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Fuyumi was born as the second child and only daughter of the Enji and Rei Todoroki. Enji wanted to have a child who was born with a combination of both his Quirk and Rei's. However, Fuyumi only inherited her mother's ice Quirk. Despite this, Enji seemed satisfied with his life, and trained his firstborn Toya at birth with a more powerful fire Quirk than his own. The situation changed when he discovered that Toya's body was incompatible with his Quirk and Enji stopped training him. This affected her brother a lot, and one day he talked with Fuyumi and told her that he can handle any burns that he suffers, claiming he knows his own body better than anyone. Fuyumi told Toya that she doesn't like to see him get hurt, but Toya yelled that she doesn't understand him because she is a girl. She tells him that she is worried about him but he walks off.

Enji decided to have more children with Rei, partly to have one born with the Quirk combination he wanted, and partly to make Toya to give up. The third son was Natsuo, who, like his sister, was only born with Rei's Quirk. Several years later Shoto was be born, inheriting the Quirks of his parents. Affected by the fact that his father barely paid attention to him due to his condition and driven by envy to towards his youngest brother, Toya attempted to attack infant Shoto.[2] He was stopped before he could harm anyone, but because of this incident, Enji forbade all of his children's from approaching Shoto. By extension, Enji also distanced himself from his other children to focus on Shoto. He entrusted others to raise them, such as Rei and hired carers.

Years passed and Fuyumi developed a good relationship with her brother Toya and Natsuo, with whom she used to play. Though Enji prevented Shoto from even looking at them and forced him into brutal training. Rei had to spend time away from her older children, in order to protect Shoto, but got physically abused as well. Thinking both parents were favouring Shoto, Touya's obsession to prove himself became further fuelled. One night, Fuyumi had to hide, crying, as she overheard Enji terrorizing Rei, blaming her for not stopping Touya's secret training. As a protective sister, she covered Natsuo's ears to block out the screaming. This wouldn't be the last time the older siblings heard Rei and Shoto's cries.

With Enji's increasing abuse and neglect, the family was falling apart at the seams. When Fuyumi became twelve, two tragic events happened back to back. Rei was losing her mental stability and became fearful of her own children, who reminded her of her abusive husband. Until one day, she had a breakdown seeing Shoto's fire side and panickily poured boiling water on him. Her mother was submitted to a mental hospital. With Rei gone, Fuyumi and her older brothers were cooked for by their housekeeper. Though sometimes, the siblings needed to cook for themselves, taking it in turns. As a last ditch effort to stop Enji neglecting him, Touya invited his father to Sekoto Peak to see his quirk improvement. When Enji refused to come, Touya emotionally lost control of his flames, presumably dying in the forest fire. While Natsuo blamed their father, Fuyumi grieved it as a tragic accident. Rei's mental state worsened from her son's death, lengthening her stay at the hospital.

With her brother dead and her mother hospitalized, Fuyumi and Natsuo only had each other. Despite the two incidents, Enji's obsession with training Shoto remained, ignoring Fuyumi for the remainder of her childhood. Fuyumi knew her family was broken, but felt helpless to stop any of it. She vaguely hoped things would improve with time, so she put on a brave face at home and in public. Fuyumi became fixated that her family could become "normal" and became a hard-worker to make it happen. While Shoto and Natsuo couldn't stand their father, Fuyumi tried to get along with him, hoping it could help him to improve. [4] She stepped up as the mother figure in Rei's place, taking charge of household chores, such as cooking and cleaning, When she grew up, Enji finally allowed Fuyumi to have a casual relationship with Shoto. She helped raise her teenage brother, taking care of the "mundane parental duties", since Enji considered some tasks beneath him. Fuyumi would attend Shoto's school parent meetings and ensured he had a good social life. This neutering role extended to her other loved ones, such as delivering fresh clothes to Rei and encouraging Natsuo to go to college. Fuyumi became a teacher in order to compensate for the fact that she couldn't protect her younger brother Shoto.

The cold never bothered me anyway
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Traits Kind-hearted, Sweet, Shy, a little naive
Quirks cry baby, biting her lip, poking index fingers together

Fuyumi is a kind-hearted person who cares deeply for her family. She took on a nurturing role for her younger brother, Shoto, during their mother, Rei's absence. It is shown that she has an amicable relationship with both her brothers, Shoto and Natsuo, as well as her mother whom she often visits at her hospital ward. She also has a teasing side, as she taunted Natsuo for having a secret girlfriend at college.

Fuyumi doesn’t show the same resentment towards her father as her brothers do, although she confirms that she does feel the same way as them at times. Despite this, Fuyumi tries to get along with her father for the sake of their family changing for the better, an idea which she is hopeful about after taking note of her father's changing attitude and Shoto's healing relationship with their mother.

She is shown to worry about her family whenever something happens to them, including her father, as she was horrified to see him grievously injured during his battle with Hood. She also showed visible panic when Shoto came back from saving Katsuki, and was frantic upon hearing that Natsuo was kidnapped by a villain whom her youngest brother and his friends later fought.

The feeling that she "couldn't do anything for Shoto" remains in her heart.This is also what inspired her to become a teacher, as she felt that she couldn’t protect her youngest brother.

Legal & Physical
NAME: Todoroki Fuyumi
NICKNAMES: Fufu, Mimi, Yumi, Snowflake
ALIASES: Snowflake
HAIR COLOR: White with red streaks
HEIGHT: 5'3"
Family & Relationships

MOTHER: Todoroki Rei
FATHER: Todoroki Enji
BROTHER(S): Touya, Natsuo, & Shoto
Education & Employment
High School Graduated
College Master's Degree
Major Elementary Education & Childhood Development
Degree Elementary Education & Childhood Development
OCCUPATION: Elementary school teacher
JOB DESCRIPTION: Teaches Kindergarten
EMPLOYER: Input info
SKILLSET: Patient, Kind, and cooking skills.
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As with her brothers Toya and Natsuo, Endeavor neglected her in her childhood and didn't want to use her as his successor. Despite this, Fuyumi is the only child who is mostly able to look past their father's faults and forgive him for his previous behavior, especially since her father is trying to atone for his mistakes and be a better person.

