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Characters: Arethusa, arethusa
Verses: Inuyasha, Romance, Drama, Au, Open, Any, Feudal era, Modern
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Open, Romance, Supernatural,
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About me:




Echo - For being silent in person.

Iara - Lady of the water, lady, mistress of the lake.

Laruandra - For when she talks to much, chattering.



Age Appearance:



Water Nymph/Mermaid - Half human.


Rain, water lilies, floral in general.

Eye Color(s):

Gold - When the light hits them Amber.

Hair Color:

Baby blue.

Hair Style(s):

Long hair down to her ankles, flowing because of the magic in her body.

Her hair is allowed to over grow over her face. The fringe never cut.

She has two sections of the hair pulled into a golden band, lowly like a low ponytail or pigtails.

Skin tone:


Body type:






book from Kagome.


tool from Sango.


from Rin, previously belonging to Sesshomaru.



Ren Himura.

Best Friend(s):





-Sesshomaru - Later.





-Ah-Un. (More of a freind than pet.)

-Baby dragon named Aqua.



-Female Demons.

-Humans who seek to sell her off.

-Anyone hurting the creatures of the sea.





-New enemy.

Personality traits:


People like her are blessed with expansive and wild imaginations that can turn a word into a story in a matter of minutes. It’s therefore unsurprising that Nymph's are often hailed as creative geniuses. They feel extremely happy to share your feelings of love for someone or something artistically through poems and writings. And tend to have a strong creative force. She has to keep herself involved in art to some extent. She will always take great pleasure in expressing herself in a creative and artistic way.

Arethusa and her own kind have a bad reputation. However, truly, not all drag men down to the depths of the lake to enjoy them. After all she is half human so that part of her wasn't there. She liked food, even. When you get to know her she can be loving and charming and everyone around her can usaully see it after a bit of time. She isn't completely trusting toward people herself and has to keep herself at a distance. Much like Kagome, she has a kind heart and can't help but help those around her. Even the slayer girl. Everyone thought it was natural for her to be way, but push came to shove she defended her in certain ways.

Due to her life as a Nymph she lived with some sort of way of knowing when to back off. She isn't going to be manipulated easily, not when she had to deal with slavers, slayers and rogue demons who gained some.... Please by killing her kind. Arethusa gets by, even with her kind nature by being watchful and yet not silent in her approach of people. Though she isn't loud either, mind you. But she isn't considered mute like the lord either. Also, there isn't really a place and time she can show her intelligent side... So people assume she is easy to use.

It would be wrong of her to say she isn't the type to lie once. Certainly, there is a difference between lying and picking them out form the good and bad with people like... Children? Or someone terrified, if it will comfort them or cheer them up she has considered lying. However, she isn't secretive and has answered everything honestly and offered some proof even. It wasn't horrible to be open-minded either, even she has trouble being open to what the odd girl around them has to say, Kagome. But then she reminded herself the well was seen working. She isn't as stubborn as certain people or filled with pride.


There is always something you hate about yourself. While she is rather smart in general she is slow, not keen on running like all the demons or humans did around there. Some would say she is lazy, but she was a Nymph who had more take on the lake than land. Sometimes.... Her eyes would go blind on her and she would fall around the place. She isn't clumsy, but not being able to see around her makes it hard. This is why she has to be careful not to strain her eyes more than she has to, closing them half the day and opening them when she has to is a lot easier.

Then she can be extremely lazy when she is not motivated to, but there is a difference between the two.

sometimes this creature can act in a careless manner, taking things for granted and taking risks that can put themselves and others at risk. Their carelessness often attracts criticism from all corners.

Soft spoken or at least to her it would be considered bad. She is not able to raise her voice unless she is singing or really upset. To the point where she has little to be upset about people around her find her to be rather emotionless in her own way to.

Good Habit(s):

-Plays with her while in thought.

-Warms up to people if there respectful and kind.

-Never judges someone on rumours.

-Distances herself from slayers.

-Watchful of children.

Bad habit(s):

-Blushes easily.

-Soft spoken. (To her.)

-Nervous around strangers.

-Is hesitant to fight.


-Cares little for those judging people on there race, of half race.




-Being creative.

-Playing music.


-Writing poems and songs.


-Her appearance.

-Her spear fights.

-Water attacks.

-Singing and dancing.

-Music playing.

-Attracting attention.

-Barrier work.

-Reflect attacks.



-Being slow.

-Being clumsy sometimes on land.

-Being blind at times.

Special Powers/Abilities:

-Casting water, Ice and those of that element.

-Sings emotionally for mentally hurt souls.

-When she sings and dances people are naturally attracted to her being a nymph.

-Breathes on land because of the human side.

-Water will always follow her.

-Plays the flute in the same way of music.

-Her element passes through her spear when she fights, the water is used to hit people or drown them in mits of battle.

-Emotionally attacked with land, water and animals, often seen speaking.

-Healer with water, like a miko.



-Long Bow.

-Long Sword/Sabre.


-Water element.

-Ice element.


A short tale, not sad or interesting for people not of her kind. Her mother was a Nymph like herself and became lady of the lake around the same place, making a home by the village known as Inuyasha. At least it was both in the time the female was living, she was a pretty little thing with a curious eye for the people around her. The mother looked nothing like the young girl with her long curly, blonde hair fell down past the ankles and on the floor further out. She had pale blue eyes most likely blinded due to a fight. Ren, the father was known as a warrior who worked for a human lord around there. Taking a instant liking through his sharp eyes and yet not falling for the charms of the Nymph. False interest, the mother decided for herself. The two grew curious about each other and each day the nymph stayed out of water to learn of his human ways. Until one day his people found out and chased her out, never to see him until her last moments as a nymph.

The young nymph who had been told to run that day was only half of a Nymph. Even if her father found her, she would go back to the water. The place where her mother laid until the fateful meeting. She did her best to make herself strong, but wasn't strong enough to deal with demon lords, just some rogues, slayers and slavers if she had to. In her good nature as a human she gained a good reputation for dancing to children and singing or just staying by the lake to do that - On the even of the mood the nymph would find a hot spring to bath before dancing on top of the water. Feet floating on it, not IN the water. She adored the moon and it seemed to adore her when the spot light hits her form.

Extra Notes:

-There is a couple of ways she could go around with fighting. On occasion, she could be used for barriers, the barrier is made out of water but can act as a good source of protection around them. Of course, they have to let her keep singing or dancing for that to stay intact.

-On occasion she can reflect attacks by singing and dancing around.

-Her singing is supposed to calm people around her and sooth the rage, sadness or anything negative so she can stop there fighting. Not everything can work in her favour, but she would continue and walk into the fight. Hell she could be bleeding and bruised to get to them.

-Sings when she wants it to rain on the land or feels sad.

-Teaches everyone about the sea creatures, even goes as far as to call them so they can get close.

-Enjoys Rin's warmth.

-Ignores all threats Inuyasha and Sesshomaru sent her way.

-Rin often visited the lake and she would come up to her in greeting, but Sesshomaru has never known of it.

-Enjoys cooking, singing and dancing.

Who I'd like to meet:

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