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Characters: Natasha Yar
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Full Name: Natasha Yar
Nicknames: Tasha
Date Of Birth: 2337
Place Of Birth: Turkana IV
Current Residence: USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'2
Weight: 130 pounds
Birthmarks/Scars: None/A few scars
Mother: Sarah Marshall - (birth mother) / Melina Yar - (adoptive mother/aunt)
Father: Jean Luc Picard - (birth father)/ Christopher Yar - (adoptive father/uncle)
Sister(S): Ishara Yar (raised as a sister but is her cousin)
Brother(S): None
Other Family: Adam Yar (son)
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Relationship Status: Single
Current Relationship(S): No One
Past Relationship(S): Lieutenant Commander Data
School Starfleet Academy
Occupation: Starfleet Security Officer
Job Description: To maintain and follow security procedures and ensure the safety of the ship and its crew.
Skills: Hand to hand combat, physical combat of most kinds.


Natasha Yar was born December 1st 2337 on Turkana IV. By the time she was born her planet had been a war zone for many years. Her mother had been a Starfleet Captian. Captain Sarah Marshall had been on Turkana IV with her crew, slowly trying to integrate change into the civil war stricken planet. She herself had been rescued from the planet as a young girl and wanted to return to try and help her failing world. She and her crew's attempts were unsuccessful. Another ship was sent to Turkana IV to find the crew and their Captain. During an away mission Jean Luc Picard was serving as a first officer at the time came in contact with Captain Marshall, unaware who she was. The two had a very brief love affair, Picard tried to pursue Sarah to come back with him, and leave the planet but she refused. Almost eleven months later Starfleet made one more rescue mission, it collected the bodies of the dead crew and their Captain and left. Upon physical examinations of the dead bodies, there had been evidence that Captain Sarah Marshall had given birth. There was no way to find the child, it was presumed dead. The father being Jean Luc had no knowledge that his child was living on such a planet. Natasha was that child. Natasha had been kidnapped by her mother's sister Melina Yar. She was aware her sister was once again on the planet and murdered her. Natasha was kept simply as a bargaining chip. As the child of a Starfleet Captain, they thought one day she might come in handy to trade or to sell. They thought if the Federation was one day made aware of her existence they'd try to rescue her. Most on the planet despised the Federation for not stepping in to help end the turmoil on the planet.

Natasha grew up in a very violent and chaotic world. Poverty was everywhere and her parents did not provide even the most basic of needs. Natasha suffered physical abuse from her adoptive father, who she believed to be her real father. She had no knowledge of her mother or her murder. Natasha's adoptive father abused both her and her mother, life was miserable and got no better when at the age of five her sister Ishara was born. Most of the responsibility of caring for the infant fell on Natasha.

When Ishara was two years old, Natasha was seven she overheard one night her parents talking. One of the factions on her planet was willing to arrange a better life for her parents and Ishara in return for her. They planned to sell her so that they could possibly have a better life. This hurt Natasha and angered her, she knew all the terrible things that could happen to her if her parents sold her. Out of fear and anger, she murdered them both. After the murderers, Natasha was distraught thinking she had just murdered her parents, despite how awful they were. After the murders, young Natasha planned to kill herself. But then she was confronted with her younger sister Ishara. Natasha's young mind rationalized she had killed for survival and that to kill herself and leave her younger sister to die would have defeated that purpose.

For years Natasha raised herself and Ishara, it was a miserable existence. Always scrounging for food, water, safety. The factions were always on the hunt to rescue children but what was worse than them was the rouge rape gangs. Natasha always managed to stay one step ahead of the gangs and fiercely protected her younger sister feeling it was her duty since she was the reason their parents were not alive to do so.

When Natasha was fifteen another Starfleet crew had happened upon Turkana IV and an away team began to search the planet for anyone who wanted to leave. Jean Luc had hoped to find the girl he had met so many years ago, unaware she had been a Starfleet Captain. Though he did not find her he found someone who resembled her in the most striking way, Natasha. He offered Natasha safety to come aboard the starship he was serving on. With her appearance, he had his suspicions that she might be the child of the woman he had known so many years ago. Before leaving Natasha pleaded with Ishara to leave with her. But Ishara refused, she was joining one of the factions and found Natasha a traitor and coward for wanting to leave.

Natasha could not take her life on Turkana IV anymore, she felt she had done all she could for Ishara. Natasha left with Jean Luc. She was a very violent and frightened young girl. Once aboard the starship, she refused medical attention, refused anyone who came near her except for Jean Luc. She trusted him and no one else.

Jean Luc began to suspect that perhaps he had left the woman he had met nearly fifteen years ago pregnant and after a very private DNA test he had the proof he needed, Natasha was his child. But he was in no way ready or prepared to be a father. Within a few weeks, he'd be taking over another starship, this time one he'd be in command of. Rather than tell Natasha who he was he left her with some trusted friends of his, this foster family did not last long and soon Natasha left for Starfleet Academy. She felt since Starfleet had been her rescuers she owed it to them to become an officer.

Natasha was very bright, a quick learner. Once she knew the basics of how to read and write and calculate mathematics she quickly passed her exams and was in Starfleet Academy. Again Tasha did not fit in well, though she did make a few friends while at the Academy. Friends like Geordi La Forge, a Klingon named Worf, and in her last year a half-betazoid named Deanna. Unknown to her at the time later in her career she'd be aboard the starship Enterprise with some of her dearest friends.

Present Day

Natasha Yar currently serves aboard the starship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). She is the ship's chief of security and a senior officer among the crew. She has one child, a son named Adam.


Tasha can be a bit abrasive, very bold, and very blunt with her words and how she feels. However, she can also be extremely loving, caring, and compassionate. The majority of the time she is fearless and her bravery has been documented in many situations. And though her current post is that of a security officer she has shown talents in other aspects. She has a certain knowledge of medical practices both conventional and unconventional. She also has a particular knack for cybernetics having learned enough so that she could help and maintain her late partner Data who was an android.

Powers and Abilities

Tasha is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Despite only being a human she is quite strong, has a high tolerance for pain. She is skilled in Aikido, a human form of self-defense. Though she can be a strong brought she is also witty and clever and due to her chaotic upbringing can be quite manipulative if needed. Her physical appearance and beauty is deceiving to those who try to challenge her. Underestimating her and giving her the upper hand.

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"Salalaa fehh. You! Let me out of this cage....I'm merely trying to get back at a group of 'Bajoran workers' who landed their flying machine through my den. Am I not allowed to defend my home and instead get captured when I do!?"
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