Fuyumi is more than aware of how messed up her family turned out because of Endeavor's abuse, and while she expresses some fear of him, she nonetheless is the one who supports Enji the most in his effort to improve and fix his family issues. She is surprised to hear that he regularly visits her mother and listened to her voice his inner troubles. She was even horrified to watch the report of Hood defeating him but cheered on his persistence.

Her attempt at a family get-together following Endeavor's battle against Hood was what she expected to be a chance for Shoto and Natsuo to try to start a dialogue with their father, although it did not end too well due to Natsuo's animosity towards Enji. Fuyumi told Shoto she was quite hopeful and proactive with getting her father and siblings to mend relations with each other because of his recent progress.

She tries again months later with another family dinner, in which she also invites Izuku and Katsuki, although the outcome was not much better. Fuyumi confided in Shoto that she feel some resentment towards Endeavor but wants to move past it, for the future. Although her initiatives have not yet been very successful, Enji thanks his daughter for all the support she has given him, thinking that Fuyumi doesn't know how much he has been saved by her.

When he leaves with the boys, he once more thanks Fuyumi for her actions who only responds to his gratitude with a smile.[4] Endeavor later revealed that he is building a new house for the siblings and their mother, while he remains at their house alone.

When visiting her father at the hospital after her older brother's broadcast, Fuyumi was concerned and asked her father why he was crying. She was taken aback by his apologizing. After reminiscing of Toya and the events that made him become a villain, Fuyumi stated that she had a role in Toya's descent into villainy because of her fear at not saying anything. She offers to be there with the rest of the family to help her father stop Dabi.

Let it go, let it go! That perfect girl is gone!
Here I stand in the light of day. Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway


Like her brothers Natsuo and Shoto, Fuyumi visits her mother for time to time in the hospital. The two appear to have a positive relationship. Fuyumi cares for her mother physical condition, as it could be seen when she brought her a set of warmer clothes, but especially emotionally, reprimanding her brother Natsuo to mention her father in front of her, even though they had agreed not to.

In spite of the latter, she is surprised to learn that her father has visited Rei several times, although at the moment they have not seen each other face to face.


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Fuyumi Todoroki

Fuyumi's name includes the characters for "winter" (冬?) and "beauty" (美?).

Fuyumi likes ice cream, and her favorite thing is watching soap operas.[1]

According to Natsuo, she can’t handle hot weather.

Fuyumi's Japanese voice actor, Kei Shindō, also voices Kyoka Jiro, Kinoko Komori and Shoto Todoroki as a child.

Fuyumi's English voice actor, Kate Oxley, also voices Katsuki Bakugo as a child.

Fuyumi shares her birthday with Mahoro Shimano.

Don't let them in, don't let them see

Be the good girl you always have to be

Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know

Well, now they know

Let it go, let it go

Can't hold it back anymore

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Holding out for a H E R O ♥

& You saved me;

First Date:

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Teaching: Given Fuyumi’s vocation as an elementary school teacher, she is likely well-versed in teaching basic school subjects to children.

Cooking Skill: Fuyumi is noted to be an excellent chef. She has been doing all the cooking in the Todoroki household ever since their maid hurt her back and retired.[7]


Frozen Fractal: Fuyumi inherited her mother’s ability to generate ice.

I couldn't protect you.

Fuyumi and Shoto get along, they appear close enough for him to tell her that he was visiting their mother, something she was concerned about. When he arrived home late after the Kamino Incident, she scolded him because of the danger going out and directed him to their raging father.

During the Pro Hero Arc, she spent time with him and Natsuo before they watched as the latter told off their father for his previous treatment to him and his siblings. Fuyumi became upset, telling Shoto of her desire of being a real family, something he sympathized with. Fuyumi watched him expressed a similar desire of seeing the man Endeavor will be.

Fuyumi is aware of the difficulties that Shoto has in relating to other people, so she is glad to know that his brother has friends in U.A. High School. During the Endeavor Agency Arc, she decides to invite everyone to a dinner to meet them. After a dinner, she once again confided in him after the dinner was turbulent. Shoto was grateful to her for her intentions.

Can you just behave?

Fuyumi has a good relationship with her younger brother Natsuo, and as with Toya, they usually played together as kids. The pair still get along in their older years, with Fuyumi regularly teasing him in their visit to their mother, much to his dismay.

However, unlike him, Fuyumi is able to look past their father's faults. She also wishes for him to see that she is trying so hard to fix the family that Endeavor broke, and that everyone can live together as a real and normal family. While Natsuo doesn't agree, for Fuyumi's sake, he is willing to begrudgingly participate when which his father is present, to respect the feelings of his sister, although this inevitably generates tension and Natsuo usually leaves to avoid more problems.

She also expressed concern for him after he was attacked by a villain, which he assured her.

Please be careful!

From the little that is known of her relationship with Toya, Fuyumi seemed to have a good relationship with him when they were kids, as they used to play together. She also attempted to stop from his reckless training because he often got burned but he would shrug off her concern.

Nowadays, Fuyumi mourns his death and she prays at his altar. Unlike Natsuo, she does not seem to blame their father for his death.

When Dabi revealed himself in public in an attempt to attack Endeavor and Hawks, Fuyumi appeared greatly shocked by this despite not knowing his true identity around that time. After Dabi revealed his true identity as Toya, she was ultimately saddened to learn that her older brother has become a villain.

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