alive unless under the control of the Commission.

With great hesitation Kitty accepts the idea of a contract with the commission but not without her own terms. Kitty would, as demanded- become a personal assistant to the President of the Hero Commission but with a leisurely contract which included complete renovation of what would be her own personal office but also her own penthouse suite outside of school grounds on work evenings. In regards to the heroism she refused the role but was allowed to become a free-lance sidekick who would work not just for the Hero Commission in Japan but for China, America, and even Europe in the future.

As soon as she was healthy and healed enough from her injuries (including the healing over of where her ears and tail once were), she was transferred into the Hero Course with Outstanding Recommendations not only from the previously contacted heroes for her Support choice, but other heroes who had seen her work on the international news.

Now, her baba's name as the Pro-Hero Fenghuang was held above her head and other classmates were made aware of her own status in the school her future was officially set as part of the Hero Course. The requests for her internship to the companies were sent in immediately but only with a few being accepted... on the account of her reluctance to become a hero and get too close to many others but also to keep the companies from using her family fame from boosting their own reputation.. Plasmatics relationship as a Materialistic Princess remain even in the hero course despite the way it makes her seem shallow or as if she doesn't care for heroism. Which to be fair, she doesn't favor the idea of putting her life on the line for those who have done her wrong or protecting those who would soon forget her.
Work-Relationship Ethics: As a sidekick and personal assistant Bachiko-Plasmatic- is still pretty out-going and likes to give the impression she has very few thoughts in front of cameras and letting villains believe she's not much of a threat until the very last moment, or when it's too late for them. Being short as she is Plasmatic is well-trained in grappling, two styles of sword fighting and two Chinese Martial Arts her baba had taught her and lessons that were still supported by her her extended family even in America from private lessons. Plasmatic can be considered an air head or worse outside of meetings, paperwork and scheduling in hopes to keep from attracting too much attention from the media and thus keeping interviews down. Unfortunately, Plasmatic would have no say in her costume other than the material it was made of- part of it being from her own baba's former costume of a shoulder cloak worn as a skirt which started dark in color but with the increase of heat around the cloth would lighten to a grey or even white color. Often used to keep a civilian covered or safe when use of her quirk is necessary or dealing with fire or lightning type quirks.

▽ Villain Era

In this era/au, Bachiko has decided that her moral alignment should match that to the amount that others had wanted to keep her safe or keep her protected and not fear her. Which is to say, very little. As a villain Bachiko retains her same open personality and materialistic ideals but hesitates less to put herself first before others. As a villain she has no qualm offering to help those that are treated less by society without the intention of manipulating them but will suggest if she feels they are suited for the life of villainy or more under-the-table jobs if they don't have the spine.

The start of her villains origin story takes place when instead of the Commission laying claim and offering her freedom instead of Tartarus (or kissing a bullet) to become a hero, President and CEO of DETNERAT (the villain known as Re-Destro) steps in. Having coveted the idea of the Lockbox and wanting to wipe out one of the few low-priced businesses to help people with their Quirks, Rikiya would claim that Kitty was one of his own workers under contract that would be fulfilled once she graduated from her classes to join his company as a top designer for gear as well as his personal assistant; allegedly currently interned as a lower ranking one in his company. With the damage paid off in his company name and a contract written up between the Commission and DETNERAT Bachiko would be released from custody once healed to the supervision of Rikiya's own and the Harlot's Lockbox no longer a free-standing company to the public but instead a 'project business'.

Kitty would not permanently be stationed at the side of Re-Destro when the two groups of villains merged into one. For the annihilation of the Nomu she had taken out, and the use of her quirk she had gained the attention of Shigaraki and as one of the agreements she would be requested to concentrate her talents and abilities under Tomura as a way to keep her out of the way from any accidental interference.
A Better Understanding: Seeing as the world had failed in keeping the young woman safe, and having been treated as a villain or something monstrous in her childhood for having an unstable quirk Kitty would accept her role as a villain. Someone to be feared, terrified of, and respected by her peers for not only her power but her intelligence and ingenuity of gear. Knowing the pain and loneliness of being an outcast and treated unfairly because of her birth she does her best to help and uplift those who are treated differently, like less than others, to put them on a better path with opportunities not afforded to most villains.
Work-Relationship Type: As a villain Kitty/Bachiko has decided that she if she cannot have her own freedom and must be under the employment of a corrupt company then they would pay financially. From her salon appointments, to her business attire, to her hotel stays, every lunch and meal that is on-the-clock and vacation travel she is given extra pay or is handled by the company. Her car is paid for and maintained by Denterat, gas, modifications and the like are also handled. And much like in the hero-au, unless someone important is with her, she only does what she deems necessary during her scheduled working hours and will not hesitate to leave a place or mission if the time is up. When her allegiance is changed and she's summoned to have her company more for the League of Villains, an arrangement for expenses to be covered is done by All For One, still with a monthly allowance from Rikiya for the work she managed under his company name and maintaining any gear requested.




Kaneko Kohaku

A fellow Support student and one of Kitty's favorite victims for fashion crimes and to have model her designs. The two share a bond over making gear and talking about their hobbies, current subjects of interest and getting the zoomies. While both are very feline-like they're as different in personality as the color of their ears and tails-or Kitty's former black ears and tail. Despite the changes in her life, Kohaku has remained a loyal friend even if the identity of what sidekick she is is kept a secret from her Vigilante friend.

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