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“How may I be of service?” (+18) looking for crossovers

25 years old

United States

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July 17 2024

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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Body type:Slim / Slender
Characters: Nix
Verses: Rings of Hell, Helluva Boss, Hazbin Hotel
Length: Para, Semi
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Slice of Life,
Member Since:August 01, 2022

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About me:
Far below In the eerie depths of hell, a mad maniacal demon prince exploited his powers to create “the perfect minion". Nix was the crude results of a merged genetic mutation, a gargoyle. An invulnerable beast with the fury of molten steel, The fiendish fox is as deadly as he is devilishly handsome. In the end Nix knows only one thing and that is to serve his masters be they demon or mortal.
Who I'd like to meet:
Nix may at first seem like just another lousy furball that’ll get in everyone’s way. He is quite the opposite in fact. Since he unexpectedly parted ways with his original master, Nix has become self-conscious and unconfident, feeling as if he is a burden to the world around him. Nix made a promise to put the world before himself, humbly going out of his way to make people happy, hoping that one day he won’t be seen as monster.

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Feb 8th 2024 - 6:06 AM


Boop! A digit pressed upon the other, as one would do to a child, especially when grabbing ones attention. Repeating the notion, more so out of boredom and curiosity - the sinner couldn't help but to boggle the newcomer. "Salu - little spriteling?"
He went with a sly smile, attention focused on the other, despite their mind going with the million things in mind, especially in the deals that dealt with their specialty. There was indication that the royal could come off as rude, but with how peculiar the roaming souls has been, him being weird should be the least of everyones concerns. "Tell me, what is it you desire?"

Behind the Birb ; CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'VE BEEN BOOPED BY THE ONE AND ONLY! Don't worry, you ain't gonna die..... maybe... sorta? ANYWAYS, I'd love to get something going with you whenever you're free. Whether it's small banter ( like replying to what I have above ), discussing an SL or even a full on out massacre. I'm down for practically almost anything. Whenever you're ready, I'am here to write with you, so hit me up! Don't be shy. I got cookies! Don't let em get cold / stale now D'':

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