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Orientation: Bi
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About me:
Name: Aria Belladonna Devonshire
Race: Human? (there are rumors she is not but no proof)
Height: 5' 6"
Hair color: Raven black
eye color: Crimson Red

Alias: Rubber Sorceress
Latex witch
Crimson eyed Demon
Grandmaster of Magic
Aria the witch/Witch Aria

Occupation: Grand Sorceress
Archmage of the Magic academy
Magic and Arcane Researcher
Mastered Magics: Fire Lightning Holy Illusion Necromancy Item creation(small & medium) Water Wind Dark/Void Enchantment Teleportation Earth Ice Healing Fetishmancy Translation

Aria Belladonna Devonshire is a powerful sorceress of unknown age and origin her hometown and parents a mystery to all but herself. The first known appearance of Aria was as an adventure she made a name for herself hunting down the or tackling the hardest of quest raising her adventurer rank rapidly in such a feat that had only ever been accomplished five other times since the forming of the adventure guild. The wealth she earned from her adventures and the many relics and tomes she found only made her more powerful and seek more knowledge in only a few years after her appearance she had been know as the Grand Sorceress having masters all of the elemental and arcane arts of magic. The elemental and arcane though are not the only magics she knows, the many relic and tomes lead her to unearth a long lost art of Fetish magic or Fetishmancy. Through the research and the research of artifacts from the time when such an art was at it peak she uncovered more hidden ruins and dungeons many filled with artifacts and tools of the time aswell as a vast variety of what she has come to call devious devices like chest that are booby-trapped with fetishmancy spells. This research interest her greatly as a lost art but allowed her to grow her other magics aswell. She was soon approached by the man who was the Archmage of the Magic academy and asked to take over for him as his age made it harder for him to continue in such a role. Aria accepted the position ass it allowed her more access to others with magic and researchers to help advance not only her magic and the study of it but the magic of the world. Aria has still continued to adventure still even as the archmage and seen as the most powerful caster she enjoys seeking out adventure and secrets herself. She has even at times taken to a battlefield where she has earned her Title as the Crimson Eyed Demon by those who had faced her and lived there are even stories that she has lived through the rise and fall of many empires and kingdoms but none have been able to prove it or just fear what might happen if they do.
Who I'd like to meet:

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