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My discord is LostGirl203#0147. It's used for OOC mostly.

19 years old
United States

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July 06 2022

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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Friends, Connect with Artists,
Orientation: Bi
Body type:Some extra baggage
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Odette Remacle
Verses: Any, anime, cartoon, movies, tv shows, books, or video game!! Crossovers loved to!
Playbys: Voice of Bloom from Winx club Helena Evangeliou
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Romance, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural,
Status: Single
Member Since:May 23, 2022

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About me:
I'm here to have fun and make stories with awesome people!!! ^^

PLEASE READ MY RULES!!! If you have the time.

Name: Odette Remacle

Age: 0-20

Skin Tone: Fair

Height: 5’4, 7ft in wolf form

Weight: 172 lbs.

Clothing Size: L, Likes wearing XL to XXL

Cup size: E-cup

Birthday: July 13th

Hair L/C: Long and white, purple, and black highlights

Eye Color: Heterochrome R: Blue L: Green

Sexuality: Polyamours, Demisexual, Panromanitc

Body Implications: Scaring on belly, and back. Burns mostly on stomach.

Tattoos: The right shoulder in front is a Harry Potter tattoo, the outer part of her left leg is a wolf tattoo, the right outer part of arm is two fishes representing yin and Yang.

Piercings: Nose ring on right side, bottom middle lip, and tongue.

Species: Half-Human and Werewolf. (Prefers to look human)

Likes: Books, writing, music, dancing, witchcraft, oversized clothing, cuddles, head rubs, exercising, outdoors, the stars, cosplay, anime, sewing, being clean, cooking, and animals.

Dislikes: Cigarettes, knives, spoilers, being a werewolf, periods, cramps, people, skintight clothing, being sexualized, rooms being messy, harming others, harm being brought to animals, abuse, trauma, and being played.

Powers: Has the powers of a werewolf but not the full transformation yet. Only has ears and tail but can grow claws and fangs. Understands some witchcraft powers but isn’t fully ready to use them to their full abilities. Is cursed with reincarnation, so when she dies, she rises from the ashes as a newborn.

Weapons: Guns, magic, and blades.

Background: Odette isn’t what you’d call normal, she died at birth for about 5 minutes, her mother died instantly, nothing could bring her back. Her father a soldier, a Marine, all her life she knew the military, deployment was a massive thing for her growing up, wondering if dad was going to come home again each time. Luckily, she had family and friends, and their families helped raise her, she loved how life was going, spending time with friends, even her grandmother before she passed of old age, but still it was better than she had hoped, along with knowing how much time she’d spend with her father every time he returned. Unfortunately, one day at the age of ten, her father hadn’t come home from the last time she spoke with him, that’s when the door would ring. Finding out her father wasn’t coming home, devastated her, all she knew was he was MIA, then pronounced KIA. This led to her life being ripped, turned, and battered, going into a new home, in a new state even, with who she thought was loving uncle and aunt, turned out they were monsters. Being beaten, touched, used, and manipulated for 8 years, she finally had enough, packing her bags, getting out as soon as she turned 18. Her relatives tried to stop her, threaten her even, but she showed them who she was, it was a fighter, and a survivor. Leaving home, she set out to find her own path, do her own thing, remember the teachings of the ones before, she had become a woman, and now free to live life in the right way.

Who I'd like to meet:
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