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Characters: Artemis Rose
Verses: Open, 21+, Crossovers of any sort, action, supernatural, dark, gore, violence, crime, and romance
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Genre: Action, Any, Crossover, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural,
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About me:

Basic Info

Name: Artemis Rose

Nicknames: Art, Arty, Spitfire

Age: 27

DOB: July 12th

Gender: Female

Sexual Oriantation: Pansexual

Hair: Raven Black

Eyes: Azure

Skin: Porcelain White

Hight: 5’6

Weight: 130lbs

Bodytype: Curved and Toned

Species: Genetically Altered Human Weapon

Job: Pit Fighter, Bartender

Abilities: Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Enhanced Strength, and Accelerated Healing

Personality: Mainly keeps to herself, and void of emotion. Doesn’t tolerate shit from anyone, always a punch first ask questions later kind of person. However, if you manage to get closer to her she does tend to soften up a bit and can be extremely protective of those she cares about.

Smoke?/Drink?/Drugs?: Yes/Yes/Yes

Likes: Booze, Weed, Cats, Sushi, Arson, and Reading

Dislikes: Her father, Thunderstorms, Spiders, Tomatoes, and Akuma

| Brutal Beginnings: The Unwanted Child |

Artemis was born into an abusive family. Her mother got pregnant with her at a very young age by her father who was an abusive alcoholic as well as a serious drug addiction. Her mother endured most of the abuse as Artemis watched her mother do the best she could to protect her daughter. Artemis remembered at 6 years old being awoken in the middle of the night an carried out into the living room, her mother went to open the door only to be stopped by her father who had woken up from a drunken sleep. That night Artemis witnessed her father violently stab her mother to death, only to get away with it due to his connections with the police department despite what little Artemis screamed and said when investigated.

The abuse only got worse as the years went on and not able to keep a job Artemis’s father decided to sell out his young daughter to older men to make money for his vices. When she turned 9 a man from a place called Akuma Labs approached her father and offered him a large sum of money in exchange for his daughter. Her father gladly accepted and the little Artemis was gathered up into a van and driven off to a underground facility hours outside of the city never to be seen by the public eye again for a very long time.

| Entering Hell: 13 Years at Akuma |

Upon first arriving at Akuma it seemed pretty mild, she was put through intense classes alot of cramming knowledge and different languages. She was also subjected to injections everyday of something called ‘Liquid Sin’ which burned yet was rather tolerable. However at the age of 10 she began to show signs of abilities discovering her telekinesis when she accidentally ripped a lab worker to shreds with one thought. That is when hell really started.

She was moved to an more secure facility in a empty concrete cell and was than put through much more brutal experiments and torture. More abilities soon followed, her enhanced strength, than pyrokinesis, and finally her accelerated healing. The sadistic doctor continued to push her limits as she was cut open, burned, suffocated, shot at, raped, and used as a lab rat for many poisons and weapons. Any horrors one could think of was done to this poor woman. Over the years she grew void of most emotions but became the powerhouse of the fighter, a living weapon.

At the age of 22 one of the bigger experiments got loose causing the system to shut down and Artemis made her escape. Killing and destroying anyone and anything in her path as she made her way through the bloody chaos of the lab experiments and staff. Setting most of where she stepped a blaze she finally escaped the whole facility on fire and crumbling as she ran into the night feeling the cool rain on her skin for the first time in 13 years.

| Life After Akuma: Hiding, Fighting, and Hunting |

When Artemis first escaped Akuma she lived on the streets, digging through trash for food and pit fighting for money, though the withdrawal from the drugs and liquid sin took a toll on her body. After about a month on the streets she was curled up in a alleyway seizing up and struggling to deal with the physical side effect from the lack of injections, that fateful day she was found by a bar owner named Don. He took her in and got her back to good health slowly learning about what the small emaciated woman had been through. With that he offered her a job bartending giving her a chance to save money and eventually getting an apartment in the slums of the city where no one asked questions.

Artemis is now 27 and had become the top fighter at the underground pit fights. She still bartends as well using the booze and loose lips to gather any information she can find on Akuma and what they are up to. The woman continues to try her best to keep off Akuma’s radar while doing all she can to hone her abilities in hopes to take down the horrid organization once and for all and get her revenge.
Who I'd like to meet:

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Jul 26th 2022 - 8:28 PM

Most assuredly, and do not fret over what you remark as a "simple reply". Your efforts in response was far more desirable than any simple gif. As for the seeking of a story, I certainly welcome it in any capacity. I reviewed over your interests and felt it fit into the scene in which our characters could mesh fairly well. Also I hope this finds you well. Sadly, the night is growing later on this end so I won't be able to begin a story line just yet but I am open to discussion, either through here, messages or discord if you prefer. Whatever suits the lady.
Please do take care, maddam.

Jul 26th 2022 - 7:57 PM

https://31.media.tumblr.com/eea4f55a39c8598770c984038cd630bf/tumblr_n7y9rdXCv01tezkfko1_500.gif  | Smoke drawing, Dark anime guys, Cigarette aesthetic


I am Xiol Saktara.
A pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Welcome to the twisted carnival of mayhem and misery. From the cesspools of rotten cities to the underbellies of nightlife only the most depraved can find. Find refuge in the sinners and the unwanted, and elevate your senses with the stories yet to be told. Like a needle to the arm, these drugs are sure to satisfy, if only for a little while.  

Hope to hear from you soon.

|Bang - Bang|
Whisper Upon Wind

Jul 3rd 2022 - 11:39 AM

Well i assume we both think somewhat of the same becasue we both responded rather quickly.
I hope this instils the erge to continue writing and make a great story.
I look forward to hearing back from you.

Whisper Upon Wind

Jul 3rd 2022 - 11:14 AM

So fast with the responce, i must say i was not expecting that.
Was it to acceptable standards?
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