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"While the Jedi Order decided to play their hand at war I was off uncovering the mysteries of the Force."

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GeneralSimple rules respect me and I'll respect you. I'm not here for any smut while passion is essential to any dark sider they're not interested in anyone sexually. I can go from semi to novella when it comes to the length of replies.
MusicThis really is the best description of Jerec's abilities. As for after he embraces the mask and the role of his people's greatest woe. Their abilities would be able to even surpass Vader who normally would be roughly equal in raw force power. Possibly by embracing the mask Jerc's connection to the force will be enough to even overcome Sidious. However never would he be able to pull off slaying both Lords at once with this trump card alone... Jerec's lightsaber skill is his greatest weakness specializing in form 2. While likely on par with the Masters of the main Jedi Councils in the mid-teir of power. When it comes to the abilities of the Lord of Hunger this Achilles heel is a greater flaw. All one would need is a proper strike with the lightsaber destroying the mask to remove this part of the Hunger Lord echo. Yet with both combined most beings would be struggling to merely be within this new lord's presence. Their combined abilities in the force would absolutely dominate most beings with ease. Especially when the abilities such as Force Destruction, or the draining abilities both lords would have access to. It is unlikely that Jerec would be in the long term in control of this synthesis. The only situations I'd expect Jerec to gain the edge would be such situations as properly meditating within the Valley of the Jedi.
Movies(Radio drama for Dark Forces)
Heroes If I had to guess who Jerec would've looked up to the most in the Order it would have to be Dooku. Besides sharing the same lightsaber form their attitudes toward force sensitives, and their elitism feels familiar at least.

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Characters: Darth Nihilus, Grand Inquisitor Jerec
Verses: Star Wars
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Video Game,
Member Since:June 15, 2022

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About me:
Jerec was a powerful Miraluka Jedi Master and Jedi archaeologist who turned to the dark side under the Empire, becoming a feared Inquisitor during the Galactic Civil War. Jerec was apprenticed to a Jedi archaeologist, Jocasta Nu, and became a Jedi archaeologist himself, versed in the knowledge of the Jedi's past, especially the Sith. A Jedi Master during the Clone Wars, he was on a long-term deployment searching for ancient knowledge in the Unknown Regions when Order 66 was issued. Upon his return, Jerec was found by the Inquisitorius and turned to the dark side. Jerec served the Empire as a High Inquisitor for many years. However, Jerec was in truth devoted only to himself. One of the most powerful Dark Jedi in the Empire, Jerec continually sought ways to increase his power and take the Empire for himself. One of his chief obsessions was the Valley of the Jedi on the lost planet of Ruusan, which contained vast amounts of trapped Force power. In secret Jerec would form a band with six other High Inquisitors. Sariss, Boc Aseca, Maw, (The "Twins") Gorc, Pic, and Ameesa Darys Jerec's former Padawan. With several Grand Inquisitors being disposed of by rebellious factions and internal squabbles. Palpatine would after the Destruction of the First Death Star promote the alien. While this new rank was an immense boon, it would come at a price. Jerec's actions had aroused the suspicions of Sidious, and in turn, would cut off the Grand Inquisitor from access to more potent Sith Texts. During one of his more recent attempts at discovering Ruusan Jerec would uncover a calamity. The mask of the Lord of Hunger still contained the soul of its master. Such a power might prove essential should the Valley of the Jedi remain a mystery. Jerec is the complete opposite to the Lord of Hunger in terms of control with the force. This fact and his mastery of the force grant him the upper hand allowing synthesis to occur. Having a close relationship with Cronel (Agent Blackhole one of Palpatine's agents and Emperor's Hand/former head of ISB) would prove vital in the many years of service. His daughter Sariss would serve as Jerecs second in command. It would also be through Cronel that Jerec would learn such secrets as Palpatine's survival after the battle of Endor. While another leader might seek to unite their people under a common goal Jerec found amusement in pushing his pupil's limits. Seeds of distrust, and in some cases bitter rivalries between Ameesa Darys, and Sariss, in particular, would be the worst example of Jerecs leadership. While Jerec does reign in their more destructive tendencies the tension would also breed an effort to outdo the other. While this hurts the fighting spirit of the unit Jerec himself thrives off this dynamic, and the negative emotions of Darksiders. Indeed had Vader for any reason perished Jerec would be the candidate for ascension. This would leave a bitter rivalry between the pair who in their own ways would discover this truth. By the time of the Battle of Hoth Jerec would have his personal Super Star Destroyer Vengence completed. If the Dark Jedi chooses to embrace the past however it's likely Jerec, and Nihilus will use their raw connection to the force to transform the Vengence into the Ravager II.
Who I'd like to meet:
Anyone from Star Wars, or other Sci-Fi.

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