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Verses: Yu Yu Hakusho verses, cross overs are welcome too Length: para multi para and some novel too No One Liners or you will be deleted

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June 30 2022

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About me:
Genkai is first met during the Genkai Torment arc. Yusuke is sent by Koenma, prince of spirit world, to train with Master Genkai, who had recently announced she was willing to take on students. Botan, a shinigami acting as Yusuke's personal contact to spirit-world, informs him of Koenma's wishes to train under Genkai. When Yusuke is reluctant to go, Botan explains to him that Genkai knows a one of a kind technique called "The Spirit Wave". Botan tells Yusuke that a demon named Rando has been posing as a student of many great martial arts and chi, masters for years and that with Genkai finally taking on a student to learn her technique it is almost certain that Rando will show up to claim Genkai's technique for himself and then murder her as he has done to all his previous trainers. Though Yusuke is intrigued by the new ability to accentuate his spirit-gun ability he still passes, claiming he does not want to spend his spring break in a cabin in the woods playing bodyguard for some guru. Botan, finally does persuade Yusuke to take the case by offering him tickets to Tokyo dome.
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