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Chie Satonaka from Persona 4. Mature themes.

24 years old

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July 06 2022

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Characters: Chie Satonaka
Verses: Persona 4, Crossovers, Mature
Playbys: Erin Fitzgerald, Yui Horie
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Crossover, Fantasy, Open, Romance, Slice of Life,
Member Since:July 05, 2022

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About me:
Chie Satonaka is a playable character from Persona 4. An energetic girl with a love of kung-fu movies, she's one of the protagonist's classmates at Yasogami High School. Chie is energetic and outgoing, the "extrovert" compared to Yukiko being the "introvert." She has a bright and upbeat personality, often trying to cheer up the group by joking about the case. She can be somewhat short tempered, especially with Yosuke, and is slow to back down from a challenge. Chie, in a way, could be considered a "tomboy." She is obsessed with kung fu and is a huge fan of martial arts movies, most prominently Trial of the Dragon. She also has a poster of Bruce Lee in her room. Outside Naoto's dungeon, Chie mentions that as a kid, she had her own secret hideout near the mountain by Yukiko's house where she would pretend that a legendary kung fu master was teaching her special techniques. Chie's wish is to become a police officer some day. Chie's cooking skills are horrific and her cooking tastes generally unpleasant, causing them to be labeled as Mystery Food X. Fitting as an action movie fan, Chie is fond of large amounts of meat, such as grilled steak and beef bowls. Chie has strong sense of justice and a fierce desire to protect others. She is willing to defend strangers from being threatened and attacked by local delinquents. Even when outnumbered, she does not hesitate to intervene and speak out. Chie wants to protect Yukiko and the protagonist most of all, and they serve as strong motivators in her wanting to become stronger, constantly training her kung-fu moves and challenging herself physically. Though nominally fearless, Chie has some specific childish fears: she is terrified of ghost stories, thunder, locusts (and possibly other insects), and being in the dark. Chie's biggest insecurity is her jealousy to someone with a better background than her, which is one aspect of her unhealthy relationship with Yukiko in which both of them are secretly guilty of hiding their true feelings from one another. After years of being with Yukiko who is treated as wealthier, more popular, more feminine, scoring higher grades in school and having more male admirers, Chie gradually develops an inferiority complex in comparing herself to Yukiko and is jealous of all the male attention Yukiko receives. As a result she comes to believe herself to be undesirable, especially compared to Yukiko. This causes her to derive satisfaction from Yukiko's need to rely on her for confidence and support at the beginning of the game. When Shadow Chie is defeated, she vows to overcome her complex and be a true friend to Yukiko. Despite that, she does genuinely care about Yukiko, and is willing to risk her life to save her.
Who I'd like to meet:
Anyone with tasty meat.

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