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❝A short-lived existence.❞

Testament's story begins during the Crusades; a hundred-year war in the Guitly Gear universe between Gears and humanity. The Sacred Order of Holy Knights led by Kliff Undersn, and the Gears led by Justice. Originating from Switzerland, Testament's life, like most humans in this era, began with hardships. Losing their parents at a young age, the young child was found and cared for by Kliff. Although not a fighter at heart, Testament was overwhelmed with the burning desire to show gratitude towards the commander of the Holy Knights. Going against their father's wishes, Testament joined the Order in 2127. Not long after, in 2128, Testament was abducted by agents from the United States military. It was at this point Testament's humanity was robbed from them through a series of experiments for weapon development, and eventually was transformed into a Gear.

Life As A Gear

❝Forgiving humans... That's something I can't do, no matter what.❞

Guilty Gear

In 2180, after the worldwide announcement, Testament frees Zato-ONE, claiming he may be able to exact his revenge on Millia Rage, and Dr. Baldhead, returning to him his scalpel, from prison so that they may participate. During the tournament, Testament appears before the winner—that is, Sol—, revealing the deception, and fights since all that is required is the blood of one more sacrifice. Testament is defeated, but uses their blood to break Justice's seal. In another account, Testament revives Justice but, as she is "incomplete", they offer their blood to her. Ultimately, Justice is defeated by Sol and Ky Kiske, killed by the former.

In Kliff's ending, upon defeat, Testament tells their father to cheer up and seemingly dies. Before Kliff can follow his child to hell, he defeats Justice, claiming responsibility for Testament. The dying Justice learns of their connection and that Testament's feelings for their father were, perhaps, the reason why her power was limited. After she breathes her last, Kliff dies, claiming his duty has been fulfilled at last.

Guilty Gear X

Having regained their original personality due to Justice's death, Testament evades capture, but without a purpose to live, desperately wanders into the village where Kliff is buried. While laying some flowers on their father's grave, Testament meets a blind girl named Josephine, whom Venom tries to kidnap to force Faust to join the Assassin's Guild. Testament protects Josephine, fleeing into the Forest of Demons where Josephine introduces them to her friend, Dizzy. When Josephine is hurt, Testament and Dizzy take her to Faust's office at the village; while waiting, Testament reveals to the lonely Dizzy that they are also a Gear. The villagers then try to kill Dizzy by burning Faust's office, and she loses control of Necro and Undine. Seeing her plight, Testament vows to be at Dizzy's side from now on, and subdues her.

When Dizzy is rejected by Josephine as a demon, Testament accompanies her back into the forest. Following the incident, in October 2181, the world learns of her existence and Ky comes to investigate, but after Dizzy defeats him, a W$ 500,000 bounty is issued for her death. Testament takes upon themself the duty of fighting off everyone who comes near, until she decides to leave the forest and accepts Johnny's offer to join the Jellyfish Pirates.

In one path, Testament and Dizzy's efforts somehow convince people not to come to the forest anymore; Dizzy wonders if it'll take humans a thousand years to forget about the Crusades, and Testament privately vows to protect her no matter how long it takes. In the other, Testament remembers Kliff's words about a knight's duties, and encourages Dizzy to leave the forest; in turn, she convinces Testament to come with her.

Guilty Gear XX
Weeks later, Testament arrives on the May Ship unannounced to visit Dizzy, only to find that she's been knocked off the ship by I-No. Mistakenly cursing the crew's carelessness, Testament storms off to find Dizzy. In one path, they find Dizzy dead, the one responsible killed by Johnny; in their grief, Testament kills Johnny and vows to annihilate humanity after laying Dizzy to rest in the Grove. In another path, Slayer and Sol warn Testament that the P.W.A.B. and That Man have returned. In their third path, Testament finds and frees the Necro-possessed Dizzy; after waking up, she defends her crew's innocence and Testament takes their leave before April and May meet with Dizzy.

After leaving Dizzy with the Jellyfish Pirates, Testament goes back to protecting the forest, determined to keep it safe from invaders as atonement ("...Will the world ever forgive me?"). Their isolation is soon interrupted when Johnny and May bring Dizzy for a visit, but she loses control of Necro and Undine due to Crow's Justice imitation. In one path, Testament pursues Crow but is unable to catch him, and returns to protect the forest, vowing to do so as long as they can. In the other, after Slayer's warning, Testament returns to find the forest burning and resigns themself to die with it, sure that humans will bring about their own downfall in time.

In Dizzy's first path, Testament warns Dizzy—who wants to learn about her origins—not to trust Ky. When she proves her determination to go with Ky, Testament tells her not to return for they are still unable to forgive humanity, but Dizzy believes there'll be a day when they can. They wish each other good luck and part ways.

Guilty Gear Strive
In the following years, Testament keeps in touch with Johnny, sometimes hanging around the May Ship II despite Dizzy no longer living on board. Testament also somehow ends up living with the elderly couple who once took care of Dizzy, from before she and Testament met.

In December 2187, Testament reconnects with Dizzy, who invites them to her and Ky's estate after the G4 Summit ends. There, Testament meets her son Sin, as well as the sisters Ramlethal and Elphelt Valentine.


❝You have until my tea is ready. ❞

The Elegant Grim Reaper

Eternal Youth
Regernation (Can recover from a puddle of blood state.)
Blood Manipulation (Attacks using their own blood.)
Dimensional Teleportation
Sealing (Can seal someone in another dimension.)
Shapeshifting (Parts of their body.)
Scythe Mastery
Can absorb info quickly
Can harm/attack souls
Battle Field Removal (Sent Justice to reality from the dimensional prison she was in.)
Disease resistance (Gear cells are able to cure diseases.)
Mind, Soul, and Matter manipulation resistant (Resists Backyard which assaults one's body, mind and soul.)
Speed:At least Relativistic+, likely higher (Can keep up with a casual I-No. Comparable to Kliff.)
Striking Strength: Large Planet Class
Durability: Large Planet level
Stamina: Extremely high
Range: Extended melee range normally, thousands of kilometers with attacks, cross-dimensional with teleportation (Was able to appear before Zato in the interdimensional prison he was kept in.)
Standard Equipment: Their blood scythe, various familiars.
Intelligence: Skilled fighter, masterminded the plot to free Justice in the first game, has a great deal of knowledge of the occult.


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Basic Information

Name: Testament
Sex: Non-binary (They/Them)
Age: Unknown (Likely 71+)
Birthplace: Switzerland
Height: 185 cm (6'1")
Weight: 73 kg (161 lbs.)
Occupation: Construction
Eye Color: Red


Likes: Their father, potatoes, themself, their family, familiars
Dislikes: Saito-style martial arts,
Family: Kliff Undersn (Adoptive-Father/Deceased)
Hobbies: All of them. Here~
Current location: On the move
Birthday: May 9
More for later: ok
Idk: ye

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