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I prefer to start with slice of life themes and move into other themes from there. Sort of like setting up the foundation of what normal life for our characters is like before then breaking into the more wild side of things. || At this point, sending me a friend request is like signing up to a waiting list. I might accept one day, but I'm already so busy with those I've already accepted.

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The Girl With The Magic Hands

The power of ki (inner energy) is a well kept secret of the martial arts community. Even though it is an energy that flows within every human, there are only a few select groups around the world that have learned how to control and use it. Those who master ki are able to gain supernatural-like abilities increasing their speed, strength, endurance, and even intelligence. Teaching outsiders how to wield ki and its power is strictly forbidden, but sometimes those teachings manage to sneak their way into the normal world.

Enter Meilin of the Lu Clan. A high school senior of 17, Meilin is a young woman who is a skilled martial artist and healer. Her talent in ki manipulation afforded her a quick grasp on her clan's fighting techniques, but where she truly excelled was in healing and enhancement. See, all martial artists learn to control and utilize their own ki to enhance their physical capabilities as part of their training, but what very few learn is how to control the ki of others, as it is often dangerous to do so. Meilin, on the other hand, has nearly mastered the ability to manipulate and control the ki of others and is able to do so safely.

The secret lies behind Meilin's flower-like pupils. This incredibly rare trait allows her to see the flow of ki in others beyond what would otherwise be possible. The ability to see ki flows in the body removes all the guess work for Meilin, meaning she can safely and temporarily expand a person's ki flows without going past their limits and causing irrevocable and crippling damage. In doing so, Meilin can boost others to their absolute peak performance, whether or not they have any experience with ki manipulation or not.

As ki is a well kept secret, this temporary boost to a person's capabilities is supposed to be reserved only for those within the martial arts community, but as Meilin is something of a rebel, she isn't afraid to break the rules. That coupled with Meilin and her family temporarily living over seas in a foreign country and out of the vigilant gaze of the Martial Arts Alliance has allowed her to experiment. As many of the friends she makes in school will come to find out, she is capable of quite a few extraordinary feats. Eventually, she might even show them how they, too, might be able to transcend their own limits, though they had better be ready for the consequences of being pulled into the world of martial arts and ki manipulation.


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Characters: Lu Meilin (original character)
Verses: The Breaker, Slice of Life (Training, Family, School), Martial Arts, Fighting, Crime, Yakuza/Mafia
Playbys: Hu Tao
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Anime, Comedy, Slice of Life, Spar/Fighting,
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