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"So first you wasted dozens of Jedi lives for the sake of two, and now you expect me to lead Clones we know nothing about? Has the council gone insane?! I'll serve in this war, but with flesh and blood soldiers. People who have a stake in the Republic's future not some programing others expect me to trust."

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GeneralThis is a lovely gage on Kota’s abilities, and details on his mastery of form 7.
Heroes Obviously, Kota's biggest hero in lore would have to be Mace Windu. The man basically not only ends the war but takes him back to Coursaunt to be trained as a Jedi.

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Characters: General Rhom Kota
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About me:
My homeworld was a war-torn place. The population of the planet was engaged in trench warfare for years, and I saw combat from the age of ten. Eventually, the Jedi Mace Windu arrived on the planet to negotiate a peaceful end to the fighting. During his time on the planet, he discovered my Force sensitivity and took me to Coruscant to be trained as a Jedi. I was eighteen at the time far too old in most cases to be considered for training... Yet despite that, I had no attachments no family, and so Yoda took me on as his apprentice. The council knew the times were changing and that the final war against the Sith would be waged. They needed Jedi who can endure the scars of war, yet still, emerge as warriors of the light. Master Yoda was a strict teacher, but I was a diligent student. Though few would like me within the order none would question my loyalties. Though many would question my methods, and approach to dealing with criminals, and negotiations. In time I'd have my own padawan, Falon Grey. Despite my protest of the whole affair Master Yoda was just as adamant about me teaching. So I'd train the boy the best I could we'd deal with all sorts of scum across the galaxy. On one of these missions we were hunting a suspected Dark Jedi, and Falon was injured. We'd ended up lost in the Richi Maze till discovered a lone planet. It wasn't till the Clone Wars I realized we got help from the Kaminoians. A secretive people to say the least couldn't find their system in the charts, but I wasn't in the right state of mind. I could teach Falon how to be a guardian, but I was no healer. Desperate I turned to their help only to discover many years later Falon had his DNA stolen to make twin clones. As far as I'm aware that whole unholy process usually always starts with two an Alpha and Omega. Falon after recovering would go on to pass the Jedi Trials and become my brother. That pride wouldn't last long as the Clone Wars began. They expected me to blindly trust programming we knew nothing about. An army under our noses and my own for over 10 years that we're just supposed to accept Master Sifodias got the credits to fund this out of nowhere? I officially started it because I doubt their level of creativity and intelligence. The truth was I wasn't sure what to expect from them and decided to follow the order of old. Lead flesh and blood people who have a stake in the Republic over programing. That decision would save my life as my unit choose me over Palpatine. We were heroes of the Republic liberating worlds overnight into renegades traitors to the Empire. For too many years I've been playing a game of cat and mouse. The stateless strategy the CIS used in the war adapting it to my needs kept us one step ahead. I tried to rally what was left of the Order to remind them what it means to be a Jedi. Not to cower away and fade into the annals of history. The ones that agreed with me usually would leave too many mistakes for the Empire to catch them. Fear has poisoned the Order long before the Dark Days it was the fear of the Sith. Now it's fear of all the Sith's new Empire what was supposed to be a beacon of hope across the galaxy is just a few embers. I have no respect for the so-called Jedi who remains fearful of Palpatine, or his pet Vader. The war isn't over as long as Jedi remain willing and able to fight. I've fought the best I could foolishly beleiving my mastery of a forbidden lightsaber form could put me on par with someone at Vader’s level. It was fortune that blinded me from my narrow-minded thinking. But I stumbled along the way an old ally in the order was luckily on Nar Shadda. Ashoka Tano saved my live that day, but I was tired. I've spent my whole life fighting, and like all Jedi from the old Order I've regretting many choices... It was an unlikely meeting my vision from the future warned me of it... But the boy had changed inside and out. If that change stuck only time would tell, but I came to call Galen Marek my apprentice in due time. We fought aboard Palpatine’s Death Star, and the boy narrowly survived saving us all. Then it was a matter of finalizing the Alliance formally. There was a debate over what to do with Galen had the boy not saved the Correlian’s family... Well that card has helped keep the peace. We would need to branch out to Jedi and anyone willing to fight the Empire. In time a climatic battle took place on Kamino. The fleet fought valiantly enough to punch a hole right through Vader’s personal fleet. We had several objectives outside of merely capturing this final city on the waterfront of a world. Juno was kidnapped by the infamous Boba Fett. Vader drew Galen in before I could help but in the end, we managed to pull off all our objectives. Along with capturing a few new additions to the growing Rebellion Fleet we'd have critical cloning intel and a batch of Clones of Boba Fett. It wasn't my choice but alliance Command had a secret facility in mind. It helped that we managed to capture scientists, and the most risky prize in Vader. We would all regret taking him to Dantooine..... While Boba Fett to my knowledge played no critical role in the battle outside of slaughtering 70% of his clones. This special unit will likely meet his ire. We needed soldiers to help man our new ships. By the time this unit is fully trained it’ll take half a year. Though Vaders method with Force-sensitives was madness, these Fett Clones had a practical use. Galen took the passing hard enough so that we decided to have him lead our expeditionary force. With Mon Cala, and Sullust housing most the fleet it was worth the effort. Old texts on Chiss using children to guide their way in hyperspace through the force. We managed to get in a little practical practice before sending them off. I wouldn't expect he’d do something as crazy as breaking the galaxy’s hyperspace barrier, but the boy has the devil's luck. The Milky Way was the perfect place to cultivate allies, and hopefully talk some sense into their stubborn leadership. The threat of the Empire was enough to push a military build up. Reapers are merely a fairy tale the Empire was enough to convince their militaristic members to action. The first fleet Galen would choose would be these Geth a smart choice. Besides the crew of the Normandy Vader, and Sidious wouldn't be prepared or aware of such a “droid” fleet.
Who I'd like to meet:
Anyone from the verse. Someone who can teach me how to edit on this damned site.

